Thursday, July 23, 2015

Christmas in Summer and Other Updates

hEY jAMMEROS! No, I am not having a stroke! I accidentally turned on Caps Lock! I'M SORRY!  iT WON'T hAPPEN aGAIN! By the way, I'm growing cactuses in my yard! Or is it cacti? Yeah, I think that's it. The little red squiggly spell check lines aren't under "cactuses" though, so hmm. Well anyway, I didn't post yesterday on purpose because I knew that today is something special. Yes, it's Thursday and you know what that means! UPDAAAAAAAAATES!!!
Woah! That was unexpected! They just up and released a new den out of the blue! YER A WIZARD AJHQ!! Ha. "Only 5 diamonds". Yeah right! 5 diamonds is a lot for some people! And then, for people like me, who buy things like twice a year and have 52 diamonds, it's nothing. But I'm not going to buy it, so those diamonds are just kind of wasted on me. Did you get what I was saying? Probably not. It is very confusing. I am a very confusing person sometimes! Confuse, don't abuse is my motto. If I was given a sword and was told to defeat some giant monster, I would probably shout PIGLETS! and then jump into the air and disappear.

Well that was random! XD This blog is like 5% Animal Jam and about 97% random crap that I think of while writing posts. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, the Bounce House den. Silly me. Well anyway, onto the next page!
WHAT! Really?! I always thought that was a glitch! Ever since 2012, there have been random Jamaaliday Jams in the middle of the summer, and I just thought it was a mistake on their part! Guess not! This is the first time they actually acknowledged it, so I bet a lot of people also regarded it as a glitch and are finding out the truth today. THEY CANNOT KNOW THE TRUTH! THE CHRISTMAS PARTIES ARE FORBIDDEN IN JULY! NO JAMAALIDAYING FOR YOU! Actually, you can do whatever you want, I'll stop shoutin'. Also, apparently in 2013 I just thought it was normal to have random Christmas parties in the middle of July.
(That was an excerpt from a post by the way, not the entire thing. I didn't write THAT short of a post back then.) Wow, I must have been a dumb child. CHRISTMAS PARTIES DON'T JUST SHOW UP IN THE MIDDLE OF JULY, 2013 NEROS! THAT'S NOT A "REGULAR THING"! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD! I am just now realizing I am screaming at my past self through a computer. Yikes. "Hey, what'd you do today?" "Oh, not much, just screamed at myself on a computer." People are gonna think that I'm some kind of weirdo freak even more than they already do! Okay, let's move on from this strange block of text onto something a little more normal. JUNGLE BELLS! JUNGLE B- Singing Jungle Bells is not normal! Sigh. (This post is just falling apart XD) Okay, onto the next page!
Wait a second. They never told us that! They never said that BotB was a temporary adventure! I don't even think there's such thing as a temporary adventure. Oh right, duh, the seasonal adventures are! But this isn't a seasonal adventure. Maybe it didn't do too well and people didn't like it or something. I thought this adventure was here to stay! That's too bad that it's leaving. Or wait! Maybe it's not leaving! They said "play it and earn all the cool rewards". Maybe just the prizes or the shop is going away? I don't know. You guys figure it out for yourselves. Anyway, I might play it once or twice if it is leaving soon, but not that much. It's not a very fun adventure to me, and it sucks that you can't save your Earth Crystals so you can go back and buy stuff later. I'm working towards getting the cheapest thing there! But I haven't played it that much, so I'm not very good at it. Anyway. Onto the next page!
Ooo! New Summer Carnival items! We need new ones in the den shop, the latest item in there is the Ring of Fire and that came out on June 7th, 1 and a half months ago! Anyway, let's go there and check out the new items.

What the heck! There are no new items there! In any of the shops!
Oh yeah! All the memes were had that day! But seriously, what happened?! There are three shops, and not a single new item in any of them! And there aren't any new shops! I can't believe they specifically said "Go see all the cool new items!" and we're like WAT. SOMETHING IS BROKEN. YOU TRICKED US. THAT'S NOT TRUE. WAT. And also, you know how it says Hyenas Have Left? Well...
I wouldn't be too sure of that. THE FOURTH PAGE IS A LIE! At least for the time being. Maybe they'll remove the hyenas from the shop and release some items for the Summer Carnival soon. Hopefully. That is strange that both of the articles on that page are wrong. Is that the case for you guys? Are there any items in the Summer Carnival for you? Who knows. Well anyway, onto the last page already! It seems like I just talked about the first. This issue is a bit smaller, there are only 5 pages as opposed to 6 or 7 like in other issues. So that's probably why it seems like I just started talking about it, But anyway here it is:
Ah, just a reminder of the ferrets. It's funny how on these retail gift card thingies the expiration date isn't very specific. It just says "the fall", and that could mean September, October, or November. And the last one for the Spring Bunnies was a bit more specific, but not much. It just said July, not a date in July. Technically, the Spring Bunnies could still be here because it is July! But of course they aren't. Oh, that reminds me! This blog has really been getting tons of pageviews in the last 6 months! It took a big dive in January because I wasn't posting, so there was nothing new to see, but it's been steadily rising ever since, with every month getting more pageviews than the next! It's amazing! Last month, June 2015, had the highest pageview count EVER on this blog!
And honestly, that's incredible. This blog and this community has grown so much since I started it, and that's why I think we can beat June! We only need 154 pageviews to do that, and there's still a week and a day left of July. And that might seem like a lot, but we've already gotten 84 pageviews since yesterday (I took a screenshot of the pageview count yesterday so that's how I know)! Holy cow that's amazing! Anyway, please don't think I'm a selfish pig and I'm just trying to get more views, it's not like that at all. I want it to be a game! A timed pressure test in a way! It's like in a video game, when you only have a certain amount of time to do something, but instead this is real life. So let's try to do this! Timer starts NOW! (And of course you don't have to play if you don't want to, this is just a silly thing I'm doing XD) I will tell you our score in every post for the rest of July., Let's see if we can do this! Anyway, this block of text is really big and intimidating, so I'm gonna hit Enter.

There we go! Much better! I wonder if we'll win. I hope we do! Okay, back to Animal Jam. Speaking of games, the game symbols have changed as the last update of today. See? They have cute little glowing diamond shapes around them now!
They're pretty! I like them. They're gonna take some getting used to, but I'm glad AJ updated them. The other ones had some kind of mysterious green smoke coming off of them, wonder what that was? These ones aren't really much different from the old ones, all they did was add this white border. I wonder, did they change the game emoji the Emotes list?
Nah. That one isn't the same as the game symbols. But they did make new green ones for the pet games!
Aww, they're so cute! I like these new ones. They're adorable and small! Anyway, that's all for today! Leave a comment if you enjoyed this crazy post. I will see you guys next time! Bai!

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