Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Whatever Happened to River Race?

UPDATE- 4/3/2017

YO YO YO JAMMERS! Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was Monday, and we all know what that means! DUBSTEP ELEPHANT PARTY MONDAY Nah, Rare Item Monday! And, as usual, I decided to hunt for it myself before consulting the other Animal Jam blogs. It wasn't in the clothing store, it wasn't in the den store... hmm. I'll check underwater!
Nope. Not there either. This is a tough one. I'm not giving up though! I will find this item! Ooh, how about Epic Wonders?
Not there either! GOSH DARN IT WHERE ARE YOU RIM?!! Maybe... Treetop Gardens? I'm getting desperate here!
It's not there, but there are these pretty flowers! I like the purple ones, they are very nice. But about the RIM, it was in the Medical Center a few weeks ago... maybe there? No. Outback Imports? Also a no. You know what, screw it, I'm just gonna check the blogs.
This post belongs to BonsaiiSpirits at AJS
It's in the Conservation Museum. Gosh darn it, I tried. That was where my Animal Jam suddenly turned French last week, so I wonder what will happen this time!
Well thanks Animal Jam I didn't feel like sleeping tonight anyway! Not with that bloodred Satan hat staring at me. WHO ON EARTH WOULD BUY THIS?! Me, that's who.
I'm demon Mickey Mou-se! Nya nya nya nya nya! Ugh, that thing will fuel my nightmares. Did you know that I had a nightmare last night of a flesh-eating lizard woman who was breaking into my house? I must have a lovely brain! But anyway, you are probably wondering about the title of this post, and that is the question I want to answer. What happened to River Race?
Everyone knows River Race hasn't been by its little fishing spot in Jamaa Township for several years now. 
But it isn't gone forever.
Let me explain that last part. See, if an item or minigame was completely removed from Animal Jam, there would be no traces of it left. Take Skullies for example. They were available in 2010 for only 10 gems, and lots of people bought them. But then Animal Jam decided they looked inappropriate on pandas or something and deleted them from everybody's accounts. But that's not the case with River Race, people still have it in their dens and it's even in the new achievement system.
Since it's not in the Sol Arcade or the arcade shop, the people who bought River Race before it was removed are now rare/famous Jammers just like the ones who bought the "glitched ring" before it was removed.
There are so many videos after this too! It's crazy! But will those people lose their worth if Animal Jam decides to bring the game BACK? What would happen then? They'd probably get over it, it's not the rarest of items. And because it's in the achievements list, AJ probably is going to bring it back. In case you didn't know, it's a game where you race against your friends on cute little boats! One of the places you can play it is in Nemachu's den, all credit to her video. The game and loading screen look like this:
See, it's so cute! As I said before, you race against your friends on colored boats like it shows on the game box thingy, and there are boosts and obstacles to make it more interesting! It also has really relaxing music. For some reason you can also play alone (?) which doesn't really make any sense to me, but that's fine I guess! Here's some screenshots of the gameplay.

Try it out for yourself! And who knows? Maybe it will come back! This concludes today's episode of Sideways Science. Now for a rant! Sorry, it's a bit random and unprofessional, but I want to get this off my chest: WHY ARE HORNED LEG PADS AT THE TRADING PARTY 25 GEMS AND CUTE LITTLE PLUSHIES ARE ONLY 5?!! Look! Proof!

The Claw Machine is frickin' 25 gems a pop and look what I got!
Oh great. Some dimpy Horned Leg Pads to add to my collection. Because I only have about 7 other ones! I only have 3 left, but I've recycled a LOT. And when I say a lot, I mean if I hadn't recycled them I could start my own MUSEUM.
I am gonna have so much leg protection. Or I could spend only 5 gems and get this adorable plushie!!
He's so cute!! I'm gonna name him Richard. You can go in my den, Richard! Well, that about does it for this post! There's one last thing I want to talk about. Therrsmnwitmsbtmntgnnashwmtya. What? You didn't understand that? COME ON PEOPLE! GET SOME EARS! No, I'm joking, I said "There's some new items but I'm not going to show them to you." But THAT is a lie! Because I am indeed going to show you my favorite new items! Not all of them though, because that would take too long, there's so many. The first comes from Jam Mart Clothing, and it's actually returning. It's the Steampunk Monocle!
Remember how I was talking about how there are way too many steampunk items? There's the steampunk armor, steampunk helmet, underwater steampunk items and I forgot about this! There are too many steampunk items Animal Jam, you are obsessed. It's still a funky item though, I like it! The next and last 2 are from Epic Wonders.
I really like these, they're the Epic Train Set and Fancy Toy Robot! The train set goes around and the robot walks on its treadmill. They're really cute but expensive...
Christmas presents in style, baby! YEAH! Well, that's it for today's post, I hope you enjoyed it! Leave a comment if you did, and I will see you all next time. Have a great day!


  1. Yes I did enjoy that post thx for asking

  2. I have River Race. I just got it yesterday (10-25-2017).


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