Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tapirs, Tide Pools and Other Beach Bums

Yeah! It's exactly 6:30 pm, the perfect time for a post! WOO!
Hey Jammers! Welcome to the 4th day of Halloweek! The spoopiest time of the year! How are you guys doing? Sorry I haven't posted in a week. Darn, I forgot to talk about Back to the Future Day last time! Shoot! Well, now it's back to the past. Because it was a week ago.
My editing skills are through the ROOF! Okay, here's the Spooky Items Count for today. They're getting pretty ridiculous!
See, I told you my editing skills are through the roof! Wow, that's insane. EIGHTY-NINE ITEMS?!! I think that's quite enough, Animal Jam! Jeez, you could dress up the entire US Army with a different costume with all that! Goodness, that's so excessive... Obviously, I have not been keeping up with them, but now you know the reason. I wonder if they'll reach 100 items by Saturday? Probably! Oh, speaking of Saturday...
Well! There we go! That took me like 25 minutes to make, so please send me some Jam-a-Grams. I don't have any so far. Send them to the Animal Jam account neros1234. All righty dighty, what segment can we do today? It's not Monday, so we can't do RIM. It's not Friday, so we can't do Emoticon Friday. We can't do Mailtime, because I'm doing that in the next post. Well what can we do?! Oh, I know!
That should give you a hint. Well, as Mario says, let's-a-go-a! I think. I don't play video games. I AIN'T NO GAMER GIRL! I also ain't no English speaker apparently. Mario is so cute!
Sorry. I got way off topic. Here is the journey book guide for Crystal Sands. If you're new to Animal Jam, the Journey Book is a booke with lots of animals and plants in it! It looks like this:
There's a page for every land in Jamaa except for Jamaa Township. When you see one of these, click on it and it will go into your Journey Book. At the end you get a prize! So here we go!
This is a cacao tree! It's what chocolate is made out of! It's yummy dummy scrumalicious. It is right behind Captain Melville's Juice Hut (the building with the big pineapple on front.) Okay, next one!
You can't make chocolate without sugar! And the two plants are right next to each other! How convienent. SO you can take a sip of your juice, make some chocolate, and lie on the nice beach towels. You know why? Because they're all right next to each other!!
Isn't that just handy dandy like sour candy? I think it is! okay, next one.
This flamingo is the easiest to find. It stands by the rock in the middle of the water and doesn't move. You can see it from the spot when you first appear in Crystal Sands. All right, next one!
The next one is a tapir. He lumbers out of that cave to Mt. Shiveer (ironically) and comes sits down near where the Phantom Portal is. (If the Phantom Portal isn't there,that's fine too it only appears in October.) I love that little guy's nose! It's so long! Me and my friends saw one of them IRL on a field trip to the zoo in March 2013.
No, it's not dead in the second picture, it's just sleeping and showing off its butt. Aren't tapirs cute? Okay, back to Animal Jam. Here's another animal right by the tapir.
See that little lizard running into the Phantom Portal? That's a basilisk! They can RUN ON WATER!You know what I say to that? YOU'RE A LIZARD HARRY! Hahahaha! Get it? Because it's a  lizard and it has wizardly powers? It's a wizard lizard! I am having too much fun with this. Here is what they look like:
Good lord, I hope they don't look like that! (Protip: If you're going to google this amazing lizard, type "basilisk lizard" instead of just "basilisk".) Here's what they REALLY look like:
See? They're so cool! I was about to say I want one as a pet, but that's just wrong. They're exotic animals and I watched a Wild Kratts episode about an evil lady trying to steal basilisks, so I'm not gonna do that. Okay, here's the next thing in the Crystal Sands Journey Book.
Those are sand dollars, they appear under the slide that's next to the Juice Hut. These are pretty easy to find. They are not actually dollars of course, and I'm going to blow your mind: they're alive! They are sea urchins that burrow under the sand. Did you know that? Cause I sure didn't! I though they were just flat rocks or something! You learn something new every day. Okay, onto the ne-wait. There are 3 people in my den. What's that all about?
Oh god, that's creepy! It's just 3 wolves in a line staring at me with the same eyes! They have such great names as...
And Epicface01! Great, great names guys. Those are the best Animal Jam usernames the world has ever seen. But why the heck are you standing in a line in my den?
 What "meets".
O-kay, y'all are crazy! Why don't you go deal drugs or whatever you're doing in your own den? I'm just gonna lock my den and get on with my post.
Okay, now what those whackjobs are out of the way, where was I? Oh yes, Crystal Sands. Here's another thing for your Journey Book.
Yep, it's just a tide pool! You thought it was part of the background, but no! It has lots of creatures in it, so it counts as a thing in the Journey Book. Another relatable moment! Me and my family went to San Diego in October 2009, and we visited a tide pool. I blurred out our faces because I don't want people stalking me. You guys wouldn't do that, but still.
Sorry it's so big it's blocking everything on the side! "Large" was too small and "Extra Large" was too big. So I went with too big so you can see me, my brother and my mom touching a starfish. (Yes, my brother's hair is that bright. He just blinds people whenever he walks by.) Okay, are we still not done with this Journey Book? this goes on for ages and ages! Well, here's the rest of them really fast.

The crab crawls near the bottom of Tierney's Aquarium, then buries itself in the sand. The macaw flies onto the top of Tierney's Aquarium. The purple centipede crawls over Pet Wash. The iguana I already showed you. (It crawls on top of the Juice Hut.) The iguana is the basilisk's big cousin! Look at that!
Aww, so cute. Anyway, that's all the animals and plants! Here is the completed journey book page:
And, as you can see, the prize is a lemonade stand! Now you have 4 glasses of lemonade to give some to your friends on a hot day. Or some to yourself because you're greedy. Either way, it satisfies those needs!
There you go. Okay, that does it for this post! Here's today's Meme of the Day:
Oh man... IO would be too if I saw that. And I could drive. But I can't because I'm 13. Although it's a bit off the ground, so your front wheels would hit it and you would fly out... what am I saying? DON'T QUESTION THEM MEMES! They don't have logic. I don't know what I'm saying! Enough meming!

Well, was that ridiculously long post worth waiting a week? I hope so! If you just scrolled down to the end to see how long it was, welcome! Now you have something to read over the weekend. Okay, bye and I will see you on Halloween!

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