Sunday, September 27, 2015

Unicycle Frogs and Memes Galore

WOOOHOO!! I'm super happy right now because the computer that I use for posting and everything else (ever since January 2013) died randomly last Sunday, and I thought I was going to have to quit AJP :( But my dad got it BACK so posting is back on! YEAH!
So that's the story of my computer! Alright, now onto Animal Jam. And I have a special announcement at the end, so stick around for that! Okay, the first new change in AJ is... it's fall in Jamaa!

Ooh, that makes me jealous and sad. Where I live, so far we are having a sucky fall. The leaves haven't changed, it's still 75° out, it's super sunny and hot...ugh. It's just terrible.I don't live in California where it's hot all the time, I live in the Northern US so it should be fall now, it's September 26th for crying out loud. I hope we get some more fall weather. But enough about me! Onto Sally the Frog's Great Adventure!
I think I should just rename this blog to Sally the Frog's Great Adventure, and from now on, it will just be strange animations of frogs riding unicycles. Would you like that? Yes? Well here's another one for ya!
Ugh, that one is pretty creepy. Unfortunately, I don't think I will convert this blog into just unicycle frogs, sorry :( I know it crcrushesushes your dreams so, but it must stay an Animal Jam blog. *mm whatcha say plays in the background* ALRIGHT! This has gotten to be a very weird and random post. Nothing new there! Well, I want to introduce you to some new Halloween things I have made! But also, I've been getting a lot of Jam-a-Grams lately, and we all know what that means!! Welcome back to...
Yeah, that's the first Halloween thing I've made!! I know it's only September 26th, but I've been waiting 5 months to use it. (Yes, I made it in April. I don't know why.) I will do another one of these Mailtime segments ON Halloween, and those Jam-a-Grams will be Halloween themed! Hopefully. But these are just regular ones. Okay I' babbling on and on like an idiot, so let's just start! FIRST JAM-A-GRAM! This person is very, very bad at explaining things. They sent me this...
Okay, anniversary of what?
Of what? What are you celebrating?!
O-kay, I'm gonna delete your messages now! I get that it's your 1 year anniversary, you told me 4 times, but for WHAT?! Of being born? Because by the way you talk, that seems like a plausible option! Or maybe it's the one year anniversary of GETTING A BRICK IN YOUR SKULL! Sorry. Dumb people make me mad sometimes. OKAY NEXT JAM-A-GRAM ON THE JAMAGRAM TRAIN CHOO CHOO!
I need to calm down. Anyway, this one is from numnum13! Aww, thank you! I like my den too. It's very cozy.
Speaking of dens, it's almost October! And that means a new den on my Epic Den of the Month page! WOOP WOOP! Check back on October 1st to see that den. Well, onto the next Jam-a-Gram!
AGGGHHHHH ATTACK OF THE BUDDY REQUESTS! I'm really sorry, but my buddy list is full! I wish I could accept all of you, but because of Animal Jam's buddy limit, I can't. I'm super sorry. But also, how the heck can you send buddy requests? I've had them off for quite a while.
How do all of you do that? BLASPHEMY! I think this next one is a glitch, but it's still nice...
It is from some crazy random letters and numbers, but I will try to type them anyway. fgghh11834? I think that's it. Anyway, question: why on earth would the Jamaalidays Jam-a-Gram show up now?? That makes no sense! If you can't even use the Halloween JamaGrams, then why can you use the Christ mas ones? Must be a glitch. But thank you so much, that's very very nice of you! It warms my heart when people say things like that to me. Too sappy? Yeah, probably, but it's true! Thank you guys so much for that!

Well, I think that was a successful Mailtime. It started off kinda weird, but in the end it was fine! Look forward to the Halloween Mailtime episode I will publish on Halloween! Oooh, sp00ky! sPEAKING OF SP00KY, I NEED TO TURN CAPS LOCK OFF, DON'T i? There we go. Speaking of sp00ky, there are some great items in Jam Mart Furniture!
Yeah, Animal Jam is really rockin' the spooky theme with Spooky Balloons, a Ghost Window, and some Halloween lights! WOOP WOOP HALLOWEEN PARTY TIME IN THE HOUSE, YEAH! Sorry. I am hyper because I had a donut for dessert! It was great! WOOO! Anyway. I will finish off this post with a new segment I like to call...
Yep, that is Rainbow Dash with a trollface. Because why not. Well anyway, it's a series I've wanted to do for a long time, I wanted to start it back in March but I forgot. So here it is now, 8 months later! Here is today's Meme o' ta Day:
Well isn't that just a lol and a half! Imagine setting this up, you're just painstakingly hot-gluing trolls to a train. Wow, that would be fun! And weird! But it's all for the sake of the internet. Goodbye now, and I will see you in another meme. I mean post. But that post will also have a meme in it because it's Meme of the Day. But it won't be the same meme as this. It will be a different on-You know, I'm gonna stop talking now goodbye!


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1. Please don't swear, this is an Animal Jam blog and if you want to be vulgar go do that somewhere else.
2. Don't bully. It's rude and mean. Your comment will be deleted if I see it or someone reports it to me.
3. Have fun while commenting!! Feel free to ask me anything about AJ and I will try to respond.

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