Monday, May 30, 2016

AJP's Birthday Celebration and 70,000 VIEWS?!

Хей заглушители! That is "Hey Jammers" in Bulgarian. And do you know why? Because we have a new country added to this blog's roster, Bulgaria!!
What a beautiful country!
Woop woop! Welcome, Bulgaria! Another awesome thing is that someone from ALL 6 LIVEABLE CONTINENTS HAS VIEWED AJP! And in just over a month. You see, ever since April 9th, I've been counting the countries that have viewed AJP (there's a little stat counter that tells you that), and I've been able to add FIFTY-ONE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES to that list, including Bulgaria. That is frickin' INSANE. All 3 main countries from North America have viewed my blog, lots of countries from Europe have, Australia has a number of times, Brazil makes frequent appearances, and now- someone from South Africa viewed it. Making my blog seen on 6 different continents. And then, just a few days later, I got a view from Kenya! This blog is international, baby!! What a great birthday present! Speaking of birthdays, you guys voted, and you made your choice. You could vote from these four choices:
And a certain one won in a landslide.
Wow, okay, well I guess we're doing an extra special segment!! But the question is, which one? Should I ask you guys in another poll? Should I make a poll somewhere else? Should I leave it up to random chance? TOO MANY CHOICES!! You know what, let's do a little bit of all of them. Why not? We'll start with Emoticon Friday, because I haven't done that in forever! (Seriously. It's been almost 7 months. I am pathetic.) I don't even care that it's not Friday! So... you know what time it is!

1. 5_5  Crossing/rolling eyes (or dead)
2. V_O  Adorable/paranoid (or dead)
3. +_+  Mime (or dead)
4. /\_/\  Adorable (or dead)
5. 8_8  Spider eyes (or dead)

So there you go! You now have 5 brand-new emoticons that double as dead people! You're welcome. Okay, the next segment on our agenda is another episode of Mailtime!
Yep, the summer Mailtime logo is coming back! Summer is here once again! Also, Animal Jam changed their algorithm for Jam-a-Grams. You can now have more than 200 of them at a time!! Yaay! Okay, here is our first Jam-a-Gram.
Aww, what a sweet and nice card! You know, it's things like these that really make me feel good about Animal Jam-
Well then. That was the fastest mood swing I've ever heard. Translated into English, I'm pretty sure that says "So, not. You are not. That's okay because I'm going to knock you out." I think I might start locking my windows at night! Jeez, dude, if someone doesn't respond to you, don't threaten them! That is probably the worst course of action! Jeez. Okay, next Jam-a-Gram!
Oh no, not you again. I want a new person! Next Jam-a-Gram!
AHHH! No! Stop with the Jam-a-Grams, coolperson777! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! You already threatened to make me unconscious, and now you're asking me again as if nothing happened! I WILL NOT STOOP TO YOU, COOLPERSON777!
COOLPERSON777, NOOOO!! STOP! What will make it stop? There is only one solution. It's drastic, but drastic times call for drastic measures.
Maybe that will fix things. Please, just stop coolperson777.

Whoever you are.

This is Neros, signing out.

TROLLED! Nah, I'm not just going to stop the post right here! We haven't even gotten to the 70,000 views part! Coolperson777 wasn't even sending me those, by the way. I just didn't want to reveal the actual sender's name in case they send more death threats to me. (Because, unfortunately, all of those JAGs were real, just not from coolperson777.) However, there is a real coolperson777 on Animal Jam, but please don't give them trouble because of this post. That would not be good. Anyway, onto the next section- Ask:Reply!

Here is our first comment.
It sure is. Look at this cutie!
Aww, it's so cute! Or she. Or he. I'm not really sure, since I just found that gif on Google Images. Either way, it's so adorable!! Okay, next comment.
Yes!! Yes, this is actually a great segue! So, by now you've most likely seen 2016's freshest meme so far.
And yes, it's pretty great. I don't think it will have the longevity of Pepe, but it's still a pretty great meme. Now, I don't normally talk about memes on this blog, but this one is special. This one is unique. Because I have already used this meme on here way before it became a meme!!
You see, in late September 2015, I made just another post. It wasn't anything special, I think it got 35 or 40 views when it first came out. Not too bad, not too good. I had no idea that the image I used in it would later become a dank meme! Here's the backstory: last year, I was really into making animations. I made one for Earth Day, AJP's birthday, Fourth of July, and...this...
But that's beside the point. I wanted to make another animation for that post, and I don't know what made me think of unicycling frogs, but I decided to create an animation about Sally The Frog.
And then, I wanted to find a funny/creepy gif from the internet of a unicycling frog to match mine, and I remember I had to really search. I was getting frustrated and thought I would just scrap the whole thing. And then, I found it. My light at the end of the tunnel! The perfect funny/creepy gif of a unicycling frog!
Anyway, now that post is getting hundreds of views, which is awesome!! It has also been referenced by people. Here's a random Twitter user that directly linked my blog, which alone is really awesome!!
Apparently it's also been referenced on the Naruto forums, which I have never heard of. That is very strange, but whatever. Next comment!
Apparently the mascots of my blog were having a tussle. Who are you rooting for? I am rooting for the Amazing Puffball! Defeat the tago! Quickly, before... OH NO!!
AHHH!! THIS IS WORSE THAN A NORMAL TAGO! It's a notorious... GOLDEN SHINY TAGO!! What will I do?! It's going to come after me! First it will laser me with its golden shiny eye, then it will kick me with its golden shiny leg, and then it will eat me with its golden shiny teeth! WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?!
But of course! The Wavy Green Can of Doom! Why didn't I think of that before? It waves and bends those golden tagos so that they're so small they're like harmless hermit crabs! You're going down, golden shiny tago!
Haha! Not so scary now, are you, tago? I think we know who won this battle. Okay, now for our last segment. (Well, technically second-to-last.) No, I am not doing a Journey Book because those take too darn long. So that leaves Game Spotlight!
I know, that was the best intro image you've ever seen. I am great at photo editing. But anyway, today's game is a Summer Carnival game! It's actually the only Summer Carnival game I'm good at. It's Phantom Ball!
Fun fact: this game was one of the original three carnival games at the first Summer Carnival in summer 2012! (Well, besides the cotton candy machine. That's always been there.) The other two were Whack-a-Phantom and Candy Catch. But back to Phantom Ball! It's based on the real-life carnival game Skee Ball, where you throw balls and try to get them into slots so you can  rack up more points, which give you tickets. Then you can get a lame prize at the prize counter! Anyway, this version is a lot like real-life Skee Ball, although instead of white balls you use balls painted to look like phantoms. (Or maybe they're really phantoms?! O.o) The game costs 5 gems to play, as every Summer Carnival game, and then you are greeted with this screen:
The blue arrow goes back and forth, and you click when it's in a direction you want. Then, it will start lighting up like this:
That's the frequency. If you want the ball to go super fast, click when the bar is completely lit up. If you want the ball to go slowly, then click when the bar isn't lit up much.
The goal of the game is to get the most points, and the easiest way to do that is to get the double spaces. Once per ball, a random space lights up. If you get the ball into that space, it will add a number to your multiplier (shown below)
For example, if your multiplier was at x1, and you got a ball into the lit-up space, then your multiplier will change to x2. Then, every single ball after that will be double the points!! Cool, right? Then, if you get another ball into a double space, it will change to x3, and then every ball after that will be triple the points! You can keep doing that for as long as you like, and then you get these kinds of tickets:
Like I said, it's the only Summer Carnival game I'm good at because I know the secret to getting a lot of points. In other games I get these kinds of tickets:
I hope this helped you with your Phantom Ball endeavors! Are you guys good at the other games? You're probably better than me, I suck at them. If you know the secret to getting loads of points in Candy Catch, Whack-a-Phantom, Carnival Darts, or Dunk-a-Phantom then please tell me in the comments! You don't have to, of course. I can't make you do anything. But that would be nice! Okay, onto something serious...? Maybe it will be serious? I don't really know.

As you have probably guessed from the title, AJP HAS 70,000 VIEWS!! And I am REALLY late to the party. It's almost June, and we hit 70,000 in late April. I'm so sorry I was lazy and didn't make a post about it earlier. But anyway, THAT'S SO AWESOME!! What a great birthday gift for AJP.
We just hit 60,000 in February! And now, less than 3 months later, another 10,000 views. That is pretty nuts. Thank you all so much!! Plus, only a month has gone by and there's another 3,750 views on here. Soon we'll have 80,000! I can't believe how much this blog has grown in the last 3 years. 3 years ago, I wasn't much- no one really looked at my blog, I didn't try very hard, and the view counter was low. But now... wow. I'm so grateful to all of you!! But enough sappy stuff. Time for the birthday gifts! According to Wikipedia, we should all give AJP some leather.
But leather is gross, in my opinion! This is a blog about a game about animals, and leather is the skin of dead animals! That is barbaric. So why don't we give AJP some paper? It is a writing blog, after all! And people write on paper! Yeah, that's a great idea. Everyone give AJP some paper! But in the meantime, it's time for our Meme of the Day.
It's the year's memeist movie! Dat Boi Movie! The spiritual successor to the Bee Movie, part of the Holy Trinity of Memes!
Boi o boi, the Dat Boi movie is sure to be the summer's dankest movie. Are you gonna go see it? I sure am! Anyway, I hope you liked this post!! It was longer than normal, because of the 3rd birthday celebration. See you next time, and happy birthday again to AJP!!


  1. OMG! Go to Aparri's New Trading System? video and skip to 0:19. There's a masterpiece of Mr. Frogalicious On The Magical Glitter Farting Unicycle saying "Waddup boi!" (this is true.)

  2. this has nothing to do with this post but... Do you know aout these amazing people: dan and phil? they are the best thing in the world and you must check them out on youtube if you havent. dans channle is danisnotonfire and phils channel is amazingphil. please do check them out but i will warn you after you join the phandom you might never leave

    1. So, you're asking me if I've HEARD of Dan and Phil? Girl, I saw them live last night. That's right, I went to TATINOF with my friends, and it was amazing. Of course I'm part of the phandom!! I've been a HUGE fan of them for the past 3 years. I'm probably even a bigger fan than you.
      Also, have you gone to TATINOF yet? If not, you really should, it's incredible!!

    2. YASSS I HAVE SOME ONE TO PHAN GIRL WITH!!! U R SOOOO LUCKY TO GET TO GO... i live like in the middle of nowhere and my mom and dad dont understand how amazing dan and phil are so they wont drive me or let me go on a plane or something. anyway i may be about the same level as u in phangirlingness. i mean i have been a phfor 3 years like you. i have almost watched all of their videos.(i am gonna watch all of them over the summer) anyway who is your favorite one? i cant really choose it depends on my mood really... i am the phangirl commenter person i felt like knowing if you were a phangirl and felt that phangirl was a better name than catdog347 for that question. anyway ummm dan and phil is like 50 percent of my living life since i was ten years old. on a unrealated note thank you soooooo much for getting me into owl city i probually would have never heard of them which would have runed my live in 48 different ways and ya i dont really know wat else to say. ( sorry it is like 3 am and my brain isnt working so i may be a little crazy and have horrible spelling and stuff well i think i better go to bed know i have school...) BYE, CATDOG347

    3. AWESOME!! I'm so glad I have someone else who likes Dan and Phil as much as me! Sorry I was being rude in that last comment, I didn't know that we have the same amount of phangirliness!! It's too bad you can't go see them live. :'( Maybe they'll come to your town someday? Also, you're welcome for getting you into Owl City!! Adam Young is a really good singer and artist and he makes amazing music. What is your favorite Dan and Phil video? Mine is probably the Photo Booth Challenge because it was so hilarious :D

    4. hmm... I think maybe my favorite is the philisnotonfire videos. I would choose one but they are all great. And i really like the day in the life one's basically i like all of their videos... On a different subject what is your favorite Owl City song? So far i think my favorite is "Good Time" i haven't got to listen to them all yet cause school and stuff, you know how it is. Anyway phil just posted got to go!


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