Sunday, June 26, 2016

Floating Pigs and The RETURN of the Party Hat Beggars!

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Hey störsändare! That's "Hey Jammers" in Swedish. It sounds a lot like "hey Störsender", in German. Weird! Do you think "Hey störsändare" will stick? No, me neither. Here's a Swedish fact! "Cookie" is "kaka" in Swedish, but it's pronounced like "conch", as in conch shell.
I learned that from PewDiePie! See, you do learn stuff from YouTube! Anyway, on with the post. I was gone on a 12 day road trip, from the 8th to the 19th, so I was away from the Internet, and away from Animal Jam. In that time, I got 3 weekly diamonds to add to the fact that I have way too many already:
Plus, I got 29 emails and 7 of them were comments from you guys. Thanks for commenting so much!! In addition to all of that, I got a LOT of Jam-a-Grams and a LOT of messages on my Jammer Wall. So let's read them!
Okay, our first Jam-a-Gram comes from dogzrulez8. (Yes, that is actually their username.)
I'm kinda confused at this Jam-a-Gram. What does it mean?? See, this is why it's best to use punctuation in sentences. Are they saying "Buddy me, and also can I use your River Race?" or "Buddy me, so I can go to your den and use your River Race" or "Buddy me, and then give me your River Race." I'M SO CONFUSED!! My den is unlocked, the last time I checked.
Also, I don't have River Race. I just talked about it in a post last September. So that just adds to the confusion! AHHH! If you can understand what they're trying to say, please explain it because I don't. Okay, onto the next Jam-a-Gram!
Oh no. Not another confusing one! This problem might be solved if Animal Jam would let us write what we want. Or maybe people just need to learn how to use grammar properly. That's probably it. But whatever, let's try to figure this out. "Epic den of the month" is the easiest part to understand, and "bingo" is probably "blog". So is it "I like your epic den of the month picture on blog"? Even still, that doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's "I like the Epic Den of the Month pictures on your blog". But what does the "to" mean? I will figure this out later. If they're complimenting my Epic Den of the Month page, thanks!! Otherwise, I'm not sure what they're trying to say. So onto the next one!
Aww, thank you! That's so nice! EpicRabbit25 is a person who commented a lot on AJP last summer. Thanks for coming back and sticking around, EpicRabbit! Alright, onto the next Jam-a-Gram!
Wow! A gift, for me? You really didn't have to do that. Thank you, though! Let's see what it is.
WOWIE WOW WOW! A Rare Scary Cat Hat! That's a tongue twister. Rare Scary Cat Hat! Rare Scary Cat Hat! Try saying that a lot of times fast. You know what, I like this Rare Scary Cat Hat so much that I'm going to put it on!
Well, that was fun. I think I'll put my regular New Year's Party Hat back ooooo- OH NO!

So, if you haven't guessed by now, I have a problem. Well, it's not me that's causing the problem, but there is a problem that happens to me. And it has to do with my New Year's Party Hat! You see, I put it on my eagle's head this morning, and then went on Animal Jam for maybe 30 minutes. And in that time, I got Jam-a-Grams from 5 DIFFERENT PEOPLE begging if they could have it. That's crazy! But this used to happen to me incessantly. You see, a while back I used to get Jam-a-Grams like the ones above all the time, begging for my blue and white New Year's Party Hat. (If you'd like to see evidence of that, just look at my Mailtime posts from April 2015 to February 2016.) But then I didn't get them for a long while. I went a good 4 months without getting a single begging Jam-a-Gram. And then today, when I put it on, people go crazy! I hope you don't think I'm being whiny, because I'm pretty sure this happens to you guys too if you have a rare/special item, and people ask if they can have it all the time. I just want the beggars to know that I'm not trading it! I got it 4 years ago, in January 2012, for my Monthly Member Gift and I'm not giving it up again. Yes, again. I actually traded it once before. Here's the story of that:

So, that blue New Year's Party Hat has been my favorite item, ever since I got it in January 2012. I wear it almost all the time. But one time, I pretty much gave it away! It was December 2012, and I saw someone with a Rain Cloud on their trade list. I really wanted that Rain Cloud, so I made a trade request with my best item, which at the time was my Party Hat. I didn't think they'd accept, but they instantly did before I could cancel it. So, I had a rain cloud, but not my New Year's Party Hat! Eventually I got it back by trading a rare fox hat and rare bow and arrows, and that's the one I've had all these years. Anyway! Let's move on to something else! Good lord, I've been rambling for ages! There is one more thing I wanted to say. I got all this information from the diary I kept a while back, specifically 2 entries from December 2012. Here they are:
This is from 12/1/2012. Sorry it's hard to read.
Yeah, I know I have the crappiest webcam in the world, and those are really bad drawings, but you get the picture. Okay, onto something else! I have noticed 2 new things on the Animal Jam login screen. Here's the first one:
This is in the bottom right corner. Has that always been there? It probably has, and I'm just not observant enough. I clicked on it, thinking it was a little hidden Easter egg for members, but nah. It just brought me to the Animal Jam membership page. Here's is the second thing I noticed:
Woah! Jammer Security Check?! That was never there before! Did I do something wrong, or does this happen to everyone? I'm going to google this.

Okay, so apparently it's a feature that was added in April and it happens to someone once they've typed their password wrong too many times. That's weird though, because I know my password and I haven't typed it in wrong. Huh. Well anyway, I have something cool to show you! So, there's this website called "Free Video Tool", where you write your website link and then choose the type of website it is, and it creates a free promotional video for you. For the category, I put News because that's the category it fits into the most. Then it created my video as promised, and here is the final result:
HAHAHAHA!! That is the most false video I have ever seen! "Unbiased view of professional journalism"? Pfft. There is absolutely no professional journalism here! Also, "Be the first to know about latest events!" Sure, when I post about new updates in Animal Jam 2 weeks after they're released! (I'm kidding. I actually do love AJP and you guys.) So obviously, that category doesn't work. Well, there's 75 more to choose from, so how Web Development?
 Nope. That doesn't work. People don't pay me to create their website. Okay, I guess it's not the best for creating a great promotional video that I can use. If you want to mess around with it yourself, you can click here to go to their website. (It is actually free, which I was surprised about.) Okay, onto the main portion of this post! (Yeah, all of that before was just the follow-up to the main part of this post. I write too much.) It is... the 2 latest Jamaa Journals!! Let's begin, shall we?
HOORAY! PIGS ARE HERE! But you probably already knew that, because they've been out for 2 weeks now. But whatever, pigs are here!! Let's check 'em out!
Aww, it's so adorable!! And- wait a second. Something's missing. Something's...different. Is it the background? No, still green. Is it the animal itself? Well, of course that's different. But there's something else... I know! The price tag! It's only 5 diamonds, that's great news! But why would they discount just the pigs? Members have plenty of diamonds to get 10. Unless... unless pigs are nonmember!! PIGS ARE NONMEMBER!!!
She's kind of evading that speech bubble there. She's like "I didn't say that!" Also, I called her Miss Desertllama because she's obviously a desert llama. Oh wait, I already used that joke 3 years ago with my Snow Leopard. Oh well. Did you know that pigs are the FIRST EVER diamond animal to be nonmember?! And they are the FIRST nonmember animal in OVER THREE YEARS! That's right! The last one was sea turtles, and they became nonmember in November 2012. That was a loooong time ago in the world of Animal Jam. Pigs are new, even in the realm of Diamond Shop ITEMS! Here are all the nonmember Diamond Shop items in all of Diamond Shop history:

That is not a lot of items. So pigs are especially monumental in Animal Jam! Plus, they're at a discounted price, which is great. Plus, they're supernatural.
Wait, WHAT?! I hear you saying. Well yes, my young snail! This pig is clearly floating in its profile picture in the bottom left corner of the Animal Jam screen. Its feet aren't even touching the ground! How did it do that? I have no clue! Ask the pig!

Okay, well we learned that pigs are TERRIBLE at making puns, but we didn't learn why they are floating. Maybe you can ask a pig why it is floating. Okay! Onto the second page of last week's Jamaa Journal!
Oh boy, it's all about painting! There's a new store and a new item and everything. It's in Coral Canyons. Let's go check it out!
Oh, it's a cute little shop. How quaint and adorable! What can you buy in this shop?
Oh wow! It has 2 different currencies in the same shop! That's new! This update is just full of breakthroughs. Also, there's another nonmember diamond item!! So that makes 6 items and 1 animal! That's a start, at least. Plus, the Painter's Easel itself is a breakthrough. You can now paint a Masterpiece from the safety of your own den, without having to go out int the real world and have interactions with other people! Wow, it's just like me. But anyway, I'm going to buy this thing and see what it's all about.
There it is, in my den! I made it so people will have to go across the river or climb up some rickety rocks to get to it. HA HA HA! Meanwhile, my gecko looks like he's drowning.

Wow, I'm all about the really big images today. Oh well, what was I talking about? Oh right, the Painting den item! Here's what pops up when you click on the Easel.
So you can either click the tiny i, or the giant PAINT! button. Let's click the tiny i!
Oh, it's just boring rules. Well, that does it for that page! I think we've explored every nook and cranny and crook and nanny about that one, so let's move on to more pages!
SAPPHIRES?! Every page just gets wilder and wilder! There's so many revolutionary features in this Jamaa Journal! So first they have gems, then they have diamonds, and now they have SAPPHIRES?! But only in the Play Wild app. So if you don't have that (like me), then sapphires don't affect you. If you do have the app, what is it like? Is it similar to Animal Jam? Is it drastically different? If you have an extra second, could you tell me because I'd like to know. Okay, now I'm going to skip ahead to the latest Jamaa Journal because the rest of the previous edition is not very interesting. It's mostly just returning stuff. So onto the next JJ!
Huh. It's a spiked wristband/collar sale. I guess I should be more excited, because they almost never have one of these, but I don't know. I've never really got the whole craze over spiked items. Even 3 1/2 years ago, I thought they looked ridiculous, especially on lions. Here's some screenshots I took in early January 2013, showing just how goofy they look!
Look at how silly they look! The spiked collar is like 3 times bigger than their whole body. Imagine wearing that in real life! Turning around would be so clunky, the collar would keep bumping into everything!
*BUMP* Sorry. *CRASH* Oh, sorry about that. *WHAM* Oh no. *BOOM* I'm so sorry. *CLUNK*  Oh no, sorry about that vase.
That would be hilarious! So anyway, that's how I feel about spiked items. Here are the spiked items in stores now:
And even after all that, and what I feel about them, I just decided to buy one in case it can get me a better item in the future. But look how ridiculous my seal looks with one, too!
He's eating the collar! His mouth is literally on the outside of the collar!! Oh my goodness. They are so silly. Well, today (Sunday the 26th) is the last day to buy one, so if you want one make sure to pick it up. Meanwhile, let's move on to the next page!
Well, that's new. Man, this Jamaa Journal is full of breakthroughs too! Now they're pixelating a den?! I gotta check this out.
Congratulations, you made Minecraft: the den. Was that what they were going for? Maybe they were going for a Crossy Road theme, cause it looks more like that style.
That's actually an interesting idea, combining the 2.5D of the den and the 3D of the animals and items. I should get that den and explore it. Maybe I'll do a tour of it, like I did with the Beach House last May. But not right now, this post has already gone on too long. So onto the next page we go!
Oh, pet penguins are on sale! That's nice! Also, Fourth of July is coming up quick. If you live outside of the US, it probably doesn't matter to you, but you can still enjoy the Freedom Party. I'm aways surprised at how small the Freedom Party is. There really isn't much space to move around. Here was the 2013 Freedom Party:
And it hasn't changed at all since then. I wonder if they will have the Freedom Mohawk again. Remember? It was free last year! 0 gems! People were buying a crap-ton of Freedom Mohawks because they weren't paying a single gem. Speaking of Fourth of July, I'm going to publish n announcement post on Fourth of July, discussing a few changes on here. Alright, onto the next page!
HOLY COW! A NEW ROOM?! HECK YEAH!! I actually spawned here a lot of times, but let's check it out anyway.
There is the opening to the Wild Explorers Tent, featuring a scary looking pig who is also a hero. Blossom Tinyhero and Juniper Thehero, ready to save the day! Anyway, let's go inside the tent.
Wow, it's so big and spacious! And it has really nice interior decorations, too. I love this place! You can watch Wild Explorers videos, or you could print out a coloring page from the table.
There are also 3 pets in the room, a lizard (did they get it from Crystal Sands?), a clownfish (did they get it from Crystal Reef?), and a phantom in a cage. I'm glad it's in a cage, because phantoms are not very nice in my experience.
Now, that's completely unnecessary, Sparkle! You don't need to taunt the phantom because it's in a cage. Yeah, they're evil, but be civil. Here's something else I noticed in the tent:
There it is, above the lizard enclosure. A Cami's Frog. What do you think it's there for? Eh, probably just there for decoration. Still, that is a little weird. Alright, onto the next page!
Every page just blows me away!! Another totally new feature?! Wowo! (That wasn't a typo, I meant to say wowo. I have no idea why!) So now you can save your paintings to your computer and then upload them again. That's really cool! When this thing gets really advanced, I won't even need to use Sumo Paint anymore! I can just use this to make all my drawings! Nah, I love Sumo Paint. Also, there's new frames for Masterpieces!
We have the Zios frame and the Stone frame. Both great choices, but I still like the Silver frame. *sigh* Good old Potato picture.
Well anyway! Onto the last page of the Jamaa Journal. Here it is:
WHAT?! WHAT ON EARTH?!!?! THEY JUST KEEP BLOWING MY MIND! They literally JUST released a new animal in the last Jamaa Journal, and now they've already found another Heartstone?! That is insane. Plus, they totally updated and redid the Painting game, and they released a whole new room, and a new store in the Art Studio! And, they added a completely new currency!! This is crazy, man. Well, let's try to guess what animal will be released soon. When I first saw that note, when I saw "live in trees" and "nocturnal", I immediately thought of owls, but we already have those. Then I thought of giraffes from "long legs", but we already have those too and they don't live in trees. Imagine a giraffe living in a tree!
I know, that was some A+ photo editing skills. I think that is probably the most realistic image of a giraffe in a tree you'll see all day. In fact, it's the only image of a giraffe in a tree that you'll see all day. Probably. I don't know what you look up. What were we talking about again? Oh right, what the animal is! So it's not a tree giraffe, and it's not an owl. I have an idea about what it MIGHT be though.
Remember this, back in January? Well, falcons won of course, and AJHQ made them a playable animal. But there's still 2 more that I think Animal Jam will make actual animals, even though they didn't win. Here was the voting poll:
As you can see, I voted for the sloth, and it didn't win. But it might become an animal now! Sloths might be the new animal! Also, I'm not the only one who thinks this: the Animal Jam Wikia even made a page about it, as well as the ostrich.
So who knows? It's probably not the ostrich. They do have long legs, but they're not nocturnal and they don't live in trees. Sloths live in trees and are nocturnal, but they don't have especially long legs. Maybe it will be some weird sloth-ostrich combination!
Another amazing photo editing job by neros1234. Let's all clap for her mad photoshop skills.  So who knows? Do you think the new animal will be a sloth? Maybe it will be something completely different! Maybe it will be my slothtrich (that's what I'm calling it now, a slothtrich). That would be pretty funny. But now, the post is almost over, and it's time for our Memeo'theday!
So this is something that's been in my Memes folder for months. For the life of me, I don't know why. I don't even remember downloading it! Is that Harry Styles, riding a fake unicorn over a bicycle? I don't even know. In any case, it's really weird, but I thought you guys might get a kick out of it. (You must like weird stuff. I mean, you read this blog!) And thank you for reading this mega giant, gargantuan, colossal, BROBDINGNAGIAN MONOLITH of a post. (Isn't that a great word? I just found it on! Brobdingnagian! I don't even know how you say it! That is now my favorite word.) I think this was the longest post I've ever written. Seriously. Anyway, have a good rest of June! See you next time!


  1. that meme... it brings a tear to my eye... ;v; so beatiful...

  2. Play Wild is basically AJ just everyone can get rares

    1. Oh, okay. So it's pretty much a more fair version of AJ. Thanks for the info!

  3. The party hat beggers. These evil moths hide out in the darkest caves and have robotic messages to automatically yell WOT FOR HAT whenever somebody walks past wearing one of these items. People literally scream at me for mine. When I tell them to just offer, they say spike. And I'm like...

    Nope. Just nope

  4. Guess what i cutcace the weird pizza horse read! potatoa potatoa happy brithday ajp


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