Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Cheapest Item In Animal Jam

Hi Jammers!! What is up? Animal Jam is updating right now, exciting exciting, wonder what could be new...
All right! now we just have to wait a few minutes! *elevator music plays* *waiting room music plays*  *taps feet*  *dances*  *starts to grow annoyed and reloads* Yeah! It's back on. Aaaand absolutely nothing is new. Well that was a waste of time! Anyway, I got presents x3 in my Spin so that's pretty cool! Let's see what they are.
Ah, a Moon Necklace. I love that color, it's so pretty! Purple and lavender are on my list of favorite colors besides light blue and pink. I basically just like all pastel colors X3 I'm going to wear it.
And a Candy Cane Tiara...great! I only have about seven hundred and ninety three of those! That's going right in the recycle bin. (Yeah, I know you can't technically buy it anymore but it's not a very good item so I don't care... :P) Anyway, onto the third gift!
Aaand it's some ugly glasses. Eh, I didn't expect much from the spin presents anyway. Okay, onto other matters! Remember that update last Thursday? (Like, that was, like, so long ago, omg guys...) Well I didn't go over all of dem updates! There are physical changes to Animal Jam's terrain and interface (oo fancy science words) including the MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF THE GEMS!!
WHERE THE HECK DID THEY GO?! O gems, where art thou? WHY DID YOU LEAVE USSSSS And by the way, the achievements are gone too... something weird is going on. ANIMAL JAM IS POSSESSEDoh they're right there.
Whatcha doing in there, gems?! Silly gems. And you brought your buddy the achievements with you. Now why'd you do that? That is a very stupid place to be. Come on. Get real. (Seriously though. They were perfectly fine where they were along with all the other things!) I hope the people at AJHQ/WildWorks change that back, because that was an extremely dumb idea. LET'S PETITION THIS!! Speaking of, the gems have changed too, they've gotten bolder.
Well they would have to, to make a bold move like that. HAHA! Jokes for days!! I'm so funny! (Is this how you laugh?) I do hope they change it back, because the gems and achievements are much more handy dandy when they're above your screen wherever you are. Well, I guess that does it for thESE ANimal Jam updates. Haha, I tricked you into thinking the post was over! Well not really, because you can see there's more text and pictures underneath that. Just don't even try, Neros. Anyway, now that that segment's over, does anyone remember a few posts ago (on June 20th) I entered that space contest? And spend 11,000 gems on it? Yeah, that space contest. Anyway, I wonder if the results have come in?
Yeah, I'd take that as a yes. Let's take a walk down on over to the Daily Explorer to find them out! The contest ended on June 21st though, so it's been a while.
No, none of those animals are mine. Well, I knew that was going to happen... did I really have a chance against all 12 million or so Jammers that might be competing? But they didn't give a lot of spots this time... last time they gave the prize out to 8 people. But it doesn't really matter, congratulations to y'all who got featured and got the plaque, I thought all the winners were very creative! If you want to enter the next one (the theme is Summer Carnival parade) then just click here and enter before July 5th.Here's what my entry looks like:
Okay, now onto a completely different topic/segment, a tour of Animal Jam's patriotic 5th annual Freedom Party!! Yeah!
So, first off, when you enter the party it looks like a typical 4th of July fireworks gathering or party, with pillows and blankets on the ground and glow sticks you can get, and it's all dark outside, except the fireworks are jammified!
They're shaped like stars, giraffes, peace signs, paws, bunnies, and just about anything you can think of! It's a great party, and I really like the way they drew the sky, it's so pretty. It reminds me of the cover of Passenger's All The Little Lights. Although the party is really small, you can basically see the whole party from that screenshot. Except some important things, like SHOPS!
This is the den shop, but it's deceptive. It doesn't actually sell any of the fireworks there, instead it sells totally new items!Here they are.

Wow, a lot of emphasis on shooting stars. They're not exactly the same as fireworks, AJ! And some balloons, nice. Those remind me of last October when we went to my brother's friend's mom's (it's complicated) MVAP party, which is an organization that helps animals in a political standard and helps pass laws for animal rights. Anyway, red, white, blue and star balloons were there and that's why I thought of it. Oo, there's a popsicle stand! Mmm, I want a popsicle. You guys probably don't care, but I thought I'd share that with you. That first item does NOT look safe.
Jeez, if someone lit a match... Who just has a pile of fireworks lying around?! Oh right. Lots of people, Neros. Lots of people actually do fireworks on 4th of July. Goodness, sometimes I'm just... :3 Aaanyway, let's go onto the clothing shop. Good god, this post is long.
Here's the first page. Sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot of the second. I was too busy laughing at this... is there something wrong with this picture? Like something about the price tags? That's right- the Freedom Mohawk is COMPLETELY FREE.
XD What the heck! They must have really liked that item and so they gave it out to everyone for free. It's an okay item, patriotic but nothing special... why's it free?! That's so weird... maybe it's a mistake. Moving away from that, the clothing shop has all-new items too! The top 3 are making their first appearance this year, but the freedom hats are returning. Anyway, that's all for today's post! I hope you enjoyed it. I will see you next time!


  1. hi! really enjoyed this :)

  2. Eh, probably a glitch. You should've bought it. It's probably super rare now. If not who cares? It didn't cost anything.


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