Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hey Jammers, Jamurfs and Jammerbias! How's ya going? Good, good! I am sick today. Hooray! It's not fun to be sick. Ugh. But I thought I'd write a post because I'm such a nice friend! Anyway, there are some new clothing items in Jam Mart Clothing that cam out when I was on my little vaycaytayoin! Cause that's how you English! Here they are.
Hmm, a very wide selection with these ones! We have some rain boots, a Charles Dickens hobo hat, and a peach colored scarf! Nice! The last 2 items look like something out of Oliver Twist. Which is why I mentioned Charles Dickens in the first place. CONNECTIONS! THEY'RE HAPPENING! Also, the boots are actually called "Galoshes" apparently! Galoshes?! What is this, 1945?! Let's see what Wikipedia says about it.
Boat shoes! What the heck? Dickersons? Where do people get these names?! XD But that's pretty cool! I didn't know that they went on top of your boots. I think the only time I've heard that word before was in this comic:
He is very confused that his boots are galoshing at him. I don't blame him! I would also be frightened and confused if my boots started galoshing at me! Wikipedia also says that they have evolved over the years, but in 1572 the word "galoshes" was actually applied to them. So I guess all of these items are Charles Dickens themed, or at least Victorian era themed. Cool! Okay, I have been terrible about talking about the Jamaa Journal. There was one 2 days ago and I still haven't finished talking about the last one! So here are the last 2 pages. Of the one from last week.
Yeeee! Snow leopards are coming back! (They left?) Hooray! (I didn't know they were gone...) Maybe they'll bring a new land or a new animal back with them. They did bring a new animated video! And that's pretty cool! Here it is.
It's not very funny though. Hrm. Maybe AJHQ is running out of ideas for these. OOH! I have one! An eagle falls off a cliff! And... um... well that's all I got. OOOHH!!!! I HAVE A GREAT ONE! How about an angry cursor/mouse who is angered very easily and has a scrolling race with other cursors!
YEAH! I think that's a GREAT idea!! But it doesn't really have anything to do with Animal Jam. But I still think they should consider it! It's a wonderful plan! Hokay, show's over people. Back to mopping the floors. The next page of the Jamaa Journal involves manipulative ads featuring adorable ferrets!
NOPE! I already give you 6 dollars a month, AJ! Do you know what that is a year? That is $72 a year! And I've had a membership for 3 and a half years! Do you know what THAT is? THAT IS $252 DOLLARS! Minus 2 months. I had some membership issues in February and November 2014. But still, that's 240 dollars I've given you! So no, I will not buy your ferret. If I wanted a ferret, I would buy one at a pet store. No I wouldn't. That would definitely not get along with my guinea pigs. And me and my family have no room in our house for a ferret. Plus ferrets are stinky, so no no no! No ferrets! Alright, now should I continue on to the current issue of the Jamaa Journal? Or only parts of it? I think I'll do a selection of it. Since I also covered 2 pages of the other Jamaa Journal in this post. Okay? Okay. FINERDOODLES! Here we go with Page 1!
Ooo! New adventure! So the Battle for the Beacon did leave. Huh. This one has replaced it on the Parties list, along with a new party for back to school!
Nice! The summer really is over I guess. *sigh* Tomorow is my last day of summer, and then I go back to school too. Noo summer don't leave me ;_; So I will be posting more infrequently, about once a week. Probably only on Fridays. Or whatever. I'm pretty excited for school this year! I'm going into 8th grade, and all my teachers are new at my school, ugh... Except the French teacher, she's been there a long time. Aaaanyway, I haven't played this adventure yet. but I've heard it's about panning for silver and gold and gems and things. And you can build crap out of shizwilkers! It sounds tedious! And fun! The Back to School Party is pretty awesome, too. You start off in a driveway with a basketball hoop, which is where some people hang out after school I guess? (not me, I am not a sports person XP)
There's also a cute little classroom with a sink and paints and an apple rug and pi on the wall and all sorts of funnely goodness!
And one for older kids:
They're both very cute classrooms, for young and old kids alike. But between classes, you can go play on the slide at recess!!
I really like this party, although I don't like the music. It's this weird music of whistle, funky techno beat, school bell, rock, and strange, random synthesizers. It's like they went into Audacity, took twelve different instruments and mashed them all together. You should go to this party, and listen to the music it's really strange... but they are selling some merch to make your school complete!
Some of those are different versions of other items. Like the Whiteboard is just a different color of the Chalkboard, the Hanging Jamaa Flag is just a Jamaa Flag but..hanging. And also, that teacher's desk was already released in 2013. The desk, lockers, and school bell are new though. Okay, that about wraps up this post! I hope you enjoyed it! The AJP Email List for August comes out tomorrow, so if you want to join, enter your email and AJ username in the box on the right before 5:00 PM tomorrow, and you'll get that issue right in your inbox to read and enjoy! But for now, I will see you next time. Bai guys!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Catching Up + Animal Jam Items in Real Life?

Hey Jamatron 3000s! What is up? The sky? Yeah, that's what I thought.
It was my birthday on Monday! Happy birthday to me! I'm up in a tree! I found a green squirrel, and I named it Munchy!
Oh dear. I hope not. If I go crazy and walk up a tree and start talking to imaginary squirrels, please tell me to stop, okay? Alright! Now onto fun stuff like Animal Jam! And other stuff! Actually not other stuff, just Animal Jam. Also, I'M BACK! I should probably have said that at the beginning of the post, shouldn't I? Hmm. My writing style is all over the place, don't ask me to be organized! Did you miss me? Maybe, but  you probably just missed my posts and your daily dose of chaos. Cause I got plenty of that! Ernerwer. That's "anyway", but with ers! Oh sweet mother of cheese puffs, I'm doing it again. Ther ner erterm ern Erner- okay, I'm gonna stop now. The new item in Ernermel Jerm is a whole page of honeybee items, as well as some others! Here they are:
Holy bananakaramas! That's a lot of items! That one in the bottom right corner is not horribly bleeding all over the place, I just crossed it out cause I already talked about it in another post. We have 6 new honeybee items, exciting exciting, and also a set of gates and fences! Halloween is coming up (WHAT NO IT'S APRIL WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT) and these would look great in front of a Haunted Mansion (HOW DOES TIME MOVE LIKE IT DOES IT WAS JANUARY A WEEK AGO)!
Although it's pretty small. That's kind of a rip off. I spent 750 gems for that? And 600 for the fence! That's not fair. Although it isn't real money, I would be even more annoyed if I had spent 750 DOLLARS for a tiny fence. I was thinking it would be as tall as those steps leading up to the house! Darn. Anyway, I love all the cute bee items! The Bumblebee Bean Bag Chair is really cozy, especially when covered in koalas!
It's so adorable <3 I wish I had something like that in real life! It looks super cozy. Lots of nice things in Animal Jam I wish I could have in real life. Except maybe the cactus chair. That would just be painful... Hey, that gives me an idea! (cue the corny lightbulb idea sound effect)
this took like 40 minutes to draw -.-
Maybe I could draw/photo edit Animal Jam items IRL! That sounds like a a fantastic idea! I think I'll start with the Cactus Chair.
Yeah!! I think I did a good job! Sorry it's covering up everything on the sidebar. It was a big image. It really does look like the cactus chair! Pretty cool. Well that's all I'm gonna do for now, after drawing the tree picture, the lightbulb picture and photo editing this, I am worn out from drawing! Plus I have to eat dinner soon. So let me move on to something easy- screenshots! I never finished talking about the latest issue of the Jamaa Journal, so I shall do that now. Now, where was I? Oh yes, BEES!!!
Hooray, another flying pet! They're so adorable, oh my goodness <3 And you can get a little flower in their hair! So cuute :D Also, these little guys are available for everyone, including nonmembers!! Finally another nonmember pet, and a flying one! Winnie the Pooh would be proud. Ooh! I found a little Easter egg! If you make their eyes like this:
Then they blow steam out of their noses!
Better run before it gets you... if something has steam coming out of its nose, running is pretty much always the best idea! Okay, next page!
Ooo, another den item contest! Those movie theater items seem pretty awesome. I think I'm gonna vote for those!
I really like the idea of watching an old-timey black and white movie starring a cartoon cat in a car! Lots of C words. Oh, and there's a snack bar and some lights on the floor to show you where to go! There's also movie reels and a director's clapper board! Although you don't usually find those at a movie theater. I don't think the directors want you to touch those. WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM MOVIE THEATER! DON'T LET PEOPLE TOUCH THE REELS! COME ON! Here are all the den options:
What is with Animal Jam and steampunk things? They're obsessed! They have the steampunk armor, steampunk helmet, underwater steampunk items, and now this! This is crazy! WHEN WILL THE STEAMPUNK CURSE END?? I don't even know what that means. I'm gonna google it!
Hmm. Okay, that's very specific and pretty weird. Why does Animal Jam like it so much? *sings The Mysteries of Life* *realizes that's not a song* *shrinks into corner* Well anyway, on the next page, we have the return of BAAAAAAAAAA (x36)!
Cool, the beta party's back! Although it's not like the beta was in the 40s or something. It was only 5 years ago. Although I was 7 back then, and I'm 13 now, so that does make a difference in my life. But the older you get, the less 5 years matters. Like my sister! She's only 2! And she was not on this planet 5 years ago. I'm rambling again, sorry 'bout that, let's just get to the party!
Everything's pretty much the same except for that part, and it has some modern-day items as well as old ones! In the original beta dens, you couldn't go into that area. When I first started Animal Jam in September 2010, I thought a tucked away area in Coral Canyons (where I started out) was my den. It took me like 15 minutes to figure out where my actual den was! XD They're also selling new items this summer, they were not available in last year's Beta Party. Here they are:

Ooh, look at that funky TV! That wasn't there in the beta times! Neither was any of those items in the first picture. Only the monkey statue and the posters are actual beta items. I think they just drew those other ones to LOOK old. Danananana! It's SuperOld! The superhero that's really old! Sorry. I don't know what that was. But that's all for today's post, I hope you enjoyed it! This one had THREE drawings, oh boy! I will turn another AJ item into a real-life one in another post soon, but for now, bye guys!

Friday, August 7, 2015

I'll be Gone Again. Also BEES!

Hey Jammers! Short post today. As I said on Tuesday, I'm gonna be gone from August 8th to 14th, for 6 days. We're going to a family reunion over the weekend, and then going to a cabin up north for the week! Oh right, you don't know what state. Well sorry, I'm not going to tell you... it's in northern USA though. Not in Canadia. I've never actually been there. Here's a handy dandy guide!
That should make it clear to you. When I get back, I will add a directory over on the side of my Best Of posts. I already have some picked out, but I need your help for the last one. So I've compiled a list of popular posts from 2014 and 2015 over on the side, and I want you to vote for your favorite! If you like a different one, either comment on here, send me an email, or Jam-a-Gram me on Animal Jam. Okay, now for a segment that we haven't had for over 2 months... you know what time it is!!

1. := A vampire!
2.  O->--< Sideways stick person

There we go! Did you miss Emoticon Friday? I did. But I was running out of emoticons to add to it, so we took a little break with the segment. Anyway, I have more time than I thought. Maybe this won't be too short of a post. There was a big update yesterday! A BIG UPDATE! WITH BEES!
Yikes. Oprah, that's not very nice. No wonder her show ended. Anyway, it's National Honeybee Day!! Or, actually, it's coming up. I think it's August 14th.
Oh, August 15th! That's the day I shall be coming back and getting all the bees off of me! Hopefully. Hopefully there aren't loads of bees in the cabin I'm going to. That would bee unfortunate. Hyon, hyon, hyon! Such funny. Much hilarious.
Yeah, I really hope that doesn't happen. I actually do have that purple hoodie though! I will take it along. Anyway, there are bee facts all around Jamaa.

And you can adopt cute little bees! Be nice to them or  you will end up like this...
Yeah, I drew that back when I had just gotten stung by a bee and my foot hurt like a goat was gnawing on my foot, and also I was still 11 and had no idea how to draw things on the computer. I still don't, but I've gotten better! Anyway, the moral of this story is that bees can be nice to you and make you honey, or they can chase you out of a log cabin you happen to be staying in and murder your foot in twelve different ways. You're welcome! I hope you enjoyed this medium length post mainly about bees! Actually it was all about bees. This is the most bees post I have ever written. If you did like it though, throw it into the air and shout a comment into the air and attract the bees so they won't chase me anymore. And I will see you after my little vacation on August 15th!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pools, Tables and Secret Colors!

Hey Jammers! What's cooking? Pasta? I like pasta! It is very good. Do you like pasta? Well, you must, since you're cooking it. Wait. You're not cooking pasta! Well then who is? I am very confused. Anyway, it's Friday! And you know what that means!! It's not Friday! It's close to Friday though. No it isn't, it's Tuesday! WHAT IS THE DATE TODAY?! WHAT COLOR IS THE MOON?! HOW MANY FINGERS DO I HAVE ON MY FEET?! Don't answer that. Okay, the new item in Animal Jam is the Underwater Pool Table!
Fun! Although how are those balls staying on the table? They would just float to the surface! Maybe they're really heavy. Who's playing against who? That crab? It looks too small to play. I wonder if it's winning.
I don't think it's winning.

That crab is better than me though, I'm terrible at playing pool. Although I'm great for playing AT a pool! That reminds me, the words "underwater" and "pool" go together, but "table" does not. This is what I think of when I hear that:
Yeah! That looks like a fun pool table! I would sit on the table and dip my feet in the water. Or, if I was 3 years old again, I would push the table out and start playing in the kiddie pool. In other news, yesterday's RIM was the Rare Purple Cowboy Boots!
Ooo, they're pretty! Not very cowboy-y, though. That's not a word! Let that be a lesson to you kids, don't ever say "cowboy-y". What I mean is the boots are not cowboy colors. Cowboy colors are brown, light brown, dark brown, and more brown. Not purple, light green and red. I like these colors though!! Brown is kind of a boring color, and these are a lot more exciting! I didn't get to buy them, but a very nice Jammer named elizaboo1104 gave them to me.

Thank you so much elizaboo!! She was also featured in Sunday's Mailtime post. Thanks for sending me these gifts, that's very nice of you! The last new item of the past few days is the Peridot birthstone!!!
YAY!!! It's my birthstone! If you didn't know, my birthday is August 10th, and that's coming up really soon! I am leaving for a trip for my birthday, more about that on Thursday, when I will post for the last time in 9 days. Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm taking a little vacation from posting, but it couldn't be helped D: You'll see me again on August 15th! I wouldn't just quit this blog. I've worked really hard on posting every other day for over 2 years and you guys are such amazing people, it would be so hard to leave this for good. Anyway, have you been collecting the birthstones? I haven't really... I have the Garnet (January, my brother's birthday) the Pearl (June, my mom's birthday) the Peridot (August, my birthday!) Opal (October, my grandma's birthday) and the Turquoise (December, my dad's birthday). And I don't have the collecty thingy. Wow, somebody give this girl a medal! Great English skills, Neros! The Birthstone Display, that's what I meant to say! Jeez, give me a break, self! Okay I'm gonna stop talking to myself. Here comes the Enter button!

Sorry if my posts are hard to read because they are too random. I can agree with you on that one! Plese to be staying! Please don't leave me! D: Are you still there? Good! Now, I have noticed many secret colors, or colors that aren't on the palette when you change your animal's colors, and so I wanted to talk about them on here! The first is the classic hidden light blue color.
It is a very light (almost white) blue that isn't found on the color palette. My friend Izzy posted about this ages ago, back when she had atrocious spelling, and you can go see that here. How to get it it is as follows. You see that really light purple over on the very bottom right of the palette? Click the edge of that, and this blue will show up! It might take a couple tries. This is where to click:
I hope you can get that to work! The second secret color is in Best Dressed. It's in the exact same area, but it comes out as pink instead of blue.
It doesn't save your colors once you exit Best Dressed though, so unfortunately you can't go marching around Jamaa with this color like you can with the blue. It only exists in Best Dressed. Also, if you enter Best Dressed with the secret blue, it erases it when you come out. So don't do that if it was hard to get the secret blue! The next color is on a cheetah.
These colors cannot be found on the color palette either! Oh, and the yellow is a secret color too. I changed the colors accidentally, sorry about that. The AJ Insiders book hinted at this too.
(picture coming soon)
Oh, and raccoons have secret colors too! There's secret colors everywhere!
I wonder if any other animals have secret colors that are only for them. If you've found any, tell me in the comments below! Also, if you recently bought a raccoon or a cheetah, don't change its colors. They will be gone forever! Unless you don't want a secret color or you have enough gems to buy another animal. Anyway, that does it for today's post!! I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, leave a comment! I will try to respond if you do. See you later guys!

Pet Rules

Oh hey, you've made it to the bottom of the page. Well, now that you're here, it's now your responsibility to make sure the pets get fed. So:
1. Feed Pete 2 or 3 fish. DON'T FEED HIM MORE THAN THAT!! He'll fall over!
2. Over on the Fun Stuff page, feed the fishes about 15 pieces of food (5 clicks) Don't let the red one eat all the food! She's very greedy.
3. And finally, feed Rosie who is also on the Fun Stuff page. She needs about 2 apples and 1 piece of broccoli every day. She loves being brushed, so you should pet her with the brush too!

That's all! Now go feed them. THEY'RE HUNGRY. Oh, and by the way did I mention they need these daily?