Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weird Spam Comments and a Calendar Update!

Hey Jammers! Right now it is Saturday, and yesterday was Friday the 13th. I'm probably not going to post this on Saturday, though. So happy Wednesday or whenever I decide to finish this! How did you spend Friday the 13th? Hopefully not getting murdered in the woods. My brother was actually born on Friday the 13th, and he's gonna turn 10 in January so my family thinks it's a lucky day. (Yikes, the terrible Paris attacks happened on Friday the 13th. I didn't know that when I wrote that part of the post. I'm sorry!) I was born on Saturday the 10th of August 2002! How about you? Anyway, I wanted to make this post because I have gotten a TON of comments since my last Ask:Reply, which was only a month ago. So here we go, let's jump right into another...
All righty roo, whose comment shall I read first? There are 16 new ones since October 5th, which is incredible! Thank you guys so much for commenting, it means a lot to me! I think our first comment comes from Harmonypurr9, because she is great and tells me things that I did not know about Animal Jam. At least I think it's a she. I'm sorry if I got it wrong, Harmonypurr! Anyway, here is her comment.
It is?! Vhat? I eez Dracula? Vhat vhat vhat? I have no idea what I'm saying! But yeah, the tutorial thing is just gone.
It was just like NOPE! TOO COLD HERE! I'm packing my bags and MOVING TO FLORIDA! HA HA! Speaking of Florida and hot places...
Fun fun fun! Darn, I wrote that "fun fun fun" on Saturday, and now it's Tuesday. So I can't have fun with my buddies on a slide. MY LIFE IS RUINED! Okay, I'm over it, onto the next comment!
Woooah, so many emoticons! Although a lot of them are repeated. I can use those for Emoticon Friday, thanks! Also, welcome to AJP, Emma Dub. I have never seen you before you left that comment. Anyway, onto the next comment.
Now here's a question! It is called Ask:Reply after all. Oh, I'm sorry, that sounded mean. Y'all who aren't asking questions, you're fine too! This one was left on one of my older posts, Tutus and Beta Days in April 2014. Now to answer it: tutus are not beta. Your brother is wrong. They came out in early April 2014, which was 3 and a half years after beta ended. I mean, there was a Rae Item Monday version, but not beta. Hope I could help! Alright, here's our next comment.
Um, excuse me? What the absolute crap was that? These comments were both on my post I made in July about Purple Puffball, so is it just a weird spam magnet? Sara Health Care, you didn't even finish your sentence! What spam ad campaign are you even from, cause there were about 3 in that sentence. And Megan Calista, just what.... I bet all of those are spam links. I deleted both of these comments, but if this ever happens again, DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS! They are hackers and they will infect your computer. This has happened twice before, and they were both in the month of May. The first one was when I was on the bus on the way up to French camp (I take French at my school, and there's a sleepaway camp that you can go to to learn more about French) and this weird comment popped up in the email on my phone! And I was like what?! Who the heck is Sigmar Kanalatrar or whatever? But then we arrived at camp, and they took away my phone for the whole 5 days that we were there. So sorry there was a spam comment on here for a long time. The it happened again later in the month, but I deleted it immediately. Okay, thanks for reading that whole book of a paragraph, onto the next comment!
Cool! French fries are delish. No, I have not heard of Raising Cane's but that's probably because I don't eat chicken. Yum indeed! Oh and happy birthday!! Sorry I didn't reply to you on your actual birthday. Hope you had a great one! Oh by the way, your profile picture is awesome! It's an arctic fox, correct?
Oh darn. We seem to be at our maximum of 5 comments, which is what I normally do. But you know what, I'm in a good mood today so I'm going to answer 7 comments! Let's see, are there any more questions? Yes there are!
Yes I do, what an odd question. Oh, isn't that from that one song? By that one guy? I'm being totally easy to understand! But I think it is a song. It is a song!
I do like waffles by the way. But I like pancakes better. Okay, onto the last comment of the day! It comes from Anonymous! (Okay, I know they put their name in the actual comment, but it says that their name is Anonymous, so WHATEVER!)
All right! I will check out your den! And thanks for leaving that comment, because usually I choose the Epic Den of the Month on the 1st of the month, but I forgot. SO thank you for reminding me! I have a waiting list of dens that I want to check out, but it's not too long right now so if you would like your den up there, just leave a comment! Uh uh! Yeah! Answered 9 comments but 2 of them were weird spam comments! Okay I will stop. Now, an update on my calendar! So, as you might know, I am releasing a 2016 calendar filled with AJP drawings. And I'm already on April! But I am pushing back the release date a bit because I  will not be able to finish it by this Friday. So next Friday you can buy your AJP calendars for next year. Also, I'm giving a rare item to each person that buys a calendar, so there's that too. But of course you don't have to buy one. O-kay, now for our Memeotheday!
Mmhmm. My friend was absent from school for a week and we all greeted her like "WHERE WERE YOU" instead of "Oh, you're back!" Friendship is a weird but good thing. Anyway, I hope you liked this post! I will see you next time, baiiiii :3


  1. Hi neros!! its meh EMMA DUB the one who spammed all those crazy emojs lol. I changed my username aka screenname to this one. Its werid that they didnt change the name when I posted that :0.

  2. Replies
    1. Are you being sarcastic or... But if you're not, yeah it's pretty funny XD

    2. Nope not sarcastic I showed my friend on the bus and we were laughing like crazy weirdo kids on the bus

  3. Random fact: Cashewes come from a fruit


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