Sunday, January 10, 2016

Image Dump 2015! (Part 2)

BTW: I talk about a lot of YouTubers in this post, they are Rhett and Link, jacksepticeye, and danisnotonfire just so you're not like "Who the patoot is she talking about??" This has been a CUASYNC. (Clearing-Up Announcement so You're Not Confused.)

Hey Jammers! Maybe I should stop saying that. So many other people say that, I need to spice it up a little. Make it unique. How about HEY HEY HEY ALL YOU HAMBURGERS! I'M TUX WALLIGAN, AND WELCOME TO ANOTHER CARRRRRAAAAAZY ADVENTURE!!! WOOO!
Hmm. Maybe not. How about "Hello, my fellow intellectuals. How are you this fine chipper morning? Tut tut! Cheerio!"
Nah, that'll never work. I'll just stick to old Hey Jammers! Okay, now, in the last post, I gave you a ton of pictures from the first half of 2015, January-June. And today, I will give you pictures from the second half of the year, except December. That's for the next post. So STICK AROUND! Anyway, here we go with July!

I posted a lot of popular posts in July. Actually, that was a bad word to choose, (I sound like that crazy dude up above BUCKET OF LOLS) I should say noteworthy. And I should say that because a lot of cool stuff happened in July- we reached 40,000 pageviews, I started that Ask:Reply thingy, and a post made it onto the 5 most popular posts off of AJP! Yeah! Oh man, this caption is going on too long, let's just START WITH THE PICTURES!!
I don't really know why I was taking a picture of 3 gloves. Oh wait, yes I do. It was for the MMG's page. Okay, next image!
Well, this happened. I was at a dinner party, took a screenshot, uploaded it to Sumopaint, and colored it red. Creepy, isn't it? Click on it to make it bigger, but don't look at it too long, your eyes will hurt! Anyway, next image:
I took a picture of that because they were both 2 awesome upcoming books! I got both of them in 2015, and they were pretty gr9. Did you get either of them? Huh? Huh? Didja? Didja? HUH?! TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!! Sorry. I kinda go crazy sometimes. All right, onto August, my birthday month!! Yaaay!!

WOO! Party party party! My birthday was on the 10th, but me and my family went to a family reunion (which was a bust) and then onto a cabin, which was super fun! I celebrated my actual birthday at that cabin, and then we drove back to my town (you'll never know what it is) to have a birthday party with mah frands. Anyway, onto the pictures!!
I blocked off the names of the teachers and the name of the school because, you know, I don't want y'all showing up at my school with a bag full of gummi bears and shouting "GO GO POTATO" like some kind of creepy weirdo. I mean, none of you ARE creepy weirdos, but just to make sure..
So, my brother's in 4th grade, and this was the school supplies list for the school year. Keep in mind, this was written by TEACHERS for every kid and family in 4th grade to see! And yet it says "Welcome to the 2015-2014 school year!" That kinda goes to show you how smart the teachers are at my school...
Those are all the buttons I press to make a new post! I'd say I use the first one 90% of the time, the second one 3% of the time,the third one 2% of the time, and the fourth one 5% of the time! Those last three are just wasted on me.
Well then! That is the face. Face of the year award goes to that one clip of Dan. It kind of looks like he was about to sneeze, hahaha! This is more proof why you should never pause a Youtube video... All righty, on with September!

Ol' Seppi Tember was a good month. I think. I went on a canoe trip with my class, that was fun! Did you have a good back to school month? No? Well too bad! HA HA HA HA! Sorry, I have a problem. All righty, Bart Blighty, on with the pictures already!
OH GOOD LORD IT'S A PILE OF TINY ANIMALS! That red cat in the front is just staring at you, like " going on..."
Oh by the way, I got a drawing tablet for Christmas! So my crappy drawings will hopefully be slightly better. Those drawings up above (the fat man and the pretentious lady) I drew with my drawing tablet, didja notice? Anyway, enough blabbering, onto the next picture.
I think the "Listen to Music" button had a little too much to drink last night. I'M NOT AS THINK AS YOU DRUNK I AM! It's supposed to be all green and curly and cute, but right then it was just a mess. And about a month ago, there was no music playing at all! Wikiplayer (that's what I use to play music on here), you dun goofed. Okay, here's the last picture of September.
⋆✰ Click on it to enlarge it ✰⋆
Oh dear lord. I thought my blog was broken before, well just look at THIS! In case you can't see it, there is a whole bunch of random code splattered on the potato background, instead of the stuff in the blog. GO HOME YOU'RE DRUNK AJP!

Bwahaha, sp00ky times in Spooptober! I started the month off with a post called "The Post In Which I Say 'Spooky' Too Much" (and I did say 'spooky' too much) and ended it with "Happy Belated Halloween From AJP!" because I'm lazy and I can never post on the days I'm supposed to post. If that makes sense. Which it probably doesn't, so let's start the pictures!
Here is a lovely photo collage I made for my gramma's birthday, which never saw the light of day here. She's okay with me sharing her face on the internet, I asked her first. It's got her as a stick person, it's gt bubbles, it's got a happy birthday sign, it's got a cake with way too many candles that looks like it's going to explode in a fiery inferno, what more could you want? (Don't you just love those stock image watermarks on everything?)
Caption this! Here's what I thought they were saying.
I looked it up, Rhett was saying "And you're just like an animal, you're out in the wilderness, how do you start a fire?" and Link was saying nothing. He was just opening his mouth. Gosh darn trickster Link! Although my interpretation wasn't much different than what they normally say, they say a whole bunch of crazy/funny/weird stuff all the time!

Rhett and Link are great. Okay, next picture!
THE ZEBRAS. THEY'RE GONE. Sorry if that picture takes up the whole screen, as I've said before, "Large" is too small and "Xtra Large" is too big! So I went with too big. Anyway, what I think happened is that the zebras had an organized meeting and decided that they didn't want the publicity anymore. So they no longer show up on Google Images. They've taken flight.
If someone sees that just randomly on the internet, I'm gonna have a lot of explaining to do..hoo boy. Anyway, onto November!

November, now we're getting closer to now! My family had a big party then, for my sister's 3rd birthday/my house's 100th birthday. Yep, my house was built in 1915! Pretty cool, right? Okay, on to the pictiorories.
That was when Jack forgot to title his video. I screenshotted it because I knew he would change it later (he did) but also because it was funny. But I don't watch Fallout 4, so I didn't really care.
Well this is strange! It's just the regular Claw (you can tell because of the phantom plushies at the top) but the only thing in the machine is white elephant plushies! How odd! Maybe the elephants have been having secret meetings too. The white ones are the cover-ups while the other colors get into mischief. Like steal your shoes.
Those darn green elephants. Always stealing my Converse. Actually, I don't have Converse. I have purple shoes, though, and those are pretty cool! But you know what the strangest part about that white-elephanat-claw-machine thing is? I got this as a prize!
You know, I don't think that's how it works! If you only have white elephants to choose from, you don't just secrete an orange wolf from it. DO YOU EVEN LOGIC BRO?!? It's a magic claw machine, I guess! Flying in the sky with the zebras! All right, onto the last picture of this post.
I thought that was pretty funny that I got 2 spam emails 12 hours apart from each other. Hilarious, right? No? Yeah, not at all. Okay, well that does it for this post! Hope you liked it! See ya in the next one with December and an Ask:Reply. Oh by the way, happy new year! Byeee!


  1. catdog347 animal jammerJanuary 25, 2016 at 5:42 PM

    Aah the magic of photos... And well i just sent u a jam a gram on aj but i relised u just logged off when i sent it. i hope u see it! :)

  2. catdog347 animal jammerJanuary 25, 2016 at 5:51 PM

    i have a very very very important question... how are u so so so so potatolistuawesomealty (transalation awesome and amaising and stuff)
    And how do your potatoes magicly grow antlers when ever it is near christmas? just wondering :) - your 2nd biggest fan ( your mom and dad are your first)


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