Sunday, July 12, 2015

Duck Sandals and Giant Peacocks

Hey Jammers!! What's new with y'all? Oh, cool! That's really interesting! Uh-huh. Yeah. Oh no! Wait- what? Slow down! Oh. Ew, that's just nasty. Oh goodness, stop! Yuck, I didn't need to hear that! All right, hanging up now. Okay, bye. Yes, I said bye! Bye. Hmm. I'm thinking I shouldn't have asked. Anyway, today's new item is in the ol' Spaghetti Shop! But since that doesn't exist, we'll have to make do with Jam Mart Furniture. Here is the Ruined Stairs!
Hmm. Those stairs don't look ruined at all. Those people are wimps! MONKEY UP! (It's like "man up" but for monkeys.) All the stairs have in them is a few cracks! But who in their right mind would climb those stairs, they're not leading to anything! Unless... what if they are? What if the green is just an illusion? And it's actually a vortex into another world! COOL! I still wouldn't climb those stairs though. They're pretty boring. Pff, what am I saying, I climb stairs like those all the time! Like in this Adventure.
Although you can't actually climb that I'm pretty sure. Aaaquackaanyway (this post is falling apart XD) there is another Excavation/Paleontologist item that was released today! Those steps were actually released yesterday. Here it is, the Large Bucket of Frankenweenies Gold Panning Pond:
Wow, that msut be an expensive sign! I would like to have a sign about panning for gold with an actual chunk of gold in it! That's probably why the actual item is so expensive, too. 950 gems?! Talk about a rich Jammer's item! *cough cough me cough* Ugh, that water is also murky. What if it's teaming up with the Murky Daeth Water? AWW NOO THEY'RE GANGING UP ON MEE IT'S HORRIBLE AND EVIL WAAAAH Oh. They haven't moved? Well then. I have made that joke so many times it's not even funny anymore, so I shall stop. There's also some pretty neat Sandals someone lost over in the cornfield so let's check those out!
Wow! They are very wide. Maybe they're duck feet. They're also pretty flat, like duck feet. Yes, I am 99% sure that a duck lost these here sandals. Let's see if they fit, and then I will be 101% sure!
Why, it's a perfect fit! I think that duck looks pretty fashionable in those sandals. Why don't ducks wear sandals more often? Oh right, because they can't put them on. They should have hands! But where?
Hmm. That might not work out so well. I may have to add that to "Neros's List of Strange Ideas That Ultimately Didn't Work Out". It's pretty big by now. Well anyway, I actually noticed some peacocks out in Jamaa, and holy bananas, they are gigantic!
They're even bigger than the piglets, which I thought were super huge when they came out too. But these are crazy! Look at the one in the first picture next to my butterfly, the butterfly doesn't even come close to the size of the peacock. It could pass as an owl! I think it's the biggest pet so far. Aanyway, I haven't checked AJ in a while, so let's see what's on there!
Oh. A little longer than I thought. Okay, I'm logged in again. Hey look, there's a diamond contest!
Oh cool! A soccer drawing contest! I'm gonna enter. You can learn more and enter it by clicking here. All right! Let's get painting!
(this speedpaint will be edited with music and everything tomorrow)

YEAH! I think I did an amazing job! Here's my submission:
Incredible, right? I think it looks just like AJHQ drew it! I think it was a really original idea. I even captured the little hexagons in the soccer ball! Just try to beat me! XD Eh, I didn't really care when I was drawing this unlike the other diamond contest I entered (the space den one). All right, to wrap up this post I seem to have forgotten the new items in the Cloud Party this last month! Here they are, a whole page of them.
Look at all that rainbowy goodness! Except for that expensive fountain. That doesn't have anything to do with rainbows. I think it's the only item at the Cloud Party that's like that, everything else has rainbows. RAINBOW POWERS!! RAINBOW FLOWERS!! RAINBOWS TAKING LOTS OF SHOWERS!! I'm not sure where that came from. Anyway, that does it for this post! I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, leave a comment or share it with your friends, it really helps! But other than that, I will see you in the next one! Bai~

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