Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June, and the Flytrap Throne, and the Jamaa Journal, and Updates, and the Email List, and RIMs, and Masterpieces, and More Buddies... see, this is what happens when you don't post for a month!!

HEY YOU! YES YOU! GO READ THIS POST IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! I DON'T CARE IF IT'S DECEMBER 14TH, 2018, GO READ IT! And then come back to this post. Thank you! :)

Hey Jammers!! Well, it's June again. Time to get caught upon all the crap I forgot to post about in May! The last one of these that I did, on May 31st, 2014 got 998 VIEWS! That's almost a thousand! Say whaaat? Maybe this one will get more!! Who am I kidding, of course it won't. This will kind of be an homage to that post. Also, I'm really sorry for not posting a lot!! But before you shame me, I did try to post. Here's an intro I started on May 7th:

HEY JAMMERS!! Long time no see! Did you get along without me okay? You did? That's great! I'm so glad. I'm just generally in a good mood because it's May! Spring is in the air, and summer is coming soon! My school gets out on a Tuesday, which is very weird. We go to school for a week, and then we go home for the weekend on Friday- but then we have to come back for a half-week? Who on earth decided that?

And I never finished it. WHOOPS! But now I am finally going to do an Animal Jam updates post, featuring all of the Jamaa Journals that I have missed over the last month. Of course, I'm not going to do all of the updates, because that would take forever, but I'm going to do the highlights. Okay! We'll start with a feature added on May 26th. It's the new Masterpiece update!!
This is a really cool new feature because it lets you create your own den item! Then you can put it in your den and trade it with people! The best part is that they're one-of-a-kind, which technically makes them the rarest item on Animal Jam. (If there's only 1 of something, that's the rarest it can get!) And you can make tons of different ones, which is awesome!! Here's mine:
I know, it's the most beautiful painting you've ever seen in your life. But wait! It's missing something.
THERE WE GO! Fabulous! Time to frame it. Let's see, what frame do we want? Do we want no frame, a wood frame, a silver frame or a gold frame?
SILVER ALL THE WAY BABY!! Yeah, now it's beautiful and fabulous! Now to send it to AJHQ so they can look it over and judge if it's appropriate.
Well, all right. Now to wait for Animal Jam to approve it. Break out the stock images!
Oh god, no! Not Mumford and Sons! Well, I think it's about time anyway...
Thank you, Stock Image Bell. Okay! Let's see what Animal Jam says about my beautiful potato drawing!
Ayyyy, they accepted it!! HOORAY! My potato will live on forever in my den!
Oh. It doesn't show up. Does it show up in my den?
Yes it does!! This is the best day of my life! I love my potato drawing. Maybe I'll make another one and do a giveaway. Who knows! I could make 60 of them! The possibilities are endless!! Okay, now onto another feature/update.
These are just 2 random items, but I like them because they're Audrey 2! If you don't know what that is, it's from the musical Little Shop of Horrors. It's about a nerdy guy named Seymour who has a crush on a girl named Audrey. They both work in a small flower shop that doesn't get a lot of business, until Seymour gets a seemingly harmless plant- (which he names Audrey 2 after his coworker/crush) until he finds out its true intentions. It feeds on human BLOOD! And it won't stop until it eats everybody. Or does it? Anyway, it's a really good musical, and my school did a production of it last year! I played Audrey 2, so it has a special place in my heart. Now I can wear Audrey 2 on my head and sit on it!! Probably not the best idea, though..
But now I can eat my void of pets!! Maybe that will fix it finally. DIE, VOID!!
My puppy fainted, he was so shocked. All of his friends were eaten by the plant on my head. :cry: Well now I'm sad! Let's talk about something happier. Like the Summer Carnival!!
Hooray, hooray!! It's the fifth Summer Carnival! Is there new stuff? Has it changed since last summer January (remember Carnival?)? Let's go find out!
First things first, it's actually in the Parties list this time! That's good! Last year it wasn't, which was cumbersome to get to. Pshh, why can't we just stay in our dens and visit the Summer Carnival from the Parties list? Who has time for going to Jamaa Township, anyway? Non-lazy people? Bleh. But enough of that, here it is!
It's...um... exactly the same. Ahh, that's fine! I don't like change anyway. Let's see is there any new stuff? The games are all the same. The den items are all the same. And the plushies are all the same! Dang nabbit! Well, there are three new clothing items, so let's go see those.
Cool! We have a Happy Drama Mask, a Sad Drama Mask, and a Camera. FINALLY! A CAMERA!! I can now take pictures of all the amazing and beautiful things that happen to me at the Summer Carnival! Let's take our first picture.
IT TURNED OUT GREAT! Oh, what an amazing camera! That photo is going on the wall, right next to my potato drawing.
Beautiful. I think I would rate it 11/10. Okay, onto the next new feature, and it's a good one! One that fixes a problem that's been on this blog for years!
This one's older than the others, it was released on April 28th, but it's still really exciting! MORE BUDDIES!! That means I can finally accept all the people that have sent me buddy requests! Remember all those Mailtimes when I was drowning in buddy requests that I couldn't accept? Now I can! I will start with the oldest ones, from December 2014-March 2015.
Done! And I still have a lot more to spare! So if you want to be my buddy, please send me a buddy request and I will try to accept it as soon as possible. Okay, onto the next- OH GOOD LORD PUFFBALL WHAT ARE YOU DOING
What is wrong with poor Puffball?! That's like a weird mixture of 3D and 2D graphics, with really weird shadows. I trusted you, Puffball! I made you the 3rd mascot of my blog! Why are you so weird and creepy on the edit your animal screen?! I wonder why Animal Jam decided to add all those strange shadows that make it look like it's made of Play-Dough. You disappoint me so, Puffball. Oh well. Onto the next feature, which is a new animal!
Picture credit to The Animal Jam Whip
Wow, that was quick. Falcons just came out. (I will talk about them in the next post!) Ooo! Ooo! It's another puzzle!! I love it when they do this, they did one when deer came out and when raccoons came out too. Let's solve the puzzle!
Aww, it's a little piggy! (It took me a lot longer than it should have to do this puzzle, like 20 minutes DX) I wonder why it didn't turn to color? The last few new animal puzzles turn color when you do them right.
That picture's from the Animal Jam Wiki, but I do have my own picture of when you do the raccoon puzzle correcty (from a Jamaa Journal in February 2013)
Anyway, maybe Animal Jam just forgot to put a color image on there if you do the puzzle correctly. Who knows? I do know that the pigs' original color will be pink, because of a later issue of the JJ!
Aww, the pig is so cute!! I hope a Tago doesn't get to the pigs before the Alphas do. That would not be good. I'm glad they have some competent Alphas to bring the pig Heartstone back, because if I did it, this would most likely happen:
Yeah, I'm not the most graceful person. Okay, now for an announcement! I will not be doing my monthly email list this month (for May). It usually comes out at the end of the month, but it's already June 7th and I haven't even started it. Plus  have a lot more to do, and on Wednesday I'm leaving for a road trip that will last 2 weeks. So I've decided just not to do the email list this month. Sorry! There will be an Email List for June, that should be out by the 30th. Alright, onto the next new feature: the new preview for clothing items!
This was introduced on May 12th. I don't really like it that much. I wish there was an option to switch between the normal clothes shopping page and the clothing preview. You've probably seen it before, but here's a refresher:
I like the design, but I don't like how all the items are stacked up like that, it makes it look too crowded. You still can look at the items up close, which is a plus.
I don't know. Not my favorite of Animal Jam's updates thus far. I'd give it a 2/5 stars. Well anyway, yesterday was Monday! And you know what Monday means. Rare Item Monday!!
Now, this is yesterday's RIM, but there are a lot I have missed. This one is so-so, it's just another recolored item, but this time in Epic Wonders. And that price- 4,500 GEMS?! Holy crap! Yeah, even though I have almost 300,000 gems I am not buying that. Here's some more RIMs I missed:
These ones are better! It's funny that, in the past month and a half, 3 RIMs were in Epic Wonders and are 3,300+ gems. Animal Jam, are you trying to scam us?! No, I'm kidding. I like the colors on the Raccoon Hat! Blue and purple are a good combination for that item. The Camo Jacket is dumb, in my opinion. I don't understand the point of camouflaging everything. Why bother? Anyway, I love the lavender in the Musketeer Hat! It's very pretty. What do you guys think of these RIMs? Tell me down in the comments below! Now, it's time for our Meme of the Day!
This is a meme that I made in October. It's not funny, but I wanted to post it because poor Pepe is losing his popularity, which is sad :cry:  (Wow, I've used that emoji twice in this post!) There's a new frog in town, and that is Dat Boi. Maybe that's why Pepe looks so sad, he's being overtaken by a frog on a unicycle! Poor Pepe. Anyway, this is the Rarest of Pepes because I created it, and no one else has used it yet. So don't use it, because then it won't be the rarest of Pepes anym- HEY! JIMMY! WHAT DID I JUST SAY? DON'T USE THIS IMAGE! Gosh darn Jimmy, man. Well, I hope you liked this post!! I will be gone for a while, but I want to get maybe 2 more posts in June? Also, I graduated today, (from the school I went to from kindergarten to 8th grade) so hooray for me! See you next time, BYEEE
P.S.- This is the 333rd post, and yesterday was 6/6/16!! ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED ∆∆∆


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