Monday, July 27, 2015

Puffball the Pokemon and a Stethoscope Commercial?

Hey Jammernians! What is new with you? Not a lot with me. Me and my family went to the beach yesterday, which was fun! Although it is ghastly hot here. Good lord, the temperature should be illegal... it's like 85° and it's only noon! Ugh. Anyway, there is in fact 2 new items in the Summer Carnival! Sort of.
They're returning. Now why in the name of jimbalooshi would they say "Come see all the new items!" if there's NOTHING THERE?! That makes zero sense! Gardalnit. That's a new one! I don't think I've heard that expression before. Anyway, there was a new item in the regular clothing store on Friday, and usually I don't talk about items that are a couple days old, but this one's pretty cool TOTALLY AWESOME!
LOOK AT THAT! It's called the Mad Scientist Hair, but it looks like a bad*** puffball wearing a ski mask with lightning shooting out of every spot on its puffball body! Doesn't it? It's so cool! And cute, too, and it sort of looks like a Pokemon.
IT'S PUFFBALL! Yeah! And the best part is you get to wear it on your head!
So now you can say to all your friends "I have an adorable purple puffball on my head, who's wearing a ski mask and looks like it can take on anything! What did you do today?" I love this little puffball. It looks like it could conquer the world with that ski mask! It probably can, I mean, who's gonna say no to someone like that! I think I shall stop talking about this and move on, as it is probably making lots of you angry and annoyed. NO I'M GONNA MAKE IT AJP MASCOT #3!
Sorry. It's just crazy hair made out of pixels. I gotta remember that. Anyway, if you remember in my LAST post (back in the Jurassic period am I right!)(That was a failed attempt at making fun of myself for not posting for 4 days by the way) I talked about the challenge of beating last month! Or, more specifically, getting more pageviews in July 2015 than we did in June. AND GUESS WHAT! YOU GUYS ROCKED IT! We beat our goal in less than 24 HOURS!
Currently we are beating June by 174 pageviews, and we're also beating May 2013 by about 2,500. Sorry Neros, but I think the only people looking at your blog back then were your parents.
Kawaii mom! That's not my mom by the way, I just googled random moms. Don't take that out of context and make me sound creepy! Cause I'm not! Sigh, I just know that there will be at least ONE person out there who will take that out of context just because I said it. Anyway, what were we talking about? Goodness, I get sidetracked a lot. Oh yeah, the pageviews! So, as you can see, on that beautiful graph-y drawing up there, the July 2015 marker (so nicely pointed out for you) is really close to the 3,000 line! And yep, you guessed it, I'm gonna ask you all to reach that line. A few days ago I thought it was impossible. I also thought it would take you a week to surpass June 2015. Boy, was I wrong! So I'm thinking maybe we can do this! Bring your friends! Bring your siblings! Bring your grandmas and grandpas! Wait. They probably don't play Animal Jam. And won't care about it. So don't do that. Think of this as Round 2 of the pageview game! It's not game over yet, people! We still got 5 DAYS to meet this fantastic goal! And when July is over on Saturday, if we have reached our goal, I will reward you with a FABULOUS PRIZE!

Again, not my image. Well, the original image isn't mine, I added the Box of Mystery part.
And it will be revealed sometime around August 1st. Could be August 1st, could be October 19th. You never know. I'm just kidding, it will be revealed August 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, whenever I get around to posting. Okay, well Animal Jam told us that the Jamaaliday Jam was going to be on the party list from July 24th to July 26th, and yep, that sure happened! It showed up 3 times for me on Friday night.

Wow, it was on for 3 days in a row and I didn't make it to one! Whoops. Well I'm sure it was a blast! And for very, very new Jammers, it was probably confusing. I can imagine all the people taht didn't read the Jamaa Journal, like "What?" "Its not Crhistmas!" "what is going on omg" "What is ur problem ajhq is this a glicht or what" XD Oh, how I love to make fun of people with bad grammar. Sorry, it's just funny to see people making mistakes over something so easy... I hope you're not offended. Anyway, today is Monday after all, and you know what that means! And guess what- this week's RIM is in the Medical Center AGAIN! This time it is the Rare Stethoscope.
Nice! Now you can listen to your heart and make sure you're alive. Sometimes when the animals on Animal Jam do the Sleep action you can't really tell if they're alive or dead.
I mean, it's anyone's guess if she's still alive! With the Rare Stethoscope, look no further! You can tell immediately what your heartbeat is, and if you're a healthy individual! Comes in a wide variety of colors, cyan & pink and pink & cyan! BUY YOURS TODAY!
I think I did rather good with that commercial! (Why does every RIM end up with me trying to sell it?!) What do you think? Tell me in the comments! Anyway. I think that's all for today's post! I have been typing for a long time and I should go outside. Here's a preview of what's to come in the next post!

  • Mailtime
  • Rest of update- Games update, Bouncing Bounce House gif from the DE (talk about how 2015 is the bounce house year with the bounce house party, bh in summer carnival and now this) 
Yeah, I know you can't understand that last bullet. I'm not as detailed in my reminders as I am in my posts. Well, if you'd like to see that reminder come to life in the next post, check here again in 2 days! But in the meantime...maybe leave a comment on this post? It really helps! Okay, goodbye, I'll see you next time!


  1. hi neros, i just wanted to say i love your blog . when i first stumbled upon your blog it was the time ware you were on break[christmas-ish] i was like awesome blog to bad the persons not posting [ i thought you didnt blog no more] and one day when i was reading you posted i was very happy . so thanks for being so awesome and blogging [is that a word? well no red squiggles] signing out - catdog347

  2. I love your crazy and random posts. <3


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