Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Falcons, Hippos, Lemurs and Other Friendly Jungle Inhabitants

Hey Störsender! That's "Hey Jammers" in German. Think it will stick? No? Well, I'll keep trying in different languages. It's strange how it's just one Störsender, not plural Störsenders. I wonder, what is the translation of "Hey Jammer"?
Huh. It's the same thing. Well, whatever! There is a new update in Animal Jam and we shall explore it. Here is the first page of the Jamaa Journal!
Aww, pet lemurs! So adorable! I love how that first one is kind of dressed up like King Julian from the Penguins of Madagascar! (the show, not the movie)
Okay, they look nothing alike. But they're both lemurs with headgear made from plants! And before you call me out for watching a kid's show, Penguins of Madagascar is funny, okay?? Jeez man, don't make fun of me. *sniff* Anyway, onto the next page of the old Jamaa Journal roonie toonie!
Oh yeah, the April Fool's Party! That's always fun! Is it the same as last year? There's only one way to find out, I guess...
NOPE! Not at all! Completely different! And, if you missed last year's party, I made a tour of the 2014 edition. (SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION FOR THE WIN)
Okay, back to business. This new April Fool's Party is filled with cool new stuff! And a bunch of totally unrealistic landscapes all jumbled into one upside-down castle, like:
The Medical Center!
A school!
An upside down garden!
Ancient Egypt!
And a jungle! Wow, imagine how bewildered someone would be if they accidentally wandered off to this place. "Well, off to school!" "Here's my schoo..." "Did I just wander into Australia?" "No, here's a garden. WAIT, IT'S UPSIDE DOWN?! WHAT DID I HAVE FOR BREAKFAST THIS MORNING??" That would not be good for the psychological health of schoolchildren. Well, if they get bored, there's always the tiny one-seat movie theater, right next to the ice castle.
At least there's plenty of snacks! And there's no room for someone to stand and sell the snacks, so I guess they're free. You can also buy a bunch of crazy stuff like....
A strange four-fingered glove!
A legged vortex flying carpet with wings? I guess so. It can walk and fly at the same time!
The stuff nightmares are made out of!
And last but not least, a ...tooth chair? What even! Animal Jam, why you so random? They have really stepped up their game this year for weird things you can buy at the April Fool's Party. Weird and scary things.
Ughh. *shudder* Anyway, if you wanted to see the full set of items, here they are!
And of course, they all have crazy prices, like 544 gems or 481 gems, or 314 gems... hey wait, 314 gems? That's the first digits of pi! I wonder if they did that on purpose. They probably didn't, the item that is 314 gems is a banana chair, not a pie chair or something. Okay, that does it for my tour of the April Fool's Party! Time to go on to the next page.
Oooh, a new animal! Falcons!! It's strange that they're coming out in April, not February. A new flying animal was released the last two Februaries: eagles in February 2014, owls in February 2015. Why not falcons in February 2016? But it doesn't really matter, they'll still be fun animals to have!! We only have 2 flying animals, so this is relatively groundbreaking in the world of Animal Jam. Falcons are gonna be great. Onto the next page of the Jamaa Journal!
Awesome! 2 new Animal Jam updates!! You can now search for gifts or items you're going to trade, and that is BEAUTIFUL! Whenever I would go into someone's trade list, I would always scroll and scroll and scroll, and it would take forever to find what I wanted (because I have way too many items.) Also, we can now recycle multiple items at once! Let's go check that out.
Neato! You can select however many items you want and it will tell you your profit down below! Because it's all about dat money. I like this update also because it tells you how much an item will give you before you recycle it.
It did that before in the old version, but now it's SO MUCH simpler. Okay, on to the last 2 pages of the JJ!
Oh noes D: Deers are leaving! We will miss you, deers. Hopefully they will be back before the clock strikes 13. Actually, that's 1:00 PM in army time. Huh, I should really think through these things before I say them. Well, too late! Also, you can now get pet hippos! Aww, they're so cuuute! Just look at that little hippo!
Oh good lord! Man, he can really open his mouth! That's impressive! It kind of looks like he's opening his mouth to tell on his sibling.
And look at that crazy tooth! That is nasty! It looks like a rotten, twisted zucchini!
Well. That took a totally different turn, as it always does on this blog. Anyway! Onto this week's RIM! I know it's Wednesday, but I have a story regarding it, so I decided to feature it. Here it is!
Hey, doesn't that look familiar? It probably does for long-time fans of AJP. Well, not that long-time, just 11 months. Explanation time! I know, you're like "WTF? Neros is going crazy again.", so here is an explanation! In May 2015, I published a little post called "Neros Tries To Recolor An Item", where I was a little miffed by the fact that AJ keeps releasing recolored items as RIMs, so I decided to recolor an item myself! And guess what? It was this very item! Here is my version:
And here's their version:
HOLY COW. Did they listen to me or something? Look at that, they're both purple with dark purple stripes! My version is a darker purple, but still. Also, the circles around the spikes/horns are green in both versions! The spikes and dots in mine are pink and theirs are light blue, but other than that, they look pretty similar! Except for, of course, my version looks like it was drawn by a blindfolded potato. And theirs has the usual Animal Jam artist touch. Maybe I should do this again! Next post, though. That one will hopefully be published next Monday. In other news, it's time for the ol' Meme of the Day!
This is kind of funny! That happens all the time in my class, because the people in my class won't shut up. No offense, people in my class, but it's true. Who am I kidding? No one from my school looks at my blog! I CAN SAY ANYTHING I WANT!! I'M AS FREE AS A BIRD!! HAHAHA!!

That was a little weird. Back to the meme! It's like, if you don't want to hear voices, then maybe you should get a better teaching style or ignore them? You're not deaf! You're going to hear voices! Anyway, I hope you liked this post! I finished it relatively quickly, in 3 days. And I know, some people are going to say that that is pathetic compared to other blogs who post every day, but here's 4 reasons why it's not before I go.
  1. I GOT STUFF TO DO! Like school and violin and stuff! But after all that, this is my first priority.
  2. I ONLY GOT ONE AUTHOR! All those other blogs have lotsa authors! But I'm fine with just having me as the author, I don't really want to hand ownership to other people, no offense.
  3. MY POSTS ARE HUMONGOUS! In 2013, I had really short posts and then I could post every day. But now I write big ones, and that obviously takes longer.
  4. I TAKE MY TIME! I spend a while writing out all the silly jokes and words in each post, so it takes longer.
Okay! Now it is time for me to go. Again, I hope you liked this and I will see you guys next time! Bye ~


  1. catdog347 animal jammerApril 7, 2016 at 1:39 PM

    wow you posted so fast! Awesome Sause! cool beans? lol... anywhoooo... how is your day going? well mines doing okie and stuff. and with the posting thingy... i think that u post just the right amount of times and stuff cause i cant go on the computer ever day and when i miss a day or more i have to go back and read everything i missed which can be hard if i am gone for like 5 days or something cause i want to read them in order and stuff and your posting has perfect spacing inbetween posts. on a other note do you go on youtube? if so then do ya have any fave channels or what ever.

  2. umm not to be a stalker or anything but how old are you. like if u dont want to say maybe you could like say you r like 10-12 12-14 15-17 that would be cool

    1. No, it's fine! I'm 13 years old.

  3. Dat guy dat licks katz (Who has a real account but don't want to sign in so spend time writing so much stuff <<<)April 12, 2016 at 12:15 AM

    Cool post-dat hippo bee liek: "MOMM BOB BIT ME!!!111ONE!!!111!!!!!!!" XD
    Anyways, it's OK that you don't post 100000010203848295892 times a year, cause all your post are long and more interesting than "Hi jammers todays item is a cactus hat bye jammers" posts. Lel that meme doe. "Class, does anybody know why I hear people talking?" *Somebody gets picked* "'Cause you have ears?" XDDD I probably find it much funnier than other people. MUST SKIP LINE TO MAKE MY COMMENT SEEM SHORT


    Oml i just found a rock that lookslike a potato C:
    I name it Neros junior.
    Or Neros123 junior.
    Or Potatoneros.
    Yaaa Potatoneros!

    1. Dat guy dat licks katz (Who is very confused by what happened up there cause the () bit is all messed up with weird signs liek did aliens change the thing or what)April 12, 2016 at 12:17 AM

      What the potato happened there ^^^^^^?


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