Monday, April 18, 2016

High Heels, Provolone, and Daisy Head Maisy?! Explanation Time!

Hey Jammers! This is just an update post to let you know about a few things. No, my computer's not dead yet again, I just needed to update you guys on some cool stuff that has happened to this blog recently. So! Thing #1!
So, if you're a person who pays attention to tiny little details and have read my blog for a while, you may have noticed that in my older posts from 2013, at the end of every post it said "Posted by neros1234". Then in 2014, there was a mix between "Posted by Neros Animaljam" and "Posted by neros1234". And ever since July it's been just "Posted by Neros Animaljam". Man, that was a really boring paragraph! Anyway, the reason that happened was this:

When I first joined Blogger, I had to use my school account because that was the only thing I had, and that username was neros1234. But then I got my own email later, which was great! And I removed my school account in case someone from the district was watching. Like a hawk. A hawk with sunglasses.
But unfortunately I had to use stinky ol' Google+ instead of a Blogger profile, and my name for that was Neros Animaljam. I wasn't too happy about that because, ya know, my original Animal Jam username is neros1234. But today, I found out how to change it back to Blogger! Which is great because I can update all of the outdated/embarrassing stuff I wrote on my original Blogger profile back in April 2013. See if you can tell the difference between the two: (click them to enlarge)
They're pretty much the same, except for the bottom one doesn't have any blogs, and it has way more profile views. Anyway, I just kinda wanted to tell you guys that story. If you thought it was interesting, that's fine. If you thought it was really boring, that's fine too. Either way, we are going on to Thing #2!
First of all, you guys are INCREDIBLE. Remember back in July, when I was all excited to reach 3,000 views in a month? (which is still insane, I can't believe how awesome you people are!) Well, take a look at the pageviews now!
In December, you guys completely blew 3,000 out of the water with July's pageview count PLUS 500 more! Pat yourselves on the back, that is incredible. But you guys did more amazing stuff in the next few months. Just check out January!
FOUR THOUSAND VIEWS?! HOLY COW! You guys are so awesome, I'm so proud of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! But here's the real kicker, in February...
WOWIE WOW WOW! 5 AND A HALF THOUSAND?! That is unbelievable. I cannot even fathom that amount of people. It may not seem like a lot, compared to bigger people who get 5,500 views or more per day, but just to put it in perspective- AJP got 6,000 views in all of 2013. In the entire YEAR of 2013, and now you guys got almost that ain't in ONE MONTH! That is phenomenal. Just imagine 6,000 people in a room all together, reading something that you have created.  That's crazy, man, but crazy in a very good way. I feel so lucky and grateful to have such a caring and lovely fanbase. Sorry I'm gushing so much over this- I'm not saying "hooray for me, I got a lot of views"- I am congratulating you guys for being so AWESOME!! As I've said before, I would be nowhere without you guys. If you weren't so supportive and nice to me, I wouldn't be here writing these posts. And it's so cool that we reached 3 milestones in 3 months, all in a row!! So I just wanted to express my utter gratitude for sticking with this blog and motivating me to keep going. Anyway! Onto Thing #3!
So, as you might know, I was making a calendar for 2016 in November, but I didn't finish the pages until January, and my dad still hasn't helped me set up the whole thing. Back in November, I had a poll up that was "What is your favorite piece of AJP art?" and now I have "Will you buy my 2016 calendar when it hits stores?" but it expired months ago. Anyway, now I am postponing it, so I'm sorry if you were kinda looking forward to it. I'm sorry I troubled you all with the poll and stuff when it wasn't even going to happen this year. I really am sorry. But now it is a 2017 calendar! I will most likely start selling it in November. 
This doesn't have anything to do with the blog, but I won my class, school and district spelling bee! It was really cool, the Scripps US National Spelling Bee has 5 rounds- class, where you are up against people from your class; school, you're up against people from your school; district, where you're up against people from your district (you get the picture); and the final round- national. And I competed in 4 out of 5 of those rounds!! It was so fun and exciting to do. I still can't believe I won. I was number 36, by the way, and I got out on the word "provolone". Although it's not entirely my fault, the guy pronounced it "provolon-ie". I'm used to hearing it pronounced "provol-one". So I got it wrong, whoops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So that was my spelling bee experience. I hope you don't think I'm bragging, I've never made it this far in the spelling bee before so I just wanted to share that with y'all. Okay, onto Thing #5!

AJP has 69,000 views.
Hee hee hee! I'm sorry, I have the maturity of a fourth grader. That is hilarious to me. It might not be for you, because you have a more mature sense of humor, but I just can't not laugh when someone says 69. Okay, onto some AJ-ness! Here are the latest 2 RIMs, plus my recolored version of one because I did say I was going to recolor an RIM again. So, without further ado, here we go!
Well! It's a plant that you can grow on your head! For 950 gems! Strange choice, if you ask me. You can become like Daisy Head Maisy!
Except this Animal Jam flower looks like Daisy Head Maisy's been living in a dumpster for a couple weeks. Oh man, that flower is going to wilt and die real fast. Eugh, who would want to buy it? Oh well. Does this week's RIM look more promising?
Nope, and to tell you the truth, these look hideous. Well, it's not the truth, but it's my opinion and probably someone else's, too. Man, those colors really clash. And why are the shoes so high? High heels are supposed to be flat at the front, tall at the back, right? I don't know, I've never worn them. I'm going to draw my interpretation of high heels, and then Google it and see what they really look like.
Okay, that was probably the worst drawing I've ever done. It doesn't look like a high heel in the least bit, but you get my idea, right? The tall bit where your heel goes in the back, and the flat part where your toes go in the front. Okay, now let's see what Google has to say.
Hmm. That's very different than me or AJ's drawings. But Animal Jam was wrong! The front part is flat, not raised up! Also, they don't have a sandal strap at the top. Wait... I'm now realizing that AJ's version is one for a short 6-year old, not a 35-year old woman going to a fancy party or something. That is a good choice, AJ. You win this round. I did find something funny when I was searching for that, a YouTube channel called SavageCracker. I want to subscribe to a savage cracker! Well, it's time for me to recolor another item!
I'm doing the Arm Cuffs because they have very bland colors. Here's my version:
Ain't it pretty? I know, right! I especially love the bright magenta, that is A+. I wonder what AJ will do if they make the Rare Arm Cuffs. Alright, time for another Memeotday!!
Yikes. I would hate to be that game show contestant. He looks like he's concentrating so hard on the question! The person who read the question must have had to repeat all the answers so many times, I know that I wouldn't understand that the first time. If he answered A, they would have said "no, the first letter of the alphabet is not C" and if he answered C, they would say the same thing. Someone doesn't want him to win indeed... 
Well, that's all I have for today! I hope you liked this post! See you next time, where I will actually do some AJ!


  1. catdog347 animal jammerApril 19, 2016 at 7:48 PM

    congrats on the huge view number! i could never write a blog i am the worst at spelling... u could probully tell by reading my comments and stuff but meh... and i am the same way about the number 69...


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