Monday, February 29, 2016

Fire-Breathing Frogs In a Treehouse!

Hey Jammers! Do you know what day it is? It's LEAP DAY!! Exciting exciting. This day only comes around once every 4 years, wow. Next Leap Day I'll be a senior in highschool! And last one I was in 4th grade! So this is probably the only Leap Day on AJP. :( Anyway, I'm really excited to show the party to y'all! Although you probably have already seen it. But that's okay, I'll give you a guided tour. But not now! I have to wait 24 minutes unfortunately.
It's kind of weird how the Leap Year Parties aren't all in a row, like they were last time. On February 29th, 2012, every single party was a Leap Year Party, right from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. That is 48 Leap Year Parties in a row!
(Picture credit to AJW)
But it's nopt like that this year, I wonder why? Anyway. Today's RIM is the Rare Sparkly Head Bow! It's a little disappointing cause I thought the RIM was going to be Leap Day-related, but whatever.
It's pretty, I guess. I think the original version was red, is that right? I'll have to look it up. But this version is pretty too, and very sparkly. I like the purplish-pink and mint green combination, it's very pretty. Okay, I have spaced out for 24 minutes and now it's time for the Leap Year Party!
This is where you first get into the party. It's very forest-y  and pretty already, but they added the Sarepia Forest music to make it even more foresty. Actually, it's not much different from anywhere else in AJ at this point. Mushrooms, trees, weeds, flowers, and grass. Lots and lots of grass. The only thing different is all the frog pets lying around.
Again, it's very nature-y and forest-y. Not much different, except even more frog pets. They're everywhere! Also, there's a well. Who was the genius who came up with that idea? There's literally a stream a foot away from it! People in this game, man... Ooh look there's a slide!! I love slides! Let's go on it!
Wheee! That was a long one. I love slides. But I like them more in real life, you know what I'm sayin'? Anyway, I was going down the slide and I saw a GIANT frog staring at me!
I was very worried, but I realized that it was just the mother of this frog.
Isn't that funny, how the party randomly generated two of the exact same frog, just different sizes?? Crazy! I also found Queen Frog's mean husband.
He doesn't have a crown, so it probably means he's been dethroned. Actually, that picture just looks like a small one that I made look bigger, so I'll do a penguin-to-frog size ratio.
See? He is big! Anyway, he used to be King Frog but he got dethroned because he was too mean to Princess Frog. He said things like "You'll never be a queen!' and "I'll steal your crown!" so he got banished to the Slime Pit, where he is to this day. Don't get too close to him, he'll be mean to you too. Anyway! I'm done creating origin stories for computer-generated frogs. Let's explore more of the party.
So, as you can see, it's in the Tree House den. It has 3 levels plus the giant slide I went on!! There are TONS of frogs everywhere, both in decoration form and pet form. They went a little crazy with the frogs and houseplants... It's like going into AmazingPhil's dream house! He loves houseplants and tree houses! Anyway, this is the first floor. Here's the other floors:
The top floor isn't too exciting, but the third floor has a lot of stuff. It has a frog rug, some awesome bench thing with a lamp,  a store and a claw machine! I'll get to the store later, but I want to talk about the claw machine now. Last time at the Leap Year Party, the claw machine dispensed lion plushies. Now, what does it dispense?
Dumb old items that no one likes. Just like the Trading Party. Man, I was all hyped to get some more lion plushies! I've been waiting 4 years for that! Now all I get is dumb things like Scary Horns, Bat Glasses, and HORNED LEG PADS. I went on a long tangent about those awful leg pads back in July.
Okay, I'll stop complaining. But really, I'm annoyed! They promised us a lion claw, and they gave us Horned Leg Pads! So there's really no use of using the claw machine unless you want yet another Wreath Necklace.
Okay, I promised I would get to the stores, so here's the stores! The first one is the den store:
As you can see, they continued the frog theme in these den decorations. Everything is frogs, frogs, frogs! (I bought all of these by the way ^U^ I'll get to that later.) I think my favorite is the frog tongue chair, but I think it would be a little gross to sit on. It's like "You're about to be digested by a frog! Here, sit on its saliva." Also, the frog TV breathes fire!
Awesome!! I want to watch the fire-breathing frog channel! Tired of frogs? Same here. Fortunately, there's a change of pace in the clothing shop, so let's go there!
Look at all of those. They are all headwear, actually. Why don't you get a little change, AJ? That's rude to all the other clothing positions! They feel left out! Look at all of them that don't get included at the Leap Year Party!
So rude. Well, let's get to the actual items! Here we have- um, something, I have no idea what it is.
They're apparently called the "Striped Epic Antlers". It looks more like some AJ artist was bored, so they drew some random squiggle and colored it in! And they're expensive, too! 950 gems for that crazy thing? No way! Actually, yes way. I already bought it. Whoops! Also, AJHQ brought back fox hats.
Yeah, it's called a "fluffy fox head" but really? It's a fox hat if I ever saw one. I wonder if people will go crazy over these like they did with regular fox hats. Probably, because later in the week, AJHQ is gonna slap a "Rare" symbol onto all of these items. That's why I bought all the den items! (I told you I would get back to it.) I also bought all the clothing items. But it was expensive, it put me 10,000 gems in the hole! But I'm pretty much rich on Animal Jam (not to brag) so it doesn't really matter anyway. Okay! That does it for our guided tour of the Leap Year Party! I hope it was fun. Did you think it was fun? I sure did. Now, here's something weird I found on the Blogger timers today.

So, Blogger lets you put in little gadgets like a timer on your blog, and it keeps track of the time and day. AJP doesn't have one, so that's wy I have to use the timers from Animal Jam Cruise Ship and Animal Jam Whip. (Go check out those blogs, they're awesome!) But anyway, it says "0 March 2016." 0 March?? Um, last time I checked, there was no 0 day! I guess that timer doesn't recognizr Leap Day, so it's like "What do WE DOOO" and panics, so it's just like "Um, it's March 0! Yeah, let's do that! It's March 0, everyone!" Oh, Blogger timers. I've got you now. I'm up to your devious tricks. So happy March 0, everyone! Alright, time for the ol' Memeoftheday!
Here is an excellent Leonardo DiCaprio meme about never winning an Oscar! But sadly, all those beautiful memes have died. Because Leo won his first Oscar last night. Let's have a moment of silence for the great memes lost.

Okay, moment of silence is up! Anyway, if you didn't know, it's a big internet joke that Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for an Oscar for 22 years, but never got one, and last night he finally did. I like him because he stands up for animal rights and climate change, and I think he's a good person! Although he did play someone in a movie who shoots bears, eats raw salmon, and crawls into a dead horse. So I'm not really sure about the "animal rights" part. But anyway, happy leap day everyone!!! I hope you had a good day. I did. See you next time!


  1. bob the potato protecterMarch 1, 2016 at 10:49 AM

    this is kinda random but..... what is going to happen to those potatoes that turned into frogs after the leap year? will they turn back or will u have to find more nummy potatoes... will those poor potato frogs have to go... if they do they will have no home and no job... and some one might turn them into potato chips... if u dont need them any more then i could take them off your hands and put them in my frog potato retrierment home. Bye, from bob the potato protector...

  2. catdog347 animal jammerMarch 1, 2016 at 10:58 AM

    i was a little dissaponted with the new years party... i read all these posts from when the party was there and how amaising the party was with its lion plushy thingy to its items with rare stamped on to them before it was rare item monday. (they were the insteration for rim) so ya a little dissipointed. i mean it was cool and every thing but still. ya know how it can be... oh well... OH neros how long have you been plying animal jam any way? i remeber reading it in your blog some where back in the posts but i am too lazy to go look sorry... thanks! - your biggest air condishern.

  3. Naffy, the girl who owns the aj whip is my friend!!!

  4. Tysm for checking out The Animal Jam Fire Pack!


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