Monday, July 6, 2015

The Hiding Rare Item

Heylo everyone! Welcome back to AJP. Did you have a good weekend? I hope you did. I had a good Sunday at least! Saturday was meh. Anyway, today is Monday and you know what that means...! We shall hunt for the RIM in the stores! COMMENCE RAREHUNTING!
*checks Jam Mart Clothing* Wow, it isn't there? I'm impressed! Okay, let's check the den store. No, it's not there either? Well where is it? Maybe Epic Wonders?
No, it's not there either. WELL WHERE IS IT?! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME SO, RARE ITEM?? I'm gonna check every single store until I find it.
Goodness, that's a lot of stores. Maybe it's, it couldn't be. Is it in the Diamond Shop? NO! WHERE THE HECK IS IT THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! Alright, I should stop shouting. Calm, Neros. Be calm. Eh, I give up. Let me check the Daily Explorer.
...OH. It's in Bahari Bay.
Nice going, Neros. I can't believe I was searching for it and I never thought to look underwater! Silly me. Anyway, this is the Rare Freedom Fruit Hat! I like the creativity! Although Freedom Day/4th of July is over. Still a a pretty clever idea!  The Fruit Hat was the first item I ever posted about, as a little random tidbit of information. You know what? I have a quarter of a million gems, I can afford this, I'm going to buy it.
Wow, I didn't think it would look so much like a turban. Strange. I wouldn't want to eat that fruit if the grapes were bright blue and the bananas were red! That sounds like some weird thing from Dr. Seuss. Anyway, speaking of Freedom stuff, I missed a few items from the Freedom Party over the last week. There are lots of new fireworks!

Cool! The Mira and Zios ones weren't there last year. I wonder if they'll bring back the other classic fireworks like the Bunny Firework or the Crocodile Firework. They probably will, seeing as they brought back the tiger and panda. Also, they fixed the mohawk:
Aww, that was fun! And hilarious. It turns out that was just a mistake. It actually didn't charge me for the mohawk I bought, so I saved 700 gems! That's a big price change... from 0 to 700 gems? Goodness! And I don't even think it's that good of an item. It's way overpriced. I'm also kinda surprised it's still in stores, like the Freedom Party is still there at all...
There's some more items in the clothing shop, too, but these aren't 0 nor 700 gems.
True, they are also overpriced. 500 freaking gems for a tiny head flower? 850 gems for some feathers? That's ridiculous! Let's do some price comparing.
See? 850 and 500. 500 and 350. 600 and 500. Every pair of items is essentially the exact same item but a different color, and yet the freedom items have a much higher price! That's ridiculous and unfair! They're just trying to take advantage because of the craze over Fourth of July! I'm all done with my rant now. But I do wish they were the same price. Okay, now for a segment I haven't done for months! It's called Journey Book, and it's where I show you a Journey Book Guide, and each post is a different land. Today's is Crystal Reef, and I'm going to use my storage account because the Journey Book on my main is full. So without further ado, the guides! Video guide first.
And now for the pictures. Okay, so if you are reading this on a device that doesn't support videos, or if you were confused by the video, or if you're just too lazy to watch it, then here ya go. Pictures with descriptions of where they are. (there are 12 in total)
Lobster- sits above Flippers 'n Fins
Acorn Barnacle- on the wall that the Lobster is on. Next to that blue trident-looking coral.
Humpback Whale- swims in the alcove above the sign with the jellyfish
Flounder- Very hard to see. Under the Crystal Sands sign.
Clownfish- In the green sea anemones at the top of the land.
Brain Coral- Sits at the bottom left of the map.
Staghorn Coral- Right next to the Lobster.
Feather Duster Worm- Under the left circular blue lamp (near Flippers 'n Fins.)

Marlin- Swims from right to left near the Feather Duster Worm.
Tube Sponge- right of the right blue lamp (near Flippers 'n Fins)
Stingray- Swims from the jellyfish sign to the Brain Coral.
Pufferfish- Swims in a straight line over the door to Flippers 'n Fins. Puffs up once in a while.
And there you go people! Crystal Reef Journey Book Guide complete. I hope you've learned something! Who am I kidding, people don't learn things from a  blog like this. I just mean I hope this was helpful and you finished this page in your Journey Book, and I hope that you enjoyed this post. It is not 10:45 AM like it says, by the way, that was a mistake on my part. It is 2:49 PM. Anyway, if you did like this, please leave a  comment, or maybe share it with your friends? I will see you next time! Bye guys!

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