Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snails, Snow Castles, Car Ants and More!

Well hello there! You look like a fine young man. You also look like a fine young lady. I have no way of knowing, of course, because you are, in fact, a snail. And snails don't really have genders! Wait, do they? I have no clue. Let's look it up.
Yeah, you don't have a gender! Because you are a snail. Well anyway, you are a fine young snail! Or a fine old snail. I don't know that either, because it's hard to tell with you snails! How long do snails live? Let's look it up again.
Huh. I guess how long you live depends on your species. Man, snails are complicated! I never knew! Okay, what species of snail are you?
GOOD LORD THAT'S A LOT OF SNAILS! Well anyway, my young/old boy/girl snail, I have a post for you. And I hope I have expanded your mind with random knowledge about snails. This was all new to me, so I learned something! And I think you did too. Unless you're like a snail buff, and I don't really think those exist. But anyway! Onto our show! Let's log onto Animal Jam and see if anything is new. Maybe goats are here finally!
Yes they are! There's a ton of new stuff! But I've also got a ton of new messages. You know what, there's 4 Jam-a-Grams, there's 1 message on my Jammer Wall, that's 5 and constitutes for a good ol' Mailtime! Even though we just had one last time. Well, it will be short, and then we can get to the updates. So time for another...
See those hearts I drew? Yeah, for Valentine's Day! Even though that was last Sunday. But nevermind that! Our first Jam-a-Gram comes from Super7Sarah.
Aww, thanks! That's really nice of you! Thanks for sending me that, Super7Sarah. It really makes me happy to know that people actually enjoy the silly little things I post. Whoops, I sounded like Snowyclaw there! It really makes me happy that people actually enjoy the crazy, wacky posts I write. There we go! As a random insight, it's so nice that Animal Jam mostly filters out hate mail, so no one really gets any. Wouldn't it be not fun if everybody was yelling and bullying each other on AJ? No, that would not be fun. Anyway, Super Sarah even sent me a gift! How nice, you didn't have to do that! Here it is.
WOW! That is a really good item! Really, I'm flattered. You didn't have to do that. But thank you, so so much! Also, she sent another JAG to go along with it...
Yeah, you're not begging! See, this is the kind of thing I was talking about last time. I was getting very ragey and ranty and getting a lot like this:
But I was getting angry at the people who WERE begging to be my buddy. Super Sarah, you acknowledged my blog and wanted to buddy me as a friend and supporter of the blog, not someone who barely knows me and just wants to fill up their buddy slots. See the difference? (And no, I was not swayed by the Bow and Arrows. It was a very sweet and nice thing that this person decided to do, but it is not necessary at all.) Anyway! Onto the next Jam-a-Gram, which comes from kawaii0rainbow.
Animal Jam does rock, Kawaii Rainbow! And cool username, by the way. Wait, AJ is already using the Saint Patrick's Day cards in their Jam-a-Grams? It's a month away! They should make cards for Leap Year, that's closer. Wait, did they?
Nope, just ones for ol' Saint Patty's day. Missed opportunity, man! Leap Day only comes once every four years! They're gonna be kicking themselves on March 1st. I just know it. YOU'LL REGRET THIS, AJHQ!
That was our Meme of the Day, by the way, because this post is already too long and I got a lot more coming, baby! Okay, next Jam-a-Gr-wait! Wait a second! Hold your horses in the stable. HOLD THEM! THEY'RE RUNNING AWAY! You can use the Halloween Jam-a-Gram in FEBRUARY?!
No way. Why would they do that? they don't have the Valentine ones or the Jamaaliday ones, but the have the Halloween one? That don't make no saanse!Well, let's check it to make absolute sure.
Yep, I guess you can use it. In February. What a strange choice, AJHQ. Well anyway, time for our Jammer Wall comment! It comes from Emmadcbunchofnumbers.
Ha ha! RUUUN IT'S A TAGO!! XD (Wow, how long has it been since I've used that emoticon?) Man, that's crazy. It feels so great to see people quoting something I said, that's the best feeling in the world. It's like coming up with a joke and sharing it with your friends, it warms you up inside and I am eternally grateful to you guys for that. But enough mushy stuff! Too much mush! You guys want to see funny stuff, not me rambling on and on! (But seriously, you guys are great.) Thank you for your hilarious comment, Emmadcbunchofnumbers. Onto the next one!
Yes! Let's play Temple of Trivia! That sounds like a great idea. It's time to take another field trip to Lost Temple of Zios cause it's Game Spotlight time!
Here is the beautiful Trivia Temple in all its glory. Actually, it needs a little work. It's kinda shabby after all these years. I guess once Zios died, no one bothered to clean up his temple. FOR SHAME, SHAMANS AND ALPHAS! FOR SHAME, MIRA! It's not his fault Zios died! Jeez, man! Clean up a little! DON'T YOU SEE THE VALUE IN WORKING HARD?! ZIOS DIDN'T DESERVE THIS!! HE- what? Really? I yell too much? I need to stop? Oh. Well, onto Temple of Trivia, I guess.
Here it is! In all its glory! Although again, it kinda needs to be cleaned up. Look at that "of"! It's so wiped off that it looks like "cr". Temple cr Trivia! Everybody's favorite game! There's also moss or some kind of plant growing on it. Actually, that's kinda nice. Gives it the whole "homey nature" feel. But still, ALPHAS DO YOU PART okay I'm done yelling at creatures on a computer screen. Alright, let's actually start the game for a change!
Aaand we have to wait for 0 seconds. It's actually a lot more than that, I think it's just a glitch. Well, while we're sitting here waiting for 0 seconds,l how was your Wednesday? Mine was good! I'm in the musical at my school, so I went to rehearsal and it was fun. Oh, look at that! 0 seconds are up!
This is the game. They ask you questions about animals and nature in a minute, and the more you get right, the more gems you get. Also, if you're doing especially good or bad, you can express your feelings with emojis!
I have names for all of them. The first one is The World is a Beautiful Place, the second one is What Do Confused Where Go, the third one is The World is a Dark, Dismal Place and the fourth one is ARRRGGGHHH ME CRUSH TREE WITH BARE HANDS. I think they are very descriptive names.
 It's actually not too hard to win this game. As you can see, I won 4 rounds in a row by not doing much, and I'm not bragging. But it's still fun, and the questions are pretty funny sometimes! For example:
Where does an ant live?
1. A colony
2. A skyscraper
3. A car 
Imagine if ants lived in cars! They could just roll up in their sweet ride and be like
Of course, the ants would have to be giant, too. OH! I made a pun without even realizing it! Giant? Oh ho ho! The puns are just flying today! But back to Temple of Trivia.
Here's what happens if you get 3 questions right in a row. A little fire will light up, a spotlight will go on you, and Santa Penguin will start doing a squished Santa penguin dance! He also has wings. And he's purple. Animal Jam is weird, man...
Here's another funny one. I want a restaurant and a snow castle on Mt. Everest! "Good evening, ma'am, would you like the snow or the icicle dish?" How would those restaurant workers even get to their jobs? It's almost 30,000 feet tall! Maybe they'd install a ski lift. Man, THAT would be fun! Riding a ski lift up Mt. Everest, eating at a fancy restaurant, and then going to a snow castle! I want to petition this. Here's my idea:
It's flawless. There's nothing that can go wrong. It's a perfect plan! Wouldn't you like to ride up that ski lift? In all seriousness, though, this is definitely the worst Photoshop job I've ever done XD Okay! This post is falling apart because of silliness, as it always does. So let's end it on a high. Time for this week's RIM, even though it's not a Monday it's a Wednesday but Monday was only 2 days ago so who cares! Yeah!
Oh. It's just a re-colorated version of the Ladybug Hat. Well, it still has pretty colors! I like that yellow! It's a banana-colored ladybug and banana is my favorite shade of yellow. How about you? Actually, you probably don't have a favorite shade of yellow and I'm just weird. But I already knew that! Anyway, that does it for today's post, young snail! Did you like it? That sounds a bit intrusive. How about, I hope you liked it! Yeah, that's better. And before you wonder where the Meme of the Day went, remember, I put it way up there as a lame excuse for one because this post was too long? Yeah, sorry. Oh, and sorry there weren't updates in this one, it just got too long so I'll do those next time D: OKAY! Goodbye for real now! I will see you on LEAP DAY!! Byeeeee ~

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  1. catdog347 animal jammerFebruary 25, 2016 at 10:56 AM

    well neros i am the Magical snail who loves to eat rainbows for breakfast. Other wise known as the sparkel snail. OOh loookiee! a rainbow! well i have to go , but what snail are u?


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