Thursday, September 3, 2015

Predicting the Jamaa Journal Part 2

Hey Jammers! So, yesterday I finished talking about the last issue of the Jamaa Journal, and now there's already a new one! WHEN WILL I CATCH UP?! But this time, it's a bit different. I have not signed into Animal Jam yet and I'm gonna predict what is in today's Jamaa Journal! I was going to do this yesterday, but I had to do my homework. SCHOOL! WHY DO YOU MAKE ME WAIT ON MY PREDICTIONS! COME ON! So anyway, let's get started. I think that since AJ has released new sets of items every 2 months or so, they might release one now! OH! I didn't even realize it, remember this contest?
I think the results will be in and that will be the new den item set! I think I might be right on that one. I voted for Movie Theater by the way. Okay, next prediction! Since AJ has been really hyped up about lynxes coming to Jamaa, I think they will be released with this week's update. Last update they made a whole page in the JJ about them (including an animated video) and they're scheduled on the calendar too.
I didn't make that "Lies" part. It's my friend's screenshot and I don't want to take my own because I don't want to log into AJ and ruin the surprise. I'm not done with my predictions!
So yeah, I think that those adorable pink lynxes will be roaming free around Jamaa when I log in. Okay! Next prediction! I predict that there will be new/updated prizes in Graham's Workshop because that seems to be a really popular adventure (it's the background of the calendar for crying out loud!) and they usually update the prizes and shops in adventures 2-3 weeks after they come out. For example, these items in Bitter Sweets were released 2 weeks after the original adventure came out:
1 more prediction. I know that it's September, and Animal Jam always celebrates its birthday in September!! The beta ended on September 10th, 2010 and I started the day after that. September 11th, I know, it's sad :( But I was only 8 and I didn't know about the 9/11 attacks yet. You want proof? Here's some proof for ya!
Whoops. My proof doesn't seem to be working. Well, it was working a few days ago, in the Code section it said "Welcome to Animal Jam!" and in the Redeemed At section it said "9/11/10". I wonder why it's broken today. Well anyway, now that I've got my predictions out of the way, let's go see if I was right!
WOOHOO!! Lynxes are here!! And that means that I was right! 1 out of 4 so far, not too bad! Look at these adorable things, don't you just want to pick them up and squeeze them? I do! Let's see if we can find any in Jamaa.

Ooh! Ooh! I found 3 in Jamaa Township!! They are all brown. Is that a coincidence or is their base color just brown? I thought it was pink. I'll check the Diamond Shop.
Yep, they are pink. Huh, I guess all 3 of those lynxes just decided to be brown. Okay, now onto the second page of the new Jamaa Journal. Drum roll please!
All right! I was right again :D 2 out of 4, 50% now. We're getting there! I can't believe Animal Jam is 5 years old, the years have gone by in a blur. I see they've kept their code format of "AJBDAYhowoldajisnow" and OH MY GOD IT'S A GIANT MIRA CAKE.
Oh my goodness, it's majestic. They really did do something special for their 5th birthday! I thought it was going to be a repeat of last year's, because it starts out as a phantom cake:
And then it gets SO MUCH BETTER! Sorry I can't give you a tour of the AJ Birthday Party, the newest one is in an hour and a half. I will tell you next time I post! Which will probably be Monday! Since that's Labor Day and I don't have school! I expect it's the same as the previous AJ Birthday Parties, a giant cake with Bronze Alpha Statues carved into the sides. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th parties were like that but I'm not sure about the 1st. Well anyway, onto the next page!
YEAH! I'm on a roll here, 3 in a row! So now we have 3 out of 4. That's 75% which is a C- on the grading scale... yikes. D: I hope I get the last one right. Well anyway, the results are in from that den item contest, and the Movie Theater did not win sadly. But in its place are these cool new glitchy items! They're not actually glitches, though. Real glitches are like these den vortexes:
Both of them are still really cool! Here are all the glitchy items in Jam Mart Furniture. They seem to have a blue/purple theme...
They're pretty interesting though! I'm gonna buy that glitched-out palm tree because it's spiraling upwards in pixels, and that's just too awesome to not buy. But for glitches, they're pretty expensive. 400-750 gems is a lot... Oh! I spot a TV! As with every Animal Jam TV, we have to see what channels it offers.

Oh. Just glitchy channels. I was hoping for something exciting, like watching paint dry. Alright, now this one's for the game! Will I get 4 in a row and all of my predictions correct? Another drum roll please! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! IT'S ALL I NEED IN LIFE- I'm gonna stop cause that was getting annoying. Here's the next page...
Oh. It's just another ad for Play Wild. THAT'CH BORING! GIVE USH SHUMFING GOOD AJ! We don't want your ads :'( Well, I didn't get all 4 of my predictions right. But I did get 3 out of 4 right, and that's good enough! Good night and thanks for playing, GUESS THAT NEWSPAPER!

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