Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hey Jammers, Jamurfs and Jammerbias! How's ya going? Good, good! I am sick today. Hooray! It's not fun to be sick. Ugh. But I thought I'd write a post because I'm such a nice friend! Anyway, there are some new clothing items in Jam Mart Clothing that cam out when I was on my little vaycaytayoin! Cause that's how you English! Here they are.
Hmm, a very wide selection with these ones! We have some rain boots, a Charles Dickens hobo hat, and a peach colored scarf! Nice! The last 2 items look like something out of Oliver Twist. Which is why I mentioned Charles Dickens in the first place. CONNECTIONS! THEY'RE HAPPENING! Also, the boots are actually called "Galoshes" apparently! Galoshes?! What is this, 1945?! Let's see what Wikipedia says about it.
Boat shoes! What the heck? Dickersons? Where do people get these names?! XD But that's pretty cool! I didn't know that they went on top of your boots. I think the only time I've heard that word before was in this comic:
He is very confused that his boots are galoshing at him. I don't blame him! I would also be frightened and confused if my boots started galoshing at me! Wikipedia also says that they have evolved over the years, but in 1572 the word "galoshes" was actually applied to them. So I guess all of these items are Charles Dickens themed, or at least Victorian era themed. Cool! Okay, I have been terrible about talking about the Jamaa Journal. There was one 2 days ago and I still haven't finished talking about the last one! So here are the last 2 pages. Of the one from last week.
Yeeee! Snow leopards are coming back! (They left?) Hooray! (I didn't know they were gone...) Maybe they'll bring a new land or a new animal back with them. They did bring a new animated video! And that's pretty cool! Here it is.
It's not very funny though. Hrm. Maybe AJHQ is running out of ideas for these. OOH! I have one! An eagle falls off a cliff! And... um... well that's all I got. OOOHH!!!! I HAVE A GREAT ONE! How about an angry cursor/mouse who is angered very easily and has a scrolling race with other cursors!
YEAH! I think that's a GREAT idea!! But it doesn't really have anything to do with Animal Jam. But I still think they should consider it! It's a wonderful plan! Hokay, show's over people. Back to mopping the floors. The next page of the Jamaa Journal involves manipulative ads featuring adorable ferrets!
NOPE! I already give you 6 dollars a month, AJ! Do you know what that is a year? That is $72 a year! And I've had a membership for 3 and a half years! Do you know what THAT is? THAT IS $252 DOLLARS! Minus 2 months. I had some membership issues in February and November 2014. But still, that's 240 dollars I've given you! So no, I will not buy your ferret. If I wanted a ferret, I would buy one at a pet store. No I wouldn't. That would definitely not get along with my guinea pigs. And me and my family have no room in our house for a ferret. Plus ferrets are stinky, so no no no! No ferrets! Alright, now should I continue on to the current issue of the Jamaa Journal? Or only parts of it? I think I'll do a selection of it. Since I also covered 2 pages of the other Jamaa Journal in this post. Okay? Okay. FINERDOODLES! Here we go with Page 1!
Ooo! New adventure! So the Battle for the Beacon did leave. Huh. This one has replaced it on the Parties list, along with a new party for back to school!
Nice! The summer really is over I guess. *sigh* Tomorow is my last day of summer, and then I go back to school too. Noo summer don't leave me ;_; So I will be posting more infrequently, about once a week. Probably only on Fridays. Or whatever. I'm pretty excited for school this year! I'm going into 8th grade, and all my teachers are new at my school, ugh... Except the French teacher, she's been there a long time. Aaaanyway, I haven't played this adventure yet. but I've heard it's about panning for silver and gold and gems and things. And you can build crap out of shizwilkers! It sounds tedious! And fun! The Back to School Party is pretty awesome, too. You start off in a driveway with a basketball hoop, which is where some people hang out after school I guess? (not me, I am not a sports person XP)
There's also a cute little classroom with a sink and paints and an apple rug and pi on the wall and all sorts of funnely goodness!
And one for older kids:
They're both very cute classrooms, for young and old kids alike. But between classes, you can go play on the slide at recess!!
I really like this party, although I don't like the music. It's this weird music of whistle, funky techno beat, school bell, rock, and strange, random synthesizers. It's like they went into Audacity, took twelve different instruments and mashed them all together. You should go to this party, and listen to the music it's really strange... but they are selling some merch to make your school complete!
Some of those are different versions of other items. Like the Whiteboard is just a different color of the Chalkboard, the Hanging Jamaa Flag is just a Jamaa Flag but..hanging. And also, that teacher's desk was already released in 2013. The desk, lockers, and school bell are new though. Okay, that about wraps up this post! I hope you enjoyed it! The AJP Email List for August comes out tomorrow, so if you want to join, enter your email and AJ username in the box on the right before 5:00 PM tomorrow, and you'll get that issue right in your inbox to read and enjoy! But for now, I will see you next time. Bai guys!

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