Monday, October 5, 2015

400 Den Items for Everyone- A Step By Step Guide (with pictures)

Not a member? Not a problem! Part 1- Click here!
Not a member? Not a problem! Part 2-  Click here!

Hidey-hoo, Jammeroos! How's ya bidin'? Is ya bidin' good? Good. Good good. Welcome back to a little series I started in May of 2014 to teach all you nonmembers out there some sneaky tricks. And if you are a member, you can just play along at home and marvel at my amazing tricks! And then I will do another Ask:Reply. So now that you know the agenda, let's get started! For my props I will need my younger brother's AJ account, ilovesoren. Here he is in his den. He has a pretty swag seal.
He's obviously a nonmember, right? But if you zoom out a bit...
WOAH! 400 ITEMS?! WHAAAT?! Yes that's right folks, my brother, a nonmember, has apparently cheated the system and has 400 items. Other nonmembers only have 200 items! This is my storage account, also a nonmember, in its den:
See? Now why the holy jimalooshi would every other nonmember have 200 items, but my brother has 400 items? That's just not fair! well, young child (?), I have the answer for you. This is the easiest one so far. STEP ONE!

1. Get a membership. The least you can pay is $6.00, but it's only for one month. You don't have to keep renewing  it like normal members do. (also, if you can't afford it, enter my contest over on Animal Jam Potato Contests :)
2. Use it up, baby! Get a bunch of member animals and member dens and stuff! The most important though is getting over 200 items in your den. It doesn't matter if it's 201 or 400, or anything in between, but just get more than 200 items before that month runs out.
3. Cancel that membership before you gotta pay another 7 dollars! You gotta SAVE DAT MONEY! TO GO BUY A JET! I don't think you can buy a jet for 7 dollars, but who knows?
4. GO CHECK YOUR DEN ITEMS! You will be amazed. Since you bought over 200 items, Animal Jam doesn't know which ones to delete so you only have 200! And boom, you will have a higher den item list than everybody else. Yaaay! Alright, let's go see the RIM.
Oh, it's some Rare Mammoth Tusks! Like the mammoth tusks that were found in Michigan over the weekend!
I think that's so fascinating. Creatures from 11,000 years ago are being discovered now, in 2015! That is so crazy. It looks like it was a pretty swagalicious mammoth, too. It could just spear some watermelons in one fell swoop. You rock, mammoth! Oooh, I wonder if it was Manny the mammoth from Ice Age! He probably wouldn't spear saber-toothed tigers because he's friends with one. That wouldn't be very nice! He would spear watermelons though. They are deeelish! I wonder if that mammoth had orange tusks like the RIM does? Maybe it did! We will never know... 8) All right, now onto a mini Ask:Reply. Only 3 questions this time. Here we go!
Here's the first one, which was left on my Ask Neros page:
Nope! I'm not doing authors, and I probably will never do authors. I like having this blog all to myself and if I let other people post for me I think the power of my posts would be gone. Also I don't feel comfortable with sharing my full name with someone on the Internet. I post using 2 emails, my school email and my regular old email. My school one is called neros1234, and my regular is called Neros Animaljam. My school email not only tells you my full name (first middle and last) but it also tells you what city I live in. Yeah. So those are my reasons for not doing authors! Next comment.
So, I think I've told you guys this, but I'll tell it anyway. I was reading the September 2010 issue of National Geographic Kids, and I saw a two-page ad for a new game called Animal Jam! It was a Saturday, so I asked my mom if I could go down to the basement to go on the computer (I was 8, so this was a very special occasion.) I made an account that I still have, and I'm not going to reveal the name because I put my first and last name as the username. (great going 8-year old Neros) I was put into Coral Canyons, and a manual thingy popped up telling me to go to my den. Now, I thought it was an exploring game, so I walked into a secret part of Coral Canyons that isn't there anymore (how sad) and claimed it as mine. When other people wandered in, I was very surprised and typed angry things at them. I was a very good guard I guess. Well, this angry text got me suspended for 3 days so I signed out and didn't return for a long time. But then, in March 2012, my friends were like "ah mah gawd look at Anamal Jam" and I was like "hey I know that game" and so I created a new account! neros12345! And then I forgot the password! So then I created another account, ssoorreep! And I forgot the password to that too! Then I created 2 more accounts and forgot those passwords! (I was terrible at remembering.) So then I created neros1234 and I've been here ever since.
The short answer is this. Unnamed storage account: Since September 11, 2010.
neros1234: Since March 4th, 2012.

So how did you join? Next comment!
This was on "FRENCH IN ANIMAL JAM?!" where I talked about the 2 Camis in Animal Jam. Thank you for saying that about my comic, Running With Scissors! (By the way it's Monday so there's a new comic strip OuO) I think they're the same Cami too... o.O

Okay, that's it for this edition of Ask:Reply! Thank you guys for commenting on here. Now, as usual, we will end this post with a meme. Here it is.
Yep, you can't call "Long yellow things" bananas, I mean, what kind of society are you living in? Come on people! I think we should form a union to fire the person who labeled that. I think we can all agree on that. But that's all for this post! Hopefully you liked it! If you want to see more of this "Not a member? not a problem!" stuff, tell me in the comments! Have a great day, I will see you in the next post!
P.S. My comic Running With Scissors updated today! And it's a colored comic strip! You should go check it out! You don't have to of course, I can't make you do anything. But you should! Also, if you visit it and you like it, you can see all the comics in the "archive" section. Here is the link: clicky clicky clicky :D

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