Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July Update Post!

'AY YOU! YES YOU! LISTEN UP! So, you know that last post I made? Yeah, that one. That was pretty dope. It was also very long.  If you didn't read that, you can CLICK RIGHT ABOUT HERE to go read it! (And I highly suggest you do. It's a doozy.) That's all.

HEY JAMMERS! How are you doing? HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! Well, if you're American. I guess it doesn't really matter to you if you live in another country. But those don't exist! USA! USA! (that was a joke, I'm sorry to all the people from other countries I may/may not have offended.) Anyway, I wanted to make this post because there are a bajillion and a half things I have to go over, a lot of them blog updates. This will kind of be the spiritual successor to "Some Blog Updates That Should Have Happened a Year Ago", which I made in July 2014. So let's begin!
So, about ads. If you didn't know, Google AdSense is a program that you can sign up for. They try to put relevant ads on your blog or YouTube videos, and then you get paid monthly. I personally don't like ads, I've never had them on my blog, and to tell the truth- I think they're annoying on other people's blogs. But, as they say, a girl's gotta eat, and it would be nice to have a little extra money. So I will be using Google AdSense on The Animal Jam Potato for a trial period of one month. That will start on August 1st, and end on September 1st (since AdSense pays you monthly). If I think they're okay, then I will maybe keep them, but if I hate them then they will go away forever. And of course I will ask you guys before deciding if they're gonna stay or not. They say that they try to put relevant ads on your blog (i.e. an ad for Animal Jam on here), but I don't know how good they are about that. I will also try and keep the ads to a minimum so they're not as distracting. Okay, I've been talking too much! Time to go onto the next thing!
I'M MAKING AN ALBUM!! And it's not like the one I talked about in November 2014, (E!) which never got off the ground. I actually found a place where you can upload your music and other people can buy it, and you don't have to have some big corporation behind you. You can even adjust the price to be whatever you want it to be. It's called Bandcamp, and it's really cool!
This is my page on Bandcamp. As you can see, my album is called Art Is Dead. Why the title? Well, I think it represents the cover art, and I liked the title. I have written the songs, and I am in the process of recording them. I am releasing the album on this blog's 4th birthday next year! Why? Because it gives me enough time to finish the album, and May 19th is AJP's birthday, and it's a Friday. And Fridays are awesome! (anyone get that reference?) I'm not sure what to make the price yet, but I thought this was funny:
If you can't tell, that says that the price is $4.20. I'm sorry, I'm super immature. That price is subject to change though. Guess what? I even made a Masterpiece of the cover art!
Shameless self-promotion, for the win. Okay! Onto the next item on my list!
I changed the music on this blog! Again! I do it every summer. (Last year I changed the music on June 15th, and the year before I changed it on July 24th.) I didn't add or delete any tracks, but I shuffled it around a bit. It now starts with Captains and Cruise Ships instead of Up All Night, so now you are not greeted with that same piano intro music you've all heard a million times. But I'm also streaming the songs from Dropbox this time, which should fix the ads. The songs were streamed from YouTube before, and along with YouTube, there are ads. And that was no exception for the music on AJP. But now that the songs are  Dropbox, there will be no more unwanted ads in the middle of the song playlist! So that's good. Okay, onto my last thing I'd like to talk about!
I made a new page in what seems like forever! It shows all of the beautiful artwork I have done in 2015-2016. It's mostly stuff that I've already shown on here, but there's some new pieces too! Plus, the artwork is funny (I hope). You can click here to go see that. But that's all for this post! It was very short, especially compared to my last post. I felt like I needed to make it though, to keep you guys updated about some new stuff and also to wish you a happy Fourth of July! Did you go out and watch fireworks to celebrate? Did you have a  with your family? Did you sit at home and do nothing? Or maybe you're from another country, where Fourth of July is meaningless to you. Let me know! Anyway, thanks for reading this post!! See you next time. BYE!

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  1. For the 4th of July someone's house caught on fire on my neighborhood :-D


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