Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Late Halloween from AJP! (ft. Barking Giraffes)

Hey Jammers! Happy Halloweeen! I know, it's not Halloween, it's November 2nd. I'm sorry I didn't get to posting yesterday or the day before, I was busy with Halloween and chores. But you know what I did get done over the weekend? The AJP Email List. It had spoopy jokes, spoopy items, spoopy news, and even a spoopy poem! Everything spoopy! That word probably looks weird now that you read it 5 times. Soooorry... But anyway, I was really proud of it! I hope the 14 of you that got it enjoyed that issue! (if you didn't get it, you can sign up with the button to the right of this post.) Anyway, back to business. Today is Monday and that means 2 things here on AJP: Rare Item Monday and a new Running With Scissors! (In case you didn't know, that's my comic. Running With Scissors, not Rare Item Monday.) Here is today's issue of my comic:
OKAY OKAY I'M SORRY ABOUT ALL THE PRODUCT PLACEMENT DON'T THROW THINGS AT ME Now onto our second Monday tradition, Rare Item MondaY! Let's see, what is today's... ooh! These are pretty swagalicious!
I love those purple laces! My shoes are purple! What color are your shoes? i will demonstrate what mine look like:
Pretty nifty, huh? Yippe yi yay! On a charred stick with some mushrooms and goat spleens! Oh dear, that got weird reeeeal fast. But anyway, I like these shoes! They're funkylicious! They got swagger up and down the street! WOO! Okay, now for the thing you've all been waiting for. Or maybe not. Maybe you have no idea what I'm about to say. But if you read my last post, you do know what I'm going to say! I don't know what I'm saying. Let's get started before I make people mad!
I know what you're thinking: HOLY WOW WHAT IS THAT NEROS Yep, I created a Halloween version of my original Mailtime logo! And I did it by inverting the colors and coloring the letters orange. Yep, that's literally it. And guess what? I made it in April! I think ahead, baby! (I already have the Valentine's Day potato background for next year.) Anyway, thank you to the 8 people that sent me Jam-a-Grams in the last 4 days. That's really nice of you! Here is the first one:
Oh boy. Heeeere we go with the weirdness. I asked for it I guess... I just thought this was ridiculous, but it could mean "Want to be my girlfriend?" in which case the answer wold be NO. Still, I asked this person "What?" and they responded with:
People in Animal Jam are SO WEIRD! But entertaining. Please go take your barking giraffes and pizza out of my Jam-a-Grams, merci beaucipop! Okay, the next one comes from a very nice person who comments on AJP a lot.
Yes, I do remember you elizaboo! You are really great! Aww, thank you for saying that I'm the best. That really made my day. It's really crazy that I'm just a 13 year old girl sitting at a computer blogging about Animal Jam, I'm not some famous YouTuber who has 10 million subscribers or something and people still comment things like that! So thank you elizaboo and everyone else who reads my blog, thanks for taking the time to read my posts. Yes I agree, I think potatoes are much better than tomatoes. You can do so much with them! Let's see, there's fried potatoes, baked potatoes, roasted, mashed, scalloped, potato soup, potato salad, potato chips, french fries...the list goes on and on! You know what else goes on? This Mailtime! (Greeeat segue Neros.) Here's the next Jam-a-Gram!
Oh, thank you so much N2thetalkingcat2! (Wow, what a name!) You didn't have to send me a gift, in fact I said not to but that's totally fine. You get an A+! Happy Halloween to you, too. So, what did you send me?
Ooh, brown and yellow gazelle horns! Thanks! I wonder when this was the RIM. Probably sometime in October, and I just missed it because I can never post on a Monday or a Friday. I don't know why. Anyway, thank you for the Halloween present, now on to our fourth Jam-a-Gram!
Yes it diddly does, catdog347! This isn't much of a Jam-a-Gram. but it's the thought that counts. I have a challenge for you... count how many phantoms are in that image, NOW! You have 5 seconds!

5..4..3..2..1..stop! There are 7 phantoms in that Jam-a-Gram.
Did you be like Pokemon and catch 'em all? Yes? Well good for you! Okee dokee, on to the next and last Jam-a-GrOH NOOOOOO
SO MANY BUDDY REQUESTS! I'm sorry, if I accepted them all I would have like 350 buddies. And there's only room for 100. So my rule is, if I don't know you, I can't make room for you on my buddy list, I'm sorry. But if you are one of my internet friends or someone who likes my blog, then sure! I'll make room for you! But as you can see, I can't make room for everyone. Okay, NOW onto the last Jam-a-Gram. This one is from one of my internet friends named numnum13!
Thanks! But which den? I have a lot...
Well, I'm currently in my Epic Haunted Manor, so I will assume she's talking about that. But wait, her Jam-a-Gram is not the Halloween one, and the Halloween Jam-a-Gram came out the same day as the Haunted Manor. So it must not be the Haunted Manor! The one I had before the Haunted Manor was my Small House, so it must be that one! Eureka! (And that, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of overthinking something.) Anyway, thanks for saying that, numnum13! Well, that does it for my Halloween Mailtime. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks again to the people that sent me Jam-a-Grams, without you I couldn't have done this edition of Mailtime! And as always, if you want to get featured on here, just send a Jam-a-Gram to neros1234 and I'll feature you. Okay, now for our Meme o' ta Day.
No way, there was a yellow object in the sky?! This is news to me! Hope you got a good laugh out of that meme. But that does it for this post! Hope you liked it! If you did, leave a comment, I enjoy reading your comments! If any of you have a blog (Animal Jam or otherwise)that you've started, leave a link to it in the comments and I'll check it out! I'm always looking for new blogs to read. Okay, bye! See ya next time!


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