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Happy Earth Day everyone!! Today is a very special day to care for our beautiful green and blue planet. We only have one, you know. So let's celebrate by dancing!!
Aww, that bunny is so adorable!! I want to give him a hug! Anyway, today we are going on a tour of Jamaa and looking at the different signs that AJHQ has put up about Earth Day. We are also going to look for different ways to care for Earth! AND PAY ATTENTION! This will be on the quiz at the end. So, let's begin, shall we? Let's start in good ol' Coral Canyons!
Yes, that's right, AJHQ! Earth Day can be as little as picking up a bottle and putting it in the recycling. In 2014, I did something called Daily Deeds for Earth Day, and lots of people participated in it. And the Daily Deeds weren't like solving world hunger or getting rid of all landfills or something outlandish like that, they were just simple things. One person simply picked up trash near a memorial (which is incredibly rude to litter in a memorial). Last year, someone recycled 20 pieces of paper. 2 years ago, someone didn't use too much electricity all day. It's the little things that make a difference in the world!
Here are some lovely Coral Canyons flowers.
Here is an empty Coke can. Now, if you saw those flowers and you had the Diet Coke can in your hand, what would you do?
A. Throw it into the flowers
B. Chuck it into an upcoming garbage can
C. Keep walking and wait to recycle the can

Okay, do you have your answers? Check them in 3...2...1... time's up!
The answer is, of course, C. That was an easy one. Of course you wouldn't throw it into the bushes! That would be littering, and littering is not nice to little animals like chipmunks. Now, chipmunks are usually spotted sitting on a branch in Sarepia Forest in Animal Jam, but what about in real life? What would you do if you saw a chipmunk in real life, sitting on a branch?
A. Throw a rock at it
B. Leave it be
C. Scare it

Okay, do you have your answers? Check them in 3...2...1... time's up!
If your answer was B, then give yourself a point! Disturbing a chipmunk isn't going to do anything. If you do that, you're not going to do anything to the chipmunk because they're much too fast. If anything, the chipmunk might attack YOU. But enough about chipmunks, let's look at the nice poster AJ left for us in Sarepia Forest! Those three things are definitely true. And they're all really easy! Well, planting trees is a little bit harder because you have to get the tree and find a place to plant it, among other things. BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT! Onto the next area!
This is the beautiful hidden elephant statue in Lost Temple of Zios. It is only accessible by flying animals: falcons, owls and eagles. Elephants themselves are beautiful and majestic creatures that are very social and communicate with a special mixture of trumpets, rumbles, and infrasonic sound. They also intertwine trunks as a sign of affection. They communicate and act just like humans do. But I have a hypothetical question for you:
You are working at a zoo. Doesn't matter which zoo, it can be any zoo you like. It recently got a new animal: an elephant! The elephant is a big attraction and people love to see her. But suddenly, she becomes very sad and depressed. What should you do?
A. Feed her lots of food and water
B. Get another elephant at the zoo
C. Close the exhibit so she's not with so many people

Alright, you know the drill. Answers close in 3...2...1... time's up!
The correct answer is B, although A and C would help, but not fix the problem. So if you answered B, give yourself another point! As for the image above, yes! That is so true! There's so many organizations to join if you want to help care for the earth.
Post break: Am I being too bossy? I feel like I am. I'm really sorry if I am. I'm trying to encourage what Animal Jam is saying, not telling you what you have to do. All of this is completely optional, and I'm sure almost all of you do Daily Deeds every day without even thinking about it. Pat yourself on the back, y'all! Okay, back to the post.
I joined an Earth Day organization once, and it was really fun! It was called Everyday Leaders and every Wednesday we would meet up and go pick up trash or learn how to conserve water or something. I was glad that I joined it, because it made me feel like I was helping the world be a greener place. Have you joined anything like that? Tell me down in the comments if you have! Okay, onto the next area!
Ooh, gold and gems in Mt. Shiveer! Pretty, right? Now, I have another hypothetical question for you. If you owned a mining company, and your company went up here, what would you do?
A. Extract the gold and gems carefully with an ice pick
B. Bring out big equipment to Mt. Shiveer and break apart the cliff to see if there's more
C. Admire the precious mineral's shininess, but leave it alone

Okay, you get this process now! Check your answers in 3...2...1... time!
The correct answer is A or C! I mean, I've never had a firsthand experience with a mining company, but I know that breaking apart the cliff and bringing out big equipment like that would cause a lot more damage than it would good. Lots of animal's homes would be destroyed, the equipment would run over various plants that live there, they might shatter the ice... all sorts of bad things. That's what happened in Alaska, when they were drilling for oil. They ruined lots of natural habitats and wildlife that might never go back. It's sad. But anyway, onto the Mt. Shiveer poster! I did not know that, that is so cool. 20 people, all climbing Mt. Everest in honor of Earth Day. That's very inspiring! Those 20 people really live life to the fullest. And that's only one way to live life to the fullest! That's what I love about things like Earth Day, it inspires people to do AWESOME things! Okay, next area.
Huh. That is very interesting. I knew that Earth Day is a relatively new holiday, but I didn't know it was founded because of an oil spill. Well, now I know! Oil spills are horrible, they infect the animals, plants, and the water. It's very depressing when that happens, like in 2010. It took them years to clean the plants and animals, and the water is still infected. Speaking of water, here's another quiz question!
This question is about water, since there's so much water in Crystal Sands. So, imagine you're taking a bath. It is filling up, but the water feels so nice and you want it to fill up all the way, so you can soak more. What should you do?
A. Take a shower instead
B. Wait to fill it up all the way
C. Turn off the water

Got 'em? Okay, check your answers in 3...2...1... time!
The answer is either A or C. Showers use a lot less water than baths, so it's better to take a shower rather than a bath. Or you could just turn off the water early in the bath, but that's not too fun because it doesn't really feel as good. But it is saving water, and everyone needs to do that because we only have 3% of freshwater. Gosh darn saltwater, taking up 97% of our water! We can't drink you! Ugh. Well, onto the next area!
Welcome to Bahari Bay, the area right under Crystal Sands that is full of water and beautiful fish. Now, if you were snorkeling under water and you noticed a dorsal fin such as that in the water, what would you do?
A. Get a speargun from a nearby shop and shoot the shark
B. Get out of the water
C. Scream, kick and yell

Alright, got your answer? 3...2...1...time!
The answer is B. That shark isn't after you, it's after a seal that's there! Sharks only attack humans because they think they are seals. Mostly, the shark will just bite a human's leg, then say "hey, this isn't a seal!", let go and swim off. They don't mean any harm to humans. Jaws got it all wrong. Sharks are actually quite peaceable, if humans would just leave them alone.
Here is the windmill in Kimbara Outback. It is the spot for our last quiz question. Windmills are a great source of energy, they can hook up to electric wires and power your house, if you wanted to. But in this question, you get the choice. Let's say you are running a farm, and your contractor gives you 3 options for power. Which one would you choose?
A. Fossil fuels, like coal, oil and natural gas
B. Electricity, which would be the easiest to hook up
C. Wind or solar energy, energy from the sun and wind

Okay, you have your answers? Great! Be ready to check your final answers and score in 3...2...1... TIME'S UP! Turn in your tests, people! I'm going to grade them! I told you to pay attention.
And here is one last fact about Earth Day you can read while I'm grading your tests. Yes! I knew it was a fairly recent holiday! 1970 is old in the world of most things, but in the world of holidays, it's pretty new. I wonder how many countries celebrate it?
193 countries. Wow. So it has really expanded since 1970. Well, I'm done grading your tests! Here are your results!
7/7 correct- YOU ARE AN ENVIRONMENTAL GENIUS! I bet you have joined a club or group to help care for the Earth. Pat yourself on the back, you really know how to care for the Earth!
6/7 correct- You are also an environmental genius!! Congrats, you are a very green person.
5/7 correct- That's pretty good!! You have some to learn, but overall you know your stuff about Earth Day!
4/7 correct- Okay, okay! Not too bad! You might want to do a little research to look up more about our planet, but good job anyway.
3/7 correct- Oooh, that's not too good. Well, maybe I'll teach you! We'll start with not littering. Nice effort though.
2/7 correct- At least you tried, but you really need to learn about the environment.
1/7 correct-  Yeesh. That is not too good. You REALLY need to learn!
0/7 correct- Are you Donald Trump??

So, I hope you liked that little Earth Day extravaganza. I had fun making it. Happy Earth Day everyone, and have a great day!


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