Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Hey Jammers! So, my dad got my computer up and running again. Woohoo ^.^ So here's a post that was supposed to come out on December 2nd.

Hey Jammers! Well, it's day 2 of my 25 posts in 25 days of December challenge, so leeeeeeeet's go! On the second day of the Jamaalidays, Mira gave to me...
A cool Jamaaliday Centerpiece! Complete with some pine needles, ornaments, and melting candles! FANTASTIC! Although I still need to recycle items to have room for it. Anyone want Horse Toy? I didn't think so. Eh, I'll just recycle it. Anyway, do you think I should take down the Jamaaliday decoration I made last year with all the gifts? Cause maybe I could make a new one! Here's last year's:
It's so pretty! I don't want to take it down. But maybe I could add onto it, or make a new one with the 2 prizes we have so far. Let's see what we have... HOLY WHAT?!
When did this come out? Last update, when I was gone at my gramma's house? (Sorry I didn't post in that time...) Or maybe they just added it in the middle of week. That's strange because the update is tomorrow. But whatever, it's really cool! Well, although it is December they still haven't changed the loading screen.
Or the Epic Seasonal Tree.
But that's okay, I think those things will come with tomorrow's update! Now, since I don't have much time, let's do a mini Game Spotlight with that game Twister. Here it is in the Sol Arcade:
And there's its loading screen. Now, I don't like this game because it's SO STRESSFUL. Just look at that loading screen! That bird doesn't exactly look like he's going sailing on a Sunday morning, now does he? THERE IS A FRICKIN' TORNADO FOLLOWING YOU AND YOU CAN'T ESCAPE IT. And that music does NOT help.
IT'S SO SCARY!!! It stresses me out so much! It's also kind of a funny game because there's random things like houses and port-a-potties flying through the air, and you have to dodge them.
And the tornado itself is even scarier. Like WHAT! They did a good job of drawing the tornado, so it seems very realistic.
Anyway. As you can probably tell, I don't like this game very much. I think it's too stressful, but that's just my opinion. How about you? Anyway, it's time for our ol' Meme of The Day!
Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha. That's me, I always click "Remind me later" after the 10% warning and then book it to go find a charger after the 1% warning. Well, that was a post and a half! I hope you liked it! I'll see you in the next one. Baiii!


  1. Yay! You are back! Even though it was just a little while I missed your awesome, energenic,silly,and informative posts! Oo! Oo! I used fanicy words! Lol!- your 2nd biggest fan( your parents are probably first) catdog347


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