Saturday, October 17, 2015

More AJ Items In Real Life and a Peculiar Glitch

Hey Jammertia! (That's like inertia, but not.) You don't understand? BUT SCIENCE! IT MUST BE TAUGHT! I haven't the slightest idea what inertia is myself, so I'll let Google do the teaching!
Yeah, there we go! There's some great diagrams if you enlarge that image by about 350%! Now you know all there is to know about inertia. Lol! (If you really want to know what inertia is, it's when an object at rest suddenly goes into motion. Example: kicking a soccer ball. Before you kicked it, it was full of potential energy and when you kicked it, inertia happened and the potential energy was replaced by kinetic energy.) There you go kids! This has been another episode of
Didn't think you'd be learnin' about inertia on this blog today, didja? No, you didn't! I can control your mind! I'm the queen of the world! BOW DOWN TO ME MY MINIONS!
Nope nope nope not those minions FORGET I SAID ANYTHING back to the post alright!! WELL! It's still October and there are far too many Halloween items for me to count, but I will show you my favorite.
It's so cute!! It's a little Ghost Balloon! I love it so much <3 Unfortunately it counteracts with my Animal Jam Halloween costume. I'm going as a demon panda hula dancer.
If I put on the adorable Ghost Balloon, I will have to take off my hula skirt! This disappoints me greatly. Cause that balloon is mah best frand! I love it so! WHY IS OUR LOVE FORBIDDEN?! AUGH! Find out what happens next on the next exciting episode of Ghost Balloon and Juliet: The Forbidden Love. Now back to the weather! How's it lookin' there, Jim?
-Yeah, well it looks like it's haling and raining and pouring and the old man is snoring, and a 70% chance of rainin' bananas later this afternoon.
-Yeah, bananas. Back to you, Jill.

O-kay, well, I think that was another great news story here at AJP News. Don't you agree, Jim?
-Ah, yeah. What?
Yeah, of course! Now onto a really weird glitch I've found twice!
Can someone explain to me what's going on here? Because I'm pretty sure you can't choose "Lagtasticc0w" as your animal name. (If you don't understand, see that white polar bear in the bottom right? Now look at their nametag. Yeah.) This is very strange and I've been seeing it all over.

Is this a glitch? Is it a new feature AJ has added with the Thursday update? Is it only on my AJ account or computer? SO MANY QUESTIONS! SO LITTLE TIME! I actually do have a time limit for this post because i'M GOING TO AN OWL CITY CONCERT tONIGHT aGGgHHH I can't wait!! It is gonna be AWESOME! AHHHHHHH!!!! I'm wearing a really pretty skirt for it. I will post pictures on my Instagram (@neros123456) so if you want to, you can check those out! Also, check THIS out!
IT'S A FRICKIN' BREAD HAT! HOLY COWS ON A BICYCLE! I think this calls for another Animal Jam Item In Real Life!
It's the bread lady! I think she's so much happier because of her bread crown. It's amazing. My photoshop skills are through the roof. Screw the ghost balloon, THIS is my favorite item! Actually, don't screw the ghost balloon. It's still adorable :3 Okay, now I know it's not Friday, but yesterday was, and we haven't had this in forever. You know what time it is!

1. :{O Suprised butler
2. >:{( Angry bulter
3. :<{D Butler with a crazy nose
4. 1_1 Some kid
5. OoOOoO o_o OoO Some kid lost in a mall

There you go! Enjoy those emoticons! Paste them onto 4chan! NO DON'T DO THAT! 4CHAN IS TERRIBLE! Don't give them access to my completely unique emoticons that I came up with on the spot. Well, that does it for this post! Sorry it was a bit lame. I know there was an update last Thursday! Calm your patooties! I'll get to it in the next post. I promise. This one was just kind of a fun post, where I talked about random new AJ items and a glitch, discussed the weather with Jim, and even edited Bread Lady! So all in all, I think it was a successful post. See ya next time!


  1. The news story is so swag I love it! :'D

    Ooh, Owl City! Have funnn

    Haha, click on Settings on AJ. There's this new feature that allows you to switch from Animal Name to Username. :3

  2. Hey Neros the adventure base camp tutorial portal is gone


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