Friday, July 10, 2015

Exciting Announcements and Texting on Animal Jam?

Hey guys!! Wow, there's a lot to cover. So yesterday was Thursday and that means big updaaaates! Yay! But unfortunately it wasn't a posting day for me (I post every other day) so now I am talking about it now. Goodness, this keeps happening! I'M SORRY YOU PEOPLE! I SHALL TRY TO POST ON UPDATE DAY! Okay, so when I logged in last night the first ting I noticed was this! The gems are back!
I knew they'd come around. That was a dumb idea, to move them to the customization page. The achievements are still gone though, but in their place is something new...
YES! IT'S THE ALL NEW JAMMER WALL! Complete with TEXTING! TALKING! WRITING! AND SO MUCH MORE!! Buy on sale now at your local aquarium, or call the number on your screen to preorder NOW! It's on sale ONLY today, so HURRY UP and ORDER YOURS TODAY! The JAMMER WALL! Where everyone talks!

I have no idea where that came from. But yeah! It's basically a thing where you can open up your Jammer Wall and talk to anyone. So if Jam-a-Grams were Gmail, then this would be Google Hangouts. It explains more on page 2:
Well actually, it doesn't explain a whole lot. It's too bad it's only for members though... that kinda sucks. You know how the Jam-a-Grams say "Free chat is currently being tested by members."? And it's said that for at least 3 years now? Well I hope the Jammer Wall isn't like that. It's like "Once this is being done tested by members, everyone can have it!" but it never gets done being tested by members. I hope y'all nonmembers out there can someday experience the Jammer Wall too. But if you can't, then let me give you a tour!
So this is what it originally looks like. You can customize the background and the colors and everything though, so you can kinda make it your own. You can also change that lock symbol up there to be either locked (like it is in the picture), for buddies, or for everyone. I set it for buddies.
This is all the backgrounds/wallpapers you can have! They're pretty cool, because you acan have old, beta, and deleted wallpapers that were originally for dens. I chose that blue sparkly one in the bottom left cause it's purty :3 You can also delete messages which is nice.
In normal texting, Google Hangouts and apparently Facebook (yeah, I don't have one) you can't delete your messages, so if you say something weird or private you can just delete it. Unfortunately, it has the same regulations and restrictions as the Jam-a-Grams, plus there's the same character limit.

And it shows up on people's player cards, too, so you can go into Jamaa Township and find any old person to talk to, especially if they don't want you to!
Oh. Darn. They turned the chat to Private. Well anyway, there's more pages of the Jamaa Journal to get through, so let's talk about them! Here is Page 3.
Aww, that's so cute! It doesn't really look like a peacock though. It looks more like a puffin. Although they have orange beaks, not rainbow ones.
So yeah! Puffins Peacocks are here!! I wonder what will happen to the other ones. Will they be thrown in the trash? Will they be released later? Will they be shoved aside to think about later? Who knows. I hope elephants will be released someday. They're such beautiful animals! Okay, next page!
Woahh! Cool!! More themed items!! Has it really been a month since the Sand Castle ones came out? Yeah, I guess it has. This one is pretty neat. (oh boy I sound like a 90s kid) You can be a paleontologist! Who knows what you'll find? Maybe a long-lost pineapple. Or a banana. You could create the world's first fossilized fruit smoothie!! Maybe you'll find a deep-fried horse turd! That would be gross. And kinda creepy. Don't add that to the fossil smoothie. Anyway, here are all the items! A page and a bit already...

Ooh. If I've watched enough Indiana Jones (and I haven't. Only the first movie with my brother.) and Egyptian books I know to NEVER drop your water bottle when you're out in the desert. Or what's it called? A canteen, that's it. Yikes, you might want to pick that up before it evaporates... Also, those phantoms look awfully menacing! Phantoms are bad. Possible demon phantoms inside of a brick wall are REALLY bad. You're gonna get a curse, you fools! Don't go inside! Also, I wonder what's inside those wooden crates? Maybe more demon phantoms. Hopefully not. You could always ward them off with those shovels, though. Anyway, I have spent too much time talking about these, let's move on to the next page!
SQUEEE!!! FERRETS!!! They're so adorablee! They are a little strange in real life, but in real life and in Animal Jam, they're both cute. So I guess this marks the official departure of the Spring Bunny. Bye! We'll miss ya! Not really. I didn't really notice it. Look at all those ferret items that come with the Ferret! The Spring Bunny didn't have those. It's kinda gross that they have a couch made out of a ferret. I hope it's not a real one. That tube thing on the table looks fun though! I bet ferrets would love that. I have 2 guinea pigs at my home, but they're too chubby to fit through one of those. Anyway, onto the last page of the Jamaa Journal!
Ope, hyenas are gone. Yeah, this happens every few weeks. It's kind of annoying, really. At least we get an animated video out of it though. But wait! Hyenas already have a video! Darn. Shoot. Ah gosh darn shootin' blast it, mah crotch is on fire! If you can get that reference, I give you an internet cookie. All right, one more exciting announcement, but it's more personal...
OWL CITY IS COMING TO MY TOWN!!! Of course, I'm not telling you which one, but I'll give you a hint: it's in October. That really narrows it down, doesn't it? XD But this is so exciting, Owl City is my favorite band (if you haven't guessed by now) and I finally get to go see him! i will post pictures of it here in November. (Also, the reason I'm posting this now is because he just released the tour dates today. He also released his album today!) Okay, that does it for today's post! I hope you enjoyed it. if you did, please leave a comment and share it with your friends, it really helps! But for now, bye!


  1. Hey neros1234, I found out that non members can chat on other people's Jammer Walls, even though they can't have there own c:

    1. Oh cool! That's good, thanks for telling me!


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