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Hi Jammers! Welp, I've been away from Animal Jam for forever and a half, and today I pay the price for it! I swear,I tried posting on MLK day, but I wasn't able to finish because I only had about 15 minutes. And if you write gargantuan posts like I do, you know that fifteen minutes is not NEARLY enough. Plus there's editing posts, fixing typos, updating the blog, fixing glitches, stuff like that. Running a blog is a full time job! Not to complain, though. I love posting and I love you guys. This is the worst intro ever! Good lord, I've been talking forever! Let's just start the darn thing.
W-w-w-w-WOWIE ZOWIE, ON A BROWNIE! A Winter Palace! COOLIO!! I wonder what it's like.
Oh look! You can buy diamond dens from the regular store now! You never used to be able to do that! Diamond dens were only available in the diamond shop, and gem dens were available from the "Buy new den!" button. But now things are different! Anyway, onto the den.
Oh my good golly gosh, it's Elsa Simulator 2016! You know, the part when she's singing that one dumb song that everyone's obsessed with and creates an ice palace out of nowhere? Yeah, that! I wonder if AJ's artists were inspired by that video. I bet they were. Okay, onto the next page!
Oh cool! Better play those games now folks, because pretty soon they won't have double gems and you'll go back to being poor. Sorry, you're not poor, but you're probably poor on Animal Jam. I, however, never buy anything, so I have a heckload of gems just sitting around collecting dust. Want some gems? I have 300,00! Oh wait, I can't give you gems on Animal Jam. Whoops! Sorry I'm being cynical, but I do hope AJ adds in the feature that you can send gems to other Jammers. Although there are problems with that plan too, it would only increase scamming and cause some gullible Jammers to be broke. Anyway, all the games are x2 gems! Yaaay!
Ooo, a new animal! I wonder what it will be? Oh, a "number" of clues, so it's hidden in the page numbers? Yeah, I'm onto you, AJ. I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down! Let's see what the letters are.
A tago? GUYS, A TAGO IS COMING TO ANIMAL JAM!! I wonder what a tago is. It will probably look like this:
Guys, if that is coming to Animal Jam, we better run. Just in case you weren't scared enough, I will describe what each of the tago's body parts does! The large red eye is infrared, and can see in the dark so it knows where you are. For the mouth, the brown teeth gnaw and hack at all types of wood (like trees) and the pink teeth are best suited for crushing up electronics, like computers or phones. The leg kicks people to the ground that are in its way, and also swipes at the ground in an attempt to move. The purple-spotted septic hand grabs things it likes, so it can put them in its tube for storage. So you better hope it doesn't like you! The flipper/feather is for swimming in the ocean and flying in the sky, so don't think you can hide in those places! Oh, and the wheels are anti-gravity, so they can go up walls and stick to ceilings and stuff like that. In short, this is the best animal ever! Who needs Deadpool when you got a tago!
*whisper whisper*
Wait, what? The letters don't spell "tago"?
*whisper whisper*
Aww, man! I thought we were gonna have that in Animal Jam! Darn! Well, I'll rearrange the letters the "correct" way. Ugh.
Goat. It's a darn goat. That's annoying! Tagos are awesome! Although the goats are gonna be pretty adorable.
Look at his lil goatee! *gasp* I just realized where the word "goatee" comes from! Goats! Because goats have goatees! OHHH!! I can't believe it took me this long to realize that. Wow, I'm dumb. Well, anyway, you learn something new every day, right? Okay, next page!
Oh, it's just another ad for pet snow leopards. Well, I'm not going to get one because I've been a member for almost 4 years, except for those two times (remember "Me is nonmember"?) Not to brag. But if you want a cute little snow leopard, go ahead and buy a membership! That particular snow leopard in the Jamaa Journal is not very cute, in my opinion. I don't like the colors. But the eyes are cute. What do you think? Cute or naw? Okay, onto this week's RIM since yesterday was a Monday!
Ha! Those are ridiculous! And at a price like that, they should be in Epic Wonders, like last week's. (They're not, for those of you wondering.) Man, a thousand gems! If I had that, I could go into town, get myself a mani-pedi, buy a crate of oranges and a book and I would still have some money left over! Or I could buy a pair on clunky shoes. Hmm, I'm going to have to think about this one! Um, no. I mean, they're fine looking shoes, it's just the fact that they are too expensive. Okay! Onto the next thing on our l'agenda (that's Swahili for 'pickled ostrich fingernails') is the next Jamaa Journal from LAST Thursday! I'm really behind in my postings. Well, here's the first 2 pages. They're both about animals.
Ooh, interesting! Yeah, unfortunately tagos are not coming to Animal Jam. False alarm, people. But they are coming to AJP! I'm going to make the tago I drew AJP Mascot #4!!
It's official, people. That terrifying abomination I created is now an AJP Mascot. Yikes! Oh, and polar bears and armadillos are coming back. I wish when animals came back from their journeys, they would find a new land so we could have something new for once. It's about time, Kimbara Outback is 2 1/2 years old now. Too bad so sad. Okay, onto the next page!
OH! My whining up above amounted to something! First we'll have goats, then we'll have one of these three cuties! Aww, they're all adorable, it's hard to choose. I'm going to choose sloths because they are soooo cute.
Look at that little cutie! I would love to have a sloth on Animal Jam. I wonder if that means they go really slow and can climb trees! Oh, wait, koalas can't climb the AJ trees and they go at normal speed. So never mind. I would be fine with any of those 3 animals, but I have a special place in my heart for sloths <3 Okay, next pages! They're about Valentine's Day.
Nice! It's just the usual Animal Jam Valentine's traditions, but they're still fun. I don't think I actually played Special Delivery last year, so I might do an adventure guide of it on here. Who knows. Plus, there's a new armor in the Diamond Shop. It doesn't look very comfortable. IS that a bunny or a penguin in that armor? Again, who knows! Also, the Friendship Party's back! Yeah! Hmm, they might have some new items this year!
OH GOOD LORD WHAT IS THAT FACE!! Scary! Well, speaking of memes, it's time for our Memeot'day!
HA HA HA! Sheldon is hilarious. Actually, he's really annoying, but the Big Bang Theory is pretty funny. I know this meme is  not that funny, so I'm sorry! I just wanted to do a Valentine's-themed one since it's coming up. Next post's meme will be funnier, I promise. Okay, thanks for reading guys! Hope you liked this post. If you have time, leave a comment, it helps a lot. Okay see you next time! Byeeee~

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  1. catdog347 animal jammerFebruary 6, 2016 at 3:07 PM

    neros how did you choose your username? did it just come into your brains or does it have some spiecel (amaizing spelling...) meaning?


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