Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Post In Which I Say 'Spooky' Too Much

Hey Jammers! WOOHOO! HAPPY SPOOKTOBER! I haven't even logged in to Animal Jam yet, and I already know that that the Night of the Phantoms celebration will be up. Because update day falls on October 1st this year! That's right everybody, it's update day! Just in case you didn't know. Well anyway, enough jibber jabbering. LET THE SPOOKINESS BEGIN!
The first thing I noticed is this new loading screen! WOAH! SPOOKTACULAR! THAT IS PRETTY NIFTY! It's a rendition of the Halloween version of Jamaa Township. Awesome, that's really cool! All right, let's check out the ol' Jamaa Journ-
WHAT? YOU JUST UPDATED THIS MORNING! IT IS CALLED UPDATE DAY! YOU RELEASED THE UPDATE ALREADY! WHY YOU BE STUPYPOOPY? Well, I took screenshots before it was offline, so that's okay. I'm really excited for this year's Halloween Jamaa Journal, because Animal Jam has done some creative stuff with them before. Last year phantoms "took over" the Jamaa Journal...
The year before they released the Haunted Forest Party...

Pet tarantulas were the Monthly Member Gift in 2012...

Ooo, look at that old lettering on the 2012 Jamaa Journal! It looks so weird! Well anyway, you've waited long enough, here's the 2015 Jamaa Journal!
Oh, Bitter Sweets is back. Look at that scary pumpkin! Eugh. PUMPKIN DON'T OPEN YOUR MOUTH! IT'S RUDE! And you go, pets, go get that candy and don't let any rude pumpkins stop you! Pets are so cute. Especially the hamsters and kitties. So adorble <3 And that was not a typo, I just like to say adorble. Without the second a. Because I'm weird like that. Aaaanyway, they decorated Jamaa Township with all new decorations!

Those are some truly spooktacular decorations. Check out that purple phantom coffin on the right side of the top picture! Oooh, creepy! At least it's a phantom coffin and not a Mira one like last year.
Well anyway, onward! To the next page of the Jamaa Journal!
WOOOAH! A NEW DEN WITH AN ACID POOL! I have GOT to check this out. (Oh by the way, Animal Jam is back online. I'm writing this part 3 hours after it went offline.) I was about to dismiss that part, since it looks just like the regular spooky Halloween den...
But it's not!! So let's check it out! Ooo, I'm excited, the Haunted Mansion is pretty amazing too! Oh. It's in the Diamond Shop, of course. Well, I can afford the 5 diamonds, I'll buy it! ALL RIGHT LET'S GO TO LE DENot sure why I'm screaming.
Oh. It's just the same as the regular deOH MY GOD.
What have you found there, Prince Spookydog? He loves spooky things. It's even in his name! Well, I see you've found a gnarly glowing cave! WOWIE WOW WOW! Ew, that tree over there is  drooling.
But in all seriousness, this den is pretty cool! You have your own Spooky Party trees in one corner, you have the haunted mansion part, and then you have THIS creepy basement!
Ooo, look at those scary green eyes peeping out from the cage! I wouldn't want to spend the night in that basement. Eugh. This new den also has the added bonus of a deck with a graveyard in the back:
In the original Haunted Mansion, that place was blocked off! So that's what it looks like! Nice! Well, we should move on to the next page of the Jamaa Journal, shall we? I think we shall!
Yay, the Spooky Party is back! It was there in 2012, but it disappeared in 2013 and 2014. Because of the Haunted Forest Party. But now it's back! And there's one in 18 minutes!
Ooo, this one also has the acid pool! Maybe it will be like the new den I just showed you. But I think I will show you it in the next post, it's laaate :I And the bats are back! Yaaay bats! They're so cute, I love bats. This is mine, Purplebat:
She has rainbow wings! :) She's a great little pet. I wonder what would happen if I had a pet bat in real life? Disaster would probably happen, so I'm not going to do that. Okay, onto the 4th page of the ol' JJ!
Oh, they updated the games. They've been updating everything lately! Achievements, the trade system, and now games!

I guess everything was old and needed to be improved. But also, yay! They brought in my idea of Movie Theater items! And look, they have their own SHOP!
 Take that, Glitchy Gear! Now this den can become a reality:
Now all they have to do is make a Movie Theater den. That would be cool PRETTY FRICKIN' AMAZING! Anyway, let's move on to the last page finally! Here it is, it's all about animal support days:
 Cool, it's World Animal Day again! That's a good holiday so people can take a moment to appreciate all the amazing animals our ecosystem has to offer. Some are annoying, like mosquitoes and some are creepy, like this:
But no matter the animal, they all matter in our environment! So I will be celebrating World Animal Day with pride! I didn't know it was Wolf Awareness Week, I will also celebrate that with pride and tell other people about it. Wolf hunting is a real problem. But anyway, I have to get to bed, so let's finish off this post with a Meme of the Day:
Wait... Lays.... no!  THAT'S NOT HOW YOU LOGIC!! I hope that one made you lol. (Sorry it's not a spooky meme, I'm just going my the ones in my MEMES folder.) Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post! In case you haven't noticed, I like Halloween. A lot. I am very happy it's October, have a great Friday and weekend, and I will see you next week! Bai!

P.S. Now go back and count the times I said "spooky".


  1. Catdog347-animaljammerOctober 2, 2015 at 10:27 AM

    Nero's! Nero's! Are those potatoes ruined?!?!?!?!?!? Oh no...... Oh well. You said spooky 5 million times. If you were wondering. :3

    1. My name is Neros, not Nero's with an apostrophe, just a friendly reminder :) Also, I hope they aren't! Maybe after Halloween I will convince that spider to take her webs off my potatoes. I think she will comply, but for now she's just chillin' on her web!


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