Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Predicting Tomorrow's Jamaa Journal!!

Hey J-J-J-Jumi Box Qs! How's it shakin'? Shakin' down like a clown, all the way to frown town? All right! BOOGIE DOWN EVERYONE!
I am in a dancing mood today. How about you? In other news, Halloween is coming up! WOOHOO! I wish it was a dancing holiday. Wouldn't it be fun if you did a dance at every house to earn your candy? I do! It's now September which means that Halloween is getting close... you should think about my dancing idea! What are you guys gonna be? I'm gonna be this dude!
Yeah, Gerard Way! Or rather his Danger Days alter-ego, Party Poison. I'm really excited! WOOO! I have to stop that. I just started this post and I have screamed 3 times. Well, I'm a loud person so that's expected... Okay! Should we actually start talking about Animal Jam now? After all, this is an Animal Jam blog. Or, at least, an excuse for one. It's really me just being loud and random. But I think we should talk about Animal Jam, so that's what we're gonna do! ALRIGHT! On to wherever page in the Jamaa Journal we left off at!

That's gonna take more planning than I thought. Okay, so last Thursday was August 27th, but did an issue of the JJ come out then? Hmm. I don't know. Today is Wednesday, so a new one could either come out tomorrow or next week. Time to check my good ol' AJP folder on my computer!
Ah, it came out on August 20th. Not August 27th. So now we know when it came out, but we don't know how far I got! ARRGH! Alright, I'll find the post from August 20th.
Oh. It was from August 22nd. WHATEVER!
Anyway, this is where we left off so I will start with page 2. Which is a message saying that the Play Wild app is here! WOOP WOOP! Although all of you most likely know that since this is 2 weeks old.
Also, if you download the above image, you will notice that is says "Screenshot from August 20th"! (When this Jamaa Journal came out) See, I'm up to date on my screenshots even though I'm not really up to date with my posting. So yeah! An actual, physical, well not physical. It's an app, not an object. But it's an actual Animal Jam app! I'm really happy, how about you?! HUH?! HUH?!?! WHACHA SAY, KID?! YOU EXCITED? I am. I think it's really darn cool that they basically redesigned the environment so it would be more 3D looking, instead of just putting the computer version of Animal Jam onto an app. Like these things in the trailer:

They're completely different from regular old Animal Jam! Too bad it's not on a Kindle Fire yet, cause I don't have an iPad. But I'm sure it will go there eventually, they're workin' hard on different versions of the app. OHHH WORKIN' ON THE OCEAN, WORKIN' ON THE SEA! FIXIN' UP THE RIVEEEEERRRR WORkin on A BOOT! Whoops! Just went into singing mode there. Well anyway, let's turn the page and see what secrets lie there?
Hmm, snow leopards are gone. For now, at least. I hope they come back because snow leopa- oh. I just now realized it said they're coming BACK! I is da stupe! Wow. Well I have to eat dinner but I want to get this part of the post out for you Jammers today, so I can finish it in time for the update tomorrow. I promise it will get juicy and we will predict tomorrow Jamaa Journal, like the title of this! And then we will see if we were right. Bye for now!


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