Thursday, November 12, 2015

Saxophones and Polar Bears and Neros's Bad Mistake

I am trying to get the music fixed, I'm very sorry it doesn't work. Whenever I try to save it, it says the complete opposite of that, which is "You have unsaved changes." It's very frustrating, so I'm sorry you have no music to listen to while you surf AJP.

Hey Jammers! So I posted a post last Friday, but I really didn't think it was enough. The scroll bar was really big, and that means there isn't much content in a post. But I just figured it was because I didn't add very many images, and those take up more space than words. (as I said at the end of the post.) But yesterday, I was thinking about it, and I was like DUH! I FORGOT THE JAMAA JOURNAL! Jeez, Neros, you've been blogging for 3 years now. Did you seriously forget the Jamaa Journal when you talked about an Animal Jam update?! So if you were thinking, "Well, Neros probably didn't have much time, so that's why she didn't talk about the Jamaa Journal when she talked about the rest of the update." But NOPE!! I was just a stupe. Okay, enough blabbering,onto the first page!
Hmm, we had this last year, did we not? I actually didn't play it last year so I'm going to now! Now, is it a Thanksgiving themed one, or just a fall themed one, or what...
Yep, it's a fall one! Nice! Aww, and the koala has a little farmer hat! Cool! So, by the looks of it, it's a fall maze game. There are small hay bales blocking off the path (which doesn't male much sense. Animals could just jump or crawl over the hay bales in real life, but we have to stay on the path!) But there's a twist, you have to find a colored key and go open the treasure chest of that color. Isn't that cool?
By the way, the keys and the treasure chests are so far away, it took me like 10 minutes to match up the red key and treasure chest. So let's see what's in this oh-so-special treasure chest!
Gems. It's gems. Well I certainly don't need a lot of those!
I know you're all gonna say "Neros what the heck why are those two zeroes there MY LIFE IS ENDING" and all I can say is, I don't really know either! It started about a year ago, and I'm just used to it now. It's only on my computer though, not my account which is very strange. Anyway, onto the second page of the Jamaa Journal!
Cool, some more clothes! FUN FUN FUN! That doesn't affect me though because my clothing inventory is not filled up yet.
Yikes, that image was set to "Small" and it's that large? Jeez! Well anyway, enjoy your 300 clothing items, guys! That will be a good thing for those super-rare Jammers with 12 spike collars and stuff. OFF-TOPIC TIME! Man, AJ is addicting. It's not that exciting right now, and there's not much going on, but if I go off of it for 2 weeks or something I'm going to miss a jillion things. You can't just leave temporarily, if you really want to leave AJ you have to be off for good. Right now I just wanna play Flash games! Sorry, that sounded whiny. Okay, off-topic time is done, onto the next page of the Jamaa Journal!
Oh, it is arctic foxes! That's what everyone thought originally. Except me, I thought it was a fish, so don't count me in your surveys. Anyway, there's a cute new video about the arctic foxes!
It is adorbs. I think the arctic foxes look like a mix between the arctic wolves, foxes, and the raccoons even. See?
That face shape is the same one the raccoons have! So I think these are not reeeeally a new character, just kind of a mumble jumble of other animal models. Oh well, they're working on developing Play Wild so I'd assume they don't have as much time to design new animals. Either way, they're really cute so I think I'm gonna buy one when they come out! Okay, next page!
Woah, more space stuff! They released a bunch of space stuff in March or April or something. But this one is an entire SHOP! Nice! So where is this thing? Is it in with the games shop? Nah. Is it... could it be that big thing covered with a sheet?
IT IS! HOLY WOW!! This arcade came to AJ on February 2nd, 2012 and that sheet has been over it ever since. So now we finally get to see what's underneath! One of AJ's mysteries solved! So let's see what's in this long-awaited store.
Ooh! These items are nice! I love that galaxy painting, it's really pretty. You know what? Imma splurge and get it for my den. Inventory now full? Don't even care. I'm gonna buy this painting and no one's going to stop me.
See? It fits in nicely with the rest of my den! I'M SUCH A REBEL! I don't know what I'm doing XD Speaking of new Animal Jam stores, there's one in Kimbara Outback! And you know what else is in Kimbara Outback? A new polar bear exhibit! I don't know why the polar bear exhibit is in Australia, that makes no sense but whatever!
Aww, look at that mother and baby polar bear! They're so cute! I think it's great that the developers of Animal Jam do these animal rescue exhibits in their game. It's a great way to let people know that you can help save animals! One way you can help save animals and save a lot of calories is by not eating meat, by the way. Speaking of polar bears, the last page of the JJ is just another ad for the new paid-for-only polar bears. You've already seen it, I'm not going take a screenshot of it. Another thing I missed in my last post was, Friday was a guy named Adolphe Sax's birthday. The only way I knew about that was through their Google Doodle. He invented the saxophone, by the way. Here's what he looks like:
He's a pretty cool dude. He invented the saxophone and a bunch of other instruments related to a saxophone. (Hence his name.) But before he invented the saxophone, a ton of terrible crazy things happened to him! Just read this Tumblr post...
Yeesh. TIME TRAVELERS, WRONG ADOLPH! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO KILL HITLER, NOT REPEATEDLY INJURE THIS GUY! I love that comment down at the bottom, "clearly someone didn't want that saxophone invented". True. The only answer to this is either the time travelers got the wrong Adolph, the time travelers hated saxophones, or this guy just had really bad luck. I think the last one is probably true. But it doesn't matter, because accrding to Google, he lived for over 700 years!
Yep, he was born in the year 1184 and died in 1894! That's totally right! Wow, Google, you're really teaching us things. But anyway, I just thought those 2 things about him were funny so I wanted to share them with you. Happy 6-day late birthday, Adolphe Sax! All righty roo, now it's time for the RIM because I started this post on Monday. Sunday, actually, I just haven't had a lot of time to finish it. So here's the Rare Patched Hat:
Hmm! I like the colors! It's not my favorite RIM, but it's all right. I didn't buy it though. OKAY NOW IT'S TIME FOR SOME SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION! Another one of my Running with Scissors comic strips came out on Tuesday, so go to to see that! (Hint: it's about squirrels.) I also put up a banner for it on the right side of AJP. There's so much stuff on the right side and not as much on the left! I'm sorry left sidebar, you're new to me! (I changed the layout from one sidebar to two sidebars in a post called Mucho Grande Blog Updatio!) So anyway. Oh, I almost forgot! Here's our Memeotaday!
XD Oh, this is so me! My brother is the Lego person of our family. I usually give up because I want to go read or post on my blog or something. Also because they hurt my fingers. I'm such a wimp. Anyway, I hope you guys liked this post, if you did leave a comment! I need them for my Readin' Yo Comments series. See you next time! :D

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