Saturday, July 4, 2015

Terrifying Oddly-Priced Faces

Heeeeey Jammers! What's up? I just went to see Home, it is an amazing movie. Oh is so cute ^.^ Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was doing stuff and had no time to be on the computer. Anyway, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! Murica is now 239 years old. That's pretty dang old! Of course, other countries are millenniums old, like France or the UK, but we've been around a while too. Benjamin Franklin would be 309 if he was alive today... that's even longer ago. As a random fact, the previous oldest person in the world, Gertrude Weaver, would be 116 today, but she died in April. The current oldest person in the world will be 116 in 2 days. Aaanyway, back to Animal Jam. So, today's new item is in the Summer Carnival again! Let's see what it is.
...Oh. That's not creepy at all! I wonder if you could pass those eyebrows for hair. Probably could, those are enormous eyebrows. Goodness, that's a lumpy nose! Yikes. This is for a very specific amount of tickets, you would see things for 1,500 or 2,000 or even maybe 1,750 but not 1,850! I wonder why AJ decided to price it that way? Hrm. I don't really like this item, but I do know one that would freak the heck out of 90% of the internet...
Yeah, it's not the best edit, but I did my best. My brother was fooled. I really don't know why everybody's crazy about that game. It's just another horror game, except in this one you sit on your butt and look at cameras and wait to be jumpscared. Eh, doesn't really matter. Moving on, I have been getting a LOT of Jam-a-Grams recently! So I think it's high time to do another...
Hooray :D Okay, the first Jam-a-Gram comes from msd22886.
Ooo, a gift! Thank you so much! Let's see if there really is a potato inside.
Nope! But I suppose you can't send an actual potato in Animal Jam, so this is good enough! Thank you for the gift! Okay, next Jam-a-Gram.
GAHHHH OVERLOAD OF BUDDY REQUESTS! I'm sorry that I can't get to you all, my buddy list is full and I now have a total of 24 requests! I really wish that I could meet you all and become your buddy on Animal Jam, but I'm afraid that's just not possible. I go through my buddy list every month and delete old buddies, but it's hard because I have so many close friends on AJ :( Anyway, I hope you can understand guys. You are all amazing, and it sucks that AJ has a buddy limit. Okay, onto the next Jam-a-Gram! This one comes from wolfs44107.
Yes Wolfs, it does! Animal Jam has changed a lot since it was first released, but it's still an awesome game. I've been playing it since the start in 2010, and it's been an amazing journey all the way. Thanks for sending me that! Alright, next Jam-a-Gram.
Mmkay, I have absolutely no idea what that says, but if you're asking me to buddy you, I already explained that several times. Delete! Okay, now for the last JAG of this post!
Oh! No one's ever asked me this before! *sits down* *old woman voice* Heh heh, well that's a long story. You see, back in my day, when I was just a girl, they had these things called Monthly Member Gifts! Those were cool. They were pretty self explanatory, they were a gift to every member that they gave out monthly. They ran from June 2011 to May 2013, until they were replaced with diamonds. Anyway, the gift for January 2012 was a New Year's Party Hat, and I was a member at that time so I got the gift. I really liked it, and it became my main item. Then sometime in 2012 or 2013 I accidentally traded it away for a beta Rain Cloud. I was so mad at myself for doing that, and I thought I would never get it back, but I did eventually, in June 2013. And it has been my main item ever since, and I vowed to never trade it away ever again. So now you know why I get so mad when people ask me "What for party hat?" Anyway, that does it for this Mailtime and this post. As always, I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great Fourth of July, and I will see you alter!

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