Friday, December 25, 2015

This Week in Retrospect (All new extra spooptacular 2015 edition)

Hey Jammers! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I have had a great week this week! How about you? Hope ya had a great Hanukkah, all you Jewish people out there! I'm an athiest. But I still believe in old Santer Danter Claus! Also, remember when I did that whole "This Week in Retrospect" thingy way back when? Yeah, that! Wasn't it in November 2013? *checks* Yeah, it was! I'm a frickin' genius! Anyway, I have written something every day this week, and I will now show them to you. Okay? Okay, we'll start with Monday.

 Hey Jammers! I hope you liked that last post that I...
  • Started on December 2nd
  • Continued on December 9th
  • My computer broke on December 9th
  • Then my dad fixed it on December 12th
  • I forgot about it
  • I finished it on December 17th.
As you can tell, I exerted a lot of time into it! (But mostly just forgot to finish it.) So I hope you liked it. Aaaanyway, if you want to know what happened, my dad got a new computer, and it saved all my stuff!! Yeah! So, sorry for the false alarm. Okay, let's just start this post already. So, as you probably know, you can host your own party on Animal Jam now! WOO!
Also, my friend came over today and we had a blast (we mostly just sat around actually) but we created our own party called the Sweet Science Shop! It was pretty radical!
Look at that! I'm Penguin Santa and I get my own nametag that says Host! Even when I go to other people's parties!
People kept coming up to me, thinking I was the host. But back at me and my friend's party, we were kind of being creepy and saying things like "Come closer Captain." "I like your beret." "Come closer." and "I want to stroke your corgi." Someone obviously couldn't take it anymore...
"No just no it's just too weird just no..."
HA HA! Trolling the trolls! We apologize to the people we trolled. Although they were pretty weird too.
We laughed so hard doing that. Okay, well now onto the RIM for today, which is the Rare Candy Cane Socks!
I like these! Although instead of that icy blue, it would have looked a lot better with white, so these socks are a little off. And they're pretty darn expensive! Ever spent $750 for a pair of socks? I sure haven't! Well, that does it for today. See ya tomorrow!

Hey Jammers! Today's gift is the Gingerbread Top Hat, from a couple years back. I already have one, so I didn't take a screenshot. What I wanted to do today was talk about the different movie screens on the Movie Wall projection in the store in the Sarepia Theater. Because they're pretty funny. We have Charlie Chaplin Mustache Mcgee here...
You could have his slightly intimidating eyes staring at you, or you could have Anger Management Purple Alien Monster McJones here...
Or you could have Slightly Idiotic Happy 50's Car Cat...
Just look at its eyes. Those eyes have seen something all right. That cat is just going up and down on that same hill, over and over and over again. NEVER. sTOPPING. AHHHHH.Okay, moving onto Smiling Food and Drink Items Dancing Around in a Circle While Strange Ominious Black Shapes Walk Beneath Them. Wow, how's that for a long title?  
What even are those things?! The food and drink items are walking one way, and the creepy shapes are walking the other way! Weird! They kind of look like animals. I wonder if that's what they're supposed to be. Are they watching a movie? Because I don't know what movies you've seen, but I don't get up and start doing a conga line while it's playing! Okay, that's it for today. Seeyatomorrow!

Hey Jammers! HAPPY FESTIVUS! I hadn't heard of that until yesterday, but apparently it's a holiday on Seinfeld and today is Festivus 2015! I don't really understand it. It's a made-up holiday, but people actually seem to be celebrating it, including Google. See, they put a Festivus Pole up on their website!
How crazy is that? Although it's not on the regular website. I just searched for "what is festivus" and it brought up that pole and this:
So I guess it's Festivus. Happy Festivus! Bot sure what I'm supposed to do since I don't watch Seinfeld, so how about Animal Jam? Here's today's gift!
Oooh, look at those! They're pretty. I'm gonna put them on my penguin!
Sorry this post isn't very exciting. I don't have much. But remember when I had that extra spooptacular party with mah frand? Well I went to other parties, and it turns out they have things for sale there! Ain't that marvelous?
Those are the things for sale at the all-new science party. They're all pretty normal sciency stuff, but then...
Oh my sweet stars,that's not dangerous at all! No, it's completely safe! I'm going to buy it for my den.
Well, they weren't kidding when they said "Giant"! Good lord! Those ghosts are a little scared by it. See, it even scares GHOSTS! That's completely backwards! Although you can't take the cork off it or turn on the faucet. So it is harmless! Okay, here's another page of items, this time from the bakery party:
Mmmm, all of those look so delicious! Look at that huge cake!! It has flowers and cookies and cupcakes and flags, wow that would take a long time to make. I wish I could reach into the screen and take a bite out of it. Well anyway, that's it for today! See ya tomorrow!

Hey Jammers! Goodness, this is a long post. But anyway, it's Christmas Eve! Fun fun fun! I celebrate it by leaving out stockings and cookies for Santa, and he comes in the night and gives me, my brother, and sister presents. Now that I think about it, it sounds really weird, but whatever. How do you celebrate for the holidays? Okay, today's gift is the Festive Lights, which, according to the Animal Jam Spirit, appear to be in 2 places; the daily gift and the clothing store! Weird. Here's what they look like:
(picture credit to Animal Jam Spirit because I forgot to take a picture before I clicked "keep")
Eh, I don't like how they look. Moving on, 2015 is almost over! Tomorrow's the last Friday of the year! Although I haven't seen many New Year's parties.
Plus, I'm not exactly up to date. I still have a 2013 firework in my Gingerbread House den. I actually have screenshots of the 2013 New Year's party, want to see what it sold?
Ha ha! That was back when I only had 100,000 gems! Now I have 300,000. Sorry, that was really braggy. I didn't mean to. I wish you could send other people gems in Animal Jam, I could certainly help a lot of people out! But that's it for today, see you tomorrow on Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL! It's Christmas day and the end of this Week in Retrospect thingy. What's the daily gift today?
Really. It's Christmas day and you give us something from 2 years ago. REALLY?! Oh, but there's still gifts through the end of the month, so maybe the gift on the 31st will be better. Well, that's all I have for this post! Goodness, it was long. I hope you liked it, it was a different kind of post that I don't do often. There's gonna be another long post on the 31st, so stick around! Anyway, happy Jamaalidays everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas or Hanukah or whatever you celebrate. I just hope you had a good day and a good week, and I will see you on the last day of the year! Bye for real this time.~

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