Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Smiling Sidewalks and Deconstructing Grandmas

How's it going bros my name is WHAPISH TOP OF THE MORNIN' TO YOU LADDIES! MY NAME IS Hello everybody! My name is Marksepticpie and welcome to a random youtuber mashup intro! Yeah! Sorry I should get off of YouTube. My name is actually neros1234! But you probably already know that. Anyway, do you know what day is it? It is? I have forgotten how to English? Well is it Wednesday!! It is Wednesday. Arrgh! And that means a good ol' fashioned Reading Your Comments! I think I shall have these every other Wednsday. Do you think that's a good plan? I do. Anyway, this is already off to a random and completely unrelated string of thoughts, so why don't we just dive in with the first comment already? Here we go! Oh boy!
 The first comment comes from Cutepups.
Really? Thanks a lot! I usually just yell a lot and don't really get anything done. This blog is a lot different from other blogs mostly because others stay on track and talk about something normal... I end up talking about flying lawnmowers and fighting giant monsters in the middle of a cornfield. Yeah, they are pretty crazy and random. Okay, onto the next comment! This one's from catdog347.
Oh cool! That's really interesting! Yeah, I took a break from posting in January (Don't ask me why because I don't know) and just randomly reappeared one day in early February and everyone was like "Okay! Sure! I guess?" and so we just kind of rolled with it. But thank you so much catdog, I am glad you checked back after my break!! You have commented a lot on here and that's really nice, thank you for that! Oh and yes, blogging is a word, or at least spell check seems to think so. Okay, next comment! This one's from 5yoyo5.
Same here. The old ones are so pretty and fluffalicious! Look at them!
See? I like them when they're all big and stuff and not when they're all small...and stuff! Wow, great grammar Neros! Amazing choice of words! What I meant was they're much cooler when they have their feathers spread out like a majestic eagle. Except not an eagle. A peacock. I don't know! You figure it out! Next comment.
Hmm. Not a very exciting comment. But that face looks excited! Maybe it was just on a roller coaster. Or maybe it's planning to kill someone. It kinda looks like both. So, Anonymous, why did you comment this on Emojis You Can Use on Here? Because the emojis on there are like :) 8-), not evil/excited faces made using letters, numbers and symbols. Although, I do use emojis made out of letters, numbers and symbols for Emoticon Friday! Maybe I'll use that! Anyway, that's all for this Readin' Your Comments. Sorry it was shorter this time, I usually feature 5 comments and this time it was only 4. But on with the rest of the post, today's new item is straight out of a friendly sidewalk, the Scooter!
That long spiky brown thing with wheels, not that other thing. The other thing is the Old Water Pump, released yesterday. The Scooter looks like it was carved out of wood, doesn't it? Either wood or stone. Like the Outback Imports items! Everything there is carved out of stone! WOAH! Also, "friendly sidewalk" sounds kind of weird. I didn't mean a literal sidewalk that is friendly...
I meant friendly people living on it! People with adorable young children! Who have scooters! Do you understand? Yes? Good. That water pump looks very complicated and it also looks like it will just fall apart if you crank it once. Like literally every single piece will just simultaneously explode and get lodged in somebody's eye. Well, it is old, so sometimes old things do that. I hope old people don't do that! Good god! You're just walking through the mall with your gramma and all of a sudden
Yikes. If it happened all the time,I think they would install a Deconstructing Grandparent alert. WEEOO, WEEOO, WEEOO! Um, Officer, we have another exploding grandma. Over. *kschhc* Another one?! *kschhhjk* Yeah... XD THERE'S AN EYEBALL IN THE GIFT SHOP!! I'll stop. Okay, so, I didn't actually cover the whole update last Thursday! The game profiles have changed, and the Rules button has disappeared. Below is what it was, and what it is.
Maybe that upside down exclamation point is the rules. Sky High is pretty easy to figure out, most of the games are, so if the Rules disappeared completely it wouldn't matter too much. Another update that I missed is the Bounce House gif in the daily explorer! Look at this cool thing!
It looks like it's bouncing, even though it's only one picture. That's really cool! 2015 is the bounce house year in Animal Jam, with the Bounce House Party in February (that was mentioned in the Jamaa Journal but for some reason I never saw that issue) the bounce house in the Summer Carnival in May, and now this! I guess AJHQ just really likes bounce houses. I do too, they're fun! Okay! Now onto the thing you've all been waiting for... the pageview progress for the little challenge I have up! If you don't know what I'm talking about, I have a game to try to get 3,000 pageviews by the end of the month. We are very VERY close, and in fact the pageview counter has been changing all day. Here is the updated one (I jsut took a screenshot a few minutes ago):
WE ARE SO CLOSE! 39 pageviews left, and we still have 2 days! That's crazy! I made a gif of the timelapse of the pageview number changing ever since I started this 1 week ago on July 22nd. Look how fast it went up!
It was so far behind June a week ago, and now look where it is! I bet by tomorrow we will have reached our goal. I will tell you all on Friday, and then on Saturday or Sunday we can do the unboxing of the exciting Box of Mystery!!! It's gonna be awesome, I assure you. But that's all for today's post! I hope you enjoyed it. Leave a comment if you did, and I will see you guys on Friday! Have a great day!

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