Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tiny Bunnies and reading your comments!

Hey Jammers! I'm posting 2 days in a row today, woohoo!! So, as it has been recently, the 2 new items are in the Summer Carnival. In the plushie and clothing shops. First up: in the good ol' clothing shop, we have the good ol' Carousel Hat which has all the good ol' horses and slightly menacing good ol' wolves under its good ol' canopy.
This is a pretty cool item! It's like a carnival ride on your head! That would actually be very painful though, and not to mention heavy. Ouch. Crushed by a hat. That sounds like a book title!
That looks like a good book. I bet Finklebert Muffinshpicter will be very successful in their writing career. Anyway, the item in the plushie shop is the also returning, the incredibly small Bunny Plushie. It's even smaller than the other small plushies.
It's so tiny!! It could fit in your hand, it's so bite-size. But I don't recommend eating it. It would taste like stuffing and felt. Yuck. Oh boy, I'm remembering the time when there was a bowl of white stuff, and I thought it was frosting so I dipped my finger in it and ate some, but... it wasn't frosting. It was baking soda. It tasted awful and many people were staring at me. I have now learned to check what it is before I eat something! Anyway, you might be wondering about the "new segment" part of this post, and that is coming right up! So, as you probably know, I don't have time to reply to some of my comments. I try to, but sometimes I just can't get around to it. Well now, I'm going to start answering them IN A POST! And I'm calling this new segment...
(It's AJP edition because that's also what VEVO does and I couldn't think of a better name right now. And I already have Ask Neros.) So, why I wanted to do this is the fact that just the month of June has 13 comments so far (that's crazy!), and so I wanted to answer a few of them in a post so I'll be sure you see the answers. Anyway, our first comment comes from EpicRabbit25.
Aww, that's so nice! Wow, I don't even think I've read every single post. Well, I mean, I've written all of them, but I haven't gone back and read all of them. That's really impressive, and that's sweet of you to do that! You rock for commenting! All right, the next comment comes from Cutepups522.
(This comment is specific to a post called Singing Lessons with neros1234, you can click that title to go read that post) Yep, that Johnny Cash though.... *twangy Texas banjo plays in the background*  And cool! I really like MCR too (and so does most of Tumblr) so that's nice that we have one of the same interests! Okay, next comment! This next one is from S Papp.
(This comment is specific to a post called MURKY DEATH WATER, you can click that title to go read that post) Yaass! The Mysterious Benedict Society is amazing!! I have read all the books, including the prequel. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's an amazingly addictive series of books about 4 children who go on adventures trying to defeat the evil Mr. Curtain and his Ten Men. There are 3 books, plus a prequel, and you should go read all of them. Right now. Well, finish this post, and then go read them. Anyway, our next comment comes from Lara Doggy.
Wow, 1:11 AM?! That's early! Maybe the time zones are different. Anyway, thank you so much!!  Yes, tons of people have been quitting their AJ blogs lately, it's quite sad... But don't worry 'bout me! I'll be here for at least another 2 years! I'm only 12, so I won't get too old for AJ for a while. (I consider 15 too old.) Cool, I'l check out your blog! It'll be nice to read someone else's content as well as making my own for a change! I used to read the Animal Jam River, but then she quit her blog so there isn't that anymore. Okay, the last comment of this segment is from 5yoyo5.
Well thank ya very much! Yeah, I recognize you from AJR, you commented a lot. Well welcome aboard! I hope you have a good journey à la AJP! That is very nice of you to say. I put a lot of work into my posts, and that's really nice to be appreciated! It makes me smile to see you guys responding positively to my content :) Well anyway, thank y'all for your very nice and flattering comments, but that does it for today! Make sure to leave a comment if you liked it, and I will respond to it on a later episode of Ask:Reply! Bye for now!


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