Monday, July 20, 2015

Flapper Elephant Parties and Peacocks 2.0?

Hey Jammers! So, I have some super exciting news! We just hit 40k pageviews a few minutes ago!! *Update: I started this post on Saturday, so no it wasn't a few minutes ago, it was 2 days ago. WOOHOO!!!
I can't believe it. This is incredible, 10,000 entire pageviews in less than 4 months?! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for this!! It means the world to me to know that your lovely faces are out there reading my content, and know my name, and are searching for my blog enough that it's the top result on Google. That's really impressive! This is a really great day for me, for other reasons too. Anyway, in Animal Jam the new item in the clothing shop (finally!) is the Arm Bracelets I think? Here it is:
Oh yeah, Arm Cuffs. Nice! They have very positive reviews from people I've seen around Jamaa, so I'm glad AJHQ decided to release them! I like Feet/Legs items too, especially the Jingle Bell Bracelets that y'all got in your Animal Jam advent calendars last Christmas. They look amazing on my eagle.
Don't they though? Oh yeah! And because I started this post on Saturday, I forgot to say that IT'S MONDAY! And you know what that means! THAT'S RIGHT! FUNKY DISCO ELEPHANT PARTY MONDAY!!!
I have never seen a more unimpressed party elephant in my life.
OH YEAH! Now THIS is a reason to like Mondays! WOO-wait, what? It's not Funky Disco Elephant Party Monday? Well then what is it?
Oh. Rare ITEM Monday. Psshhh, I think Funky Disco Elephant Party Monday is more exciting. But this one is pretty interesting, it's in the Medical Center! Remember that old place? We haven't had an item there in 2 years! That's good that they're mixing it up a little and not just making all the rares available in the regular Jam Mart Clothing. What if next week's will be a rare den item? That would be new! Can this item open? Darn, it can't. I wonder what could be inside! Maybe alien babies that the doctor is planning to fix up.
Hmm. That would be creepy. And slightly psychotic. Well anyway, there is another item in the Spaghetti Shop Jam Mart Clothing that went unnoticed by me until now. Iiiiit's the Flapper Hat!
Yeah! Cool! I wonder if it will be followed by other flapper items, like a Flapper Dress or Flapper High Heels or something. I think they did a good job drawing this item, it looks like flappers actually did wear hats like that.
Especially the one circled. Except with that one the colors are backwards, the stripe in the middle is white in Animal Jam and black on that lady's hat. Heh heh, we're gonna have to change that. I think this item would look good on them! And thanks to 21st century Photoshop magic, we can do that! LET'S GO!
Yes, I think they look quite fashiona-THAT WOMAN HAS A SOCK ON HER HEAD! MY WHOLE WORLD IS A LIE! Maybe it's a stocking. Maybe this photo was taken at Christmastime and she was just being festive. Who knows! Who cares! Let's move on. There are even more items, this time in the Summer Carnival, that I missed throughout July, and here they are!
Hmm, all returning items. Too bad. Did you know that there are only 3 tail items you can buy right now, (July 20th, 2015, at 3:03 PM to clarify)? The Elf Tail Armor, Stegosaurus Tail Armor, and the Raccoon Tail. There are others like the Mace Tail, Bone Tail, and Skullies but you can't buy those right now, each for different reasons. Well that's enough of that, let's move on from those items and talk about something else! Okay, so I made some updates to AJP on Saturday (hence the title of this post), the first being I took down the Fourth of July potato. It had been 2 weeks since Fourth of July, and it was getting a little tiring to look at, so I took it down. Now I'm getting what I call August Potato Syndrome (Don't look it up because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who has it) where I take down the Fourth of July background a couple weeks late (usually in August) and then the background looks weird with the regular potato. And then it looks summery! And then it looks like a potato. And then it makes me hungry. It's weird. Do you get that? If you're new here, you probably don't. But I do and it happens every year for me. Anyway, I'm gonna hit the Enter button twice!

There! Now that big block of text isn't so intimidating. Anyway, I updated all the pages too! Now all I need to update is Codes, which I should just put a warning next to. Something like WARNING! DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING ON THIS PAGE! It gets updated like once a year and only some of it gets updated! So now it's just a humble jumble pile of mumble of mixed up codes from who knows when. So read at your own risk! Hmm, that's a very long title for a page. Maybe I'll have to rethink it. But yeah! Now you can roam all the pages free with new, updated content. And one more update! Time for the Enter key again!

I added a directory of all my miniblogs at the bottom:
Isn't it nice! Now you can see all the miscellaneous crap I've put on the internet all in one place! And all you have to do is scroll down to find it. Nope, not there. Keep scrolling. It's not there either, don't stop scrolling. A little more down, and scroll some more, and there it is! See, you found it! Good for you! I actually don't have a clue if you found it or not. It's at the very bottom of the blog. Anyway, onto other things. Remember how I was saying how the peacocks are GIGANTIC and are bigger than other pets? Well look at this!
Click the picture to enlarge it.
It's so much smaller! Wow, that's a total change from their other appearance! They went from being huge to being regular size and hard to see. And it's all because of their tail feathers! That's crazy to think. Basically all of their size comes from their tail feathers. I bet that's how they scare off predators, by appearing twice their size from their feathers, when in reality they aren't very big. There's a little science lesson for ya! See, you do learn things from this blog! It's educational! (Give that excuse to your parents if they tell you to get off the computer.) What am I talking about, no it isn't. Anyway, that does it for today's post! I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, leave a comment, it really helps. I am going to be out of town in a few days, so sorry if I don't post :( I will try to get 1 or 2 posts in before I leave. But until then, have a wonderful day! Bai!


  1. hi negros1234 i am a doctor the cure to August Potato Syndrome are potatoes.......but if that doesn't work you may explode or something any way if you need me just call,who am i you ask? i am doc catdog347.

    1. omg cringe.... its not my fault... i was on my moms phone and it auto corrected me... neros, plz delete this comment plz and anohers that spell it wrong plz-catdog347

  2. awesome about the 400000 views

  3. I liked the old peacocks better ;3


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