Monday, September 7, 2015


Hey Jammers! Happy Labor Day! Go do some hard labor. NOW! Like dragging a car with your forehead, or sweeping the floor with your teeth. Although that's kind of pointless labor...
Yikes. Well anyway, as you probably guessed from the title of this post, I have some serious catching up to do! There are 2 issues of the Jamaa Journal that I have not talked about, plus today's RIM, and a special announcement at the end! So let's begin. In the August 20th issue, I forgot to mention this cute little lynx video! It's called "The Missing Lynx". It's not in the Jamaa Journal anymore, but you can watch it on youtube:
Ha! This one is longer than usual. I love all these animated videos Animal Jam makes, they're so creative and funny! XD I actually have a blog that lists all of the animated videos because why not! You can visit it here. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the Jamaa Journal. So, they have a new and improved achievement system that can tell you how far you are in earning every achievement. It also shows you the achievements in different minigames, such as Best Dressed or Disc Toss. It's right here, under your name:
The Jammer Wall has replaced it on the regular screen.
It's really cool, I like this version! I learned that I have apparently never played Best Guess (what?!) and that I suck at Disc Toss. Thanks for that, Animal Jam! I also learned that I am REALLY close to earning every achievement in Underwater Best Dressed.

I only need to win 2 more rounds! Although that's easier said than done. People in that game are weird when it comes to that game, I could be the only one there who fits the description of the level, and they still wouldn't vote for me! Here's an example.
The person that won the round is circled in red. They said "Dress up the cutest", not "dress up like a serial killer"! Jeez, what cute things have you been around, where they put on a hockey mask, a pirate cape, and a hook for a hand?! And yet this person won! You see what I'm saying? So it will be near impossible to win 2 more rounds unless I just do the complete opposite of what it says I guess. Because these people are COMPLETELY INSANE! Sorry. I'm done ranting now. Okay, now onto the last page of this issue! What secrets lie on the next page?
Ooh, it's another page about bees! BEESBSEEESBEESBEESGAHHHH There's also a new Wild Explorers video! They have a lot of those. It's about a girl named Cami talking to a camera about Animal Jam! And here is her frog.
HA! Jokes. For days. I don't know if it's the same Cami, but that frog is called the Cami's Frog and that's why I made that joke. That would be pretty cool if it was the same Cami who had cancer. Do you want to know the full story? No? Well, I'm gonna tell it to ya anyway. So, there was a man named Pat who worked for Smart Bomb (the group that created Animal Jam) in 2010. He has a daughter named Cami who has leukimia and had a special frog that she loves, (everyone has that special stuffed animal!) so Pat created the Cami's Frog in Animal Jam for her! If you want to read more about her you can read her blog, Kisses For Cami. Anyway, pet honeybees have left which is sad because they weren't here for very long :( I hope you were able to adopt one before they left! Well that's it for that Jamaa Journal, the next one is super long, 8 whole pages! I will show the 5th one on here, and the rest you can go find yourself! Here it is.
Nice, a new Conservation Museum exhibit! There you can watch the Missing Lynx video I showed you earlier, as well as all sorts of goodies.
Right after I took that screenshot, something wonky happened. I clicked on one of those lynx posters and suddenly it turned on French Animal Jam! I have no idea how it happened!
I was like "What the heck is a Fauve?!" and then I realized it's all in French. That's really strange! It's on the chat bar too, and when I clicked on the French flag it gave me a message!
Very strange. I clicked "Non", by the way. I want to play around with this a bit more... ooh! Let's go into Jamaa!
Oh. No one's there. I'm also apparently "Duchesse Corne-snob"! Don't call me a corn snob Animal Jam! Actually, no one is...anywhere. I guess no French people want to play AJ right now. It's kind of funny, my whole Parties list is in French too!
COME ONE, COME ALL TO THE CARNIVAL D'ETE! Where pies fall from the sky and children fall on their backs! You'll have a grand ol' time! I think my favorite French item has to be this though.
I actually take French in school so I know what that means. It's fun to say, too, chapeau de chat! Well that's all for French Animal Jam for now (still don't know how that happened) and onto the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Here it is: I have a webcomic! It's called Running With Scissors and it updates every Monday (which is today!) Here is today's comic.
If you think it's interesting or funny, you should check is out! Click here for the link to go to it! I'm really excited about it so constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!! Okay, that's all for today Jammers. I hope you enjoyed this post! See you next time and have a wonderful day!

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  1. Cool post. That comic thing looks cool too. owo. I think they're the same Cami. XD


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