Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Crazy Headless Jersey and a Readin' Yo Comments!

Hey guys! How's ya going? How's ya doing? I have no clue how to English apparently! So today at around 12PM (why am I saying the time, no one cares about the time goodness neros) I added a Random Post button! Isspreeycol! In case you couldn't read that (I sure couldn't) I said it's pretty cool, which it is! So now you can go to any post you want from even before I had this blog, in 2012. Back then I was just writing posts for my school newspaper. Only 1 out of the 3 I wrote got published, though. GOODNESS! NOBODY CARES NEROS! STOP BEING RANDOM! Aanyway, I'm just testing it out right now and it will look different every so often. I noticed the peeps over at AJS added one too! Okay, onto other things like the Rare Item Monday! Finally! It's Wednesday and I'm just now posting it! Okay, here it is, the Rare Freedom Sports Jersey:
Eh, it's not the best in my opinion. Then again, I don't like sports very much so that's probably it. It goes along with last week's Rare Freedom Fruit Hat, although it's been a week and a half since Fourth of July and I think it's high time to stop -oh. Says the girl that still has the Fourth of July background up on her blog. I'll stop complaining :| Aaanyway it's for 700 gems, buy it today only, but not really, unless you have a time machine, because this was released 2 days ago and will never be back, so yeah. You can go steal it off of someone else, but unfortunately the people on Animal Jam are actual real people so that wouldn't be very nice. Darn. It appears this doesn't have a hole at the top for your head! It's just a blue patch! It's completely closed off! Same goes for the armholes! WHERE ARE YOUR ARMS PEOPLE?? See, I told ya. Sports people are crazy. WHAT'D I TELL YA! No, I'm just kidding, just because I don't like sports doesn't mean I should hate the people playing them! THAT'S SPORTIST! COME ON! Anyway. Moving on, I think it's high time for another...
YES! It's been a couple weeks, and you all have been leaving such nice comments for me, so I thought I'd answer them in post form! Okay, here's our first one from alittooy aj!
Well hot diggity and a pizza pie with three spices! Thank you! Although you used the wrong "you're". GRAMMAR POLICE UP IN THIS WEEOOWEEEOOO But seriously, thank you for commenting, and really you guys are cool. I would not be here writing posts if you guys didn't comment on them, so thank you so much! Okay, next comment.
Holy cow that's a long name! You know what, I like potatoes too! I think it's good to just sit down sometimes and take a bite out a nice, juicy, ripe potato. Actually, no, that's disgusting. Raw potatoes are about the only version of a potato that isn't good. I love all other varieties though! Alright, for the next comment, a very nice person named 5yoyo5 (cool name by the way!) comments on just about every post I make, and that's incredible! Thank you so much for that! Anyway, here's one of her comments!
Really! That's cool! That's nice that AJ is giving nonmembers a chance to use the Jammer Walls, even though they can't use one themselves. NONMEMBERS HAVE RIGHTS TOO! THAT'S MEMBERIST!  There are people that just want to experience the game without paying for it and THAT'S FINE! YOU WERE ALL NONMEMBERS AT SOME POINT! I'M TAKING A STAND! AND EATING A LEMON! AND THAT WOULD BE VERY PAINFUL! I seem to be giving very bad advice on what to eat in this post, hmm. Well anyway, let's move on to the next comment, from StarCutepups522StarSidewaysSmileyFace.
GRREAT COOMMENT! Ya see, here in Canadia we have da acsont, dooncha know. We say GO GET THE MILK and sing Oo Canadia and do other Canada theengs too, dooncha know. I don't know why I just turned into a stereotypical Canadian person, because this comment has absolutely nothing to do with Canadia! But it was fun, so what the hey. (Sorry if you are from Canada and you were offended but I figure if you read this blog you wouldn't really be offended by stuff like that XD) Were you trying to be that weird tiger from Frosted Flakes?
He's such a  weird tiger. Why ya standing on 2 legs? That's not how tigers work! LEARN SOME ANATOMY! He's also reaching into the air like
He looks like he could just shoot into the air like nobody's business! Anyway, this has gotten  really sidetracked and off-topic...what once was a simple comment turned into a flying lawnmower! There's something you don't hear every day. So let's move on! Onto the last comment of today, another one from 5yoyo5.
(This comment is specific to a post called No new Item or Is there?)
YES!! It's so cool! Thank you for saying so, and thank you guys for making that happen! (If you don't know what she's talking about, AJP is now at the top of the Google search suggestions!) And thank you for commenting! It really helps me and it helps the blog grow when you leave your thoughts on a post, and I want to thank you for that! That's a really nice feeling to know people out there are enjoying your content! :) (And I keep calling you 'her' and 'she' but I'm just assuming. Please correct me if I'm wrong, 5yoyo5.) I just can't believe that we went from not even on the search suggestions to being on the top of the list when you search for "the animal jam"! And it never would have happened without y'all. So thank you. And thank you for reading this! There weren't many pictures this time, it was mostly words, but sometimes it's good to have a little variety and more words to express myself. But that's all the words for now! I hope you enjoyed them! I will see you all next time. Bye!


  1. Thanks for featuring my comment! XD

    Yes, I like random (but still funny) responses. Like, come on, I'm cutepups for crying out loud. You can just call me Cutepups, though. I'm from the USA not Canada.. lol. Hmm, maybe I was referring to that Tony Tiger from Frosted Flakes guy, yes.? Yesh. THAT'S GRREAT!!!!!!!!! I liek potatoes too. Lol toes lol. (See? I'm a random blogger too! X3) FLYING LAWNMOWERS ZOMG KEWL!!!!!!! Kinda like that project my classmates made for their, well, project. Lol I love your reply to your comment! <3 :D

    1. ramdomness is awesome lolipop

  2. hi negros, i have a very important question for you, what is your favortite type of potato dish... and i want to say this is the most awesome blog ever and that the 4th of july potatos are awesome

  3. I can teaches you english... X3
    btw I am english :)


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