Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pugs and Spiders and Memes, oh my!

Hey Jammers and welcome to another one of those post things! You know, those wordy-like stuffs you read? And hopefully laugh at? Yeah, those things! Now, Animal Jam has gone absolutely bat-crap CRAZY with Halloween items! I'm not going to show you them all because that would take 7 months, but let me just tell you that there are 66 Halloween items. Yeah, you read right, SIXTY-SIX items. I TOLD you! Most of them are in Jam Mart Clothing/Furniture, but there are some in the underwater stores, Epic Wonders, and the Shiveer Shoppe. Plus there are 2 Halloween parties with 12 items each!
66+12+12= 90 ITEMS HOLY COW
See what I'm saying? SPOOKY OVERLOAD! Well, in my last post I promised I would go over the latest Jamaa Journal, and I will hold to that promise. So here we go with the first page of Spooky Journal #2!
Yaay, pet tarantulas! I love these little critters on Animal Jam. Although they kinda creep me out in real life. I'm fine with little spiders, but the big hairy ones are a little scary. My friend Molly is TERRIFIED of any kind of spider, though. Anyway, I'm rambling. I wonder if pet bats are here yet? I haven't been keeping up with the pets because I ran out of space years ago :( I wish Animal Jam didn't have a size limit for everything: items, animals, pets, buddies... SO MANY SIZE LIMITS! Annoying. Well, do you want to see my tarantula? No? Well, I'll show 'im to ya anyway!
Iiiiiiit's Superspider! Here to save the day! Yeah! :) I like my yellow and purple tarantula. Anyway,on to the next page.
Well I sure missed that! But I don't care, I don't like spike collars anyway. Do you know what ACTUAL spike collars are? They're supposed to be scary!
Terrifying, right? Well, these are the actual dogs that wear them.
Adorable, right? Well then how did those cute dogs get the stereotype that they're scary? That's not right! Why would you support that stereotype by wearing a spike collar on Animal Jam? Eh, whatever. It's just pixels. But still. OKAYNEXTPAGE!
Ooh, more spookatronia things! I wish they would update those bat facts. I've read 'em all. And the Haunted Forest Party is back! Yeah! Now we have 2 Halloween parties! Also, they updated the Spooky Party. It used to be in the Haunted Mansion, now it's in the Haunted Manor which is new and improved! Awesome! SPOOOOOOOOOKY!!!!
Wo-oah! New animal in the house! Oh also, Animal Jam FINALLY added The Missing Lynx to their YouTube channel. The lynxes came out in the end of August, and it's now the middle of October. Took ya long enough!
And you know what's weird? They still haven't uploaded the snow leopard video to their YouTube channel, and snow leopards came out before lynxes! They have all sorts of problems uploading videos. I wonder what the new animal will be? Apparently there's a clue in Mount Shiveer.
What the heck are those? Fish? IS ANIMAL JAM ADDING FISH?! WHAT?! Oh, I see it now. It looks like an arctic fox! I know what those look like because I did a project on arctic foxes in 1st or 2nd grade. I can't remember. Cool, arctic foxes are coming to Jamaa! Alright, next and last page.
What? Polar bears are in gift cards now? They haven't even been around for a year and you're already making them into a gift card? Come on, Animal Jam! They are regular animals, not gift cards! Whatever. Sorry I keep arguing with everything. I don't mean to be negative. sorry :( Well, that was the Jamaa Journal! Now for another Game Spotlight! The segment where I go over the ptros and cons and twideleedees of a minigame on Animal Jam. Since it's almost Halloween, today's game is Phantoms!

This game is only available in October, and can only be reached through the Phantom Portal (no, not the adventure). There are 3 of them around Jamaa; one in Jamaa Township, one in Crystal Sands and one in Mt. Shiveer.
 When you go in that portal, you are greeted with this screen:
That game there is called Phantoms! With the exclamation point. You have a peppermint, and phantoms want it. You also have a light that phantoms don't like. Move the phantoms using the light into these things:
Then the phantoms die! Also, when you beat level 5, you get a prize! Previous prizes include:

Cool, right? Well they don't compare to THIS year's prize:
A FRICKIN' PHANTOM ARCHWAY! IT'S HUGE! This is the best prize ever. Totally worth playing 5 levels of that game. Holy cow! Go to Jamaa Township, Crystal Sands or Mt. Shiveer and beat 5 levels of the game to get this for yourself! YEAH! Game Spotlight complete. Okay, now for a meme!
Hahahahaha! This is really funny! Grandma, get off that church! No bingo today! This is hilarious. Hope tit and this post made you laugh. Anyway, that's all for today! Leave a comment if you liked this post. See you next time!

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  1. FIRST! and they did update the bat facts and the pics are soooo cool!!!


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