Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pools, Tables and Secret Colors!

Hey Jammers! What's cooking? Pasta? I like pasta! It is very good. Do you like pasta? Well, you must, since you're cooking it. Wait. You're not cooking pasta! Well then who is? I am very confused. Anyway, it's Friday! And you know what that means!! Or...no. It's not Friday! It's close to Friday though. No it isn't, it's Tuesday! WHAT IS THE DATE TODAY?! WHAT COLOR IS THE MOON?! HOW MANY FINGERS DO I HAVE ON MY FEET?! Don't answer that. Okay, the new item in Animal Jam is the Underwater Pool Table!
Fun! Although how are those balls staying on the table? They would just float to the surface! Maybe they're really heavy. Who's playing against who? That crab? It looks too small to play. I wonder if it's winning.
I don't think it's winning.

That crab is better than me though, I'm terrible at playing pool. Although I'm great for playing AT a pool! That reminds me, the words "underwater" and "pool" go together, but "table" does not. This is what I think of when I hear that:
Yeah! That looks like a fun pool table! I would sit on the table and dip my feet in the water. Or, if I was 3 years old again, I would push the table out and start playing in the kiddie pool. In other news, yesterday's RIM was the Rare Purple Cowboy Boots!
Ooo, they're pretty! Not very cowboy-y, though. That's not a word! Let that be a lesson to you kids, don't ever say "cowboy-y". What I mean is the boots are not cowboy colors. Cowboy colors are brown, light brown, dark brown, and more brown. Not purple, light green and red. I like these colors though!! Brown is kind of a boring color, and these are a lot more exciting! I didn't get to buy them, but a very nice Jammer named elizaboo1104 gave them to me.

Thank you so much elizaboo!! She was also featured in Sunday's Mailtime post. Thanks for sending me these gifts, that's very nice of you! The last new item of the past few days is the Peridot birthstone!!!
YAY!!! It's my birthstone! If you didn't know, my birthday is August 10th, and that's coming up really soon! I am leaving for a trip for my birthday, more about that on Thursday, when I will post for the last time in 9 days. Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm taking a little vacation from posting, but it couldn't be helped D: You'll see me again on August 15th! I wouldn't just quit this blog. I've worked really hard on posting every other day for over 2 years and you guys are such amazing people, it would be so hard to leave this for good. Anyway, have you been collecting the birthstones? I haven't really... I have the Garnet (January, my brother's birthday) the Pearl (June, my mom's birthday) the Peridot (August, my birthday!) Opal (October, my grandma's birthday) and the Turquoise (December, my dad's birthday). And I don't have the collecty thingy. Wow, somebody give this girl a medal! Great English skills, Neros! The Birthstone Display, that's what I meant to say! Jeez, give me a break, self! Okay I'm gonna stop talking to myself. Here comes the Enter button!

Sorry if my posts are hard to read because they are too random. I can agree with you on that one! Plese to be staying! Please don't leave me! D: Are you still there? Good! Now, I have noticed many secret colors, or colors that aren't on the palette when you change your animal's colors, and so I wanted to talk about them on here! The first is the classic hidden light blue color.
It is a very light (almost white) blue that isn't found on the color palette. My friend Izzy posted about this ages ago, back when she had atrocious spelling, and you can go see that here. How to get it it is as follows. You see that really light purple over on the very bottom right of the palette? Click the edge of that, and this blue will show up! It might take a couple tries. This is where to click:
I hope you can get that to work! The second secret color is in Best Dressed. It's in the exact same area, but it comes out as pink instead of blue.
It doesn't save your colors once you exit Best Dressed though, so unfortunately you can't go marching around Jamaa with this color like you can with the blue. It only exists in Best Dressed. Also, if you enter Best Dressed with the secret blue, it erases it when you come out. So don't do that if it was hard to get the secret blue! The next color is on a cheetah.
These colors cannot be found on the color palette either! Oh, and the yellow is a secret color too. I changed the colors accidentally, sorry about that. The AJ Insiders book hinted at this too.
(picture coming soon)
Oh, and raccoons have secret colors too! There's secret colors everywhere!
I wonder if any other animals have secret colors that are only for them. If you've found any, tell me in the comments below! Also, if you recently bought a raccoon or a cheetah, don't change its colors. They will be gone forever! Unless you don't want a secret color or you have enough gems to buy another animal. Anyway, that does it for today's post!! I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, leave a comment! I will try to respond if you do. See you later guys!


  1. I think Animal Jam has way too many items involving cowboy boots or musketeer boots(which look identical). They really need more *creative* ideas for items. :3

  2. The secret colors are really nice too. I really like the light blue color. I typically use this in most outfits(unless the colors don't match). However, I never knew the other secret colors. Thank for teaching me something!


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