Wednesday, August 31, 2016

12 Facts About Me!

Hello everyone! I'm Neros and this is 12 facts about me.

Number 1!
I was born in an orphanage in Denmark.

Number 2!
Instead of having 2 parents, I was just raised by 2 bats and a pig.

Number 3!
The only friend I have is a 12-year old tortoise named Gerald.

Number 4!
My favorite band is 1D, of course!1!11!!

Number 5!
I love snails.

Snails are the best.

Number 6!
I never went to school.

Number 7!
I have 2 cats and a donkey!

Number 8!
One time Jesus touched all of my toes.

Number 9!
I have no nose.

Number 10!
I only drink Gatorade, no matter what.

Number 11!
I am afraid of pencils.

And number 12!
I live in Antarctica.

Well thanks for watching guys! Leave your facts about you in the co

*P.S. These are all true.


  1. Ok.

    Have some strange facts about me

    1. I believe moths are the cause for all misery in earth
    2. I call people I hate evil moths
    3. I like writing dark fanfictions
    4. I'm a nerd who likes to write every day for like two hours
    5. I was once poisoned by a slush puppy. This one is actually true. I was on a drip for 8 hours and have photo evidence if you don't believe me. Not that I can show it of course lol
    6. I normally enjoy school but lots of people hate me lol
    7. I'm optimistic which is why I laugh at the fact lots of people hate me
    8. My dream is to ride on my way to vidcon on a limo and throw dead beatles at everyone who has ever bullied me. Goals.
    9. My parents stalk what I do on the internet. My dad could actually see me typing rught now. It's scary to be honest
    10. I love chickens.
    11. I have invented an original species called a fuzzle. It is a small, unintellegent and highly kawaii and fuzzy chicken. They live in a distant galaxy on planet waffle, which is opposite AJKraftia, my home where they also inhabit
    12. As stated above, I do not live on earth because it's gross and america and england seem to hate each other right now which is not ok. I live in my mansion on planet AJKraftia, surrounded by happy people, ocelots and fuzzles. As well as tons of incredible shops such as the almighty costco.
    13. I have a fursona and draw anthro animals but I'm not a furry. I refuse to call myself a furry, ever. Which is ironic because my animal jam user is meganfurryfun37. *internal screaming*

    Anyway i can assure this is utterly true. (Actually it mostly is lol)


  2. IhatetheAJcommunityia Queen AND KingSeptember 9, 2016 at 7:45 AM

    Here are 10 (TRUE!!1!!!111ONE!!!!!!!) facts about me!!!!!
    1. I was born with 100 brains
    2. I love beef pies, but H@T beef.
    3. My real name is actually "Idoniakolopiosizikiwinasislopopwaunlele"
    4. I am raised my 10 apples and 1 orange.
    5. They named me Idoniakolopiosizikiwinasislopopwaunlele becase it is their surname.
    6.My full name is Indoniakolopiosizikiwinasislopopwaunlele Indoniakolopiosizikiwinasislopopwaunlele.
    7. Sometimes people call me "Indoniakolopios" which is very annoying but oftenly, "Indon" which means APPLES ARE COOL in IhatetheAJcommunityia.
    8. As mentioned above, IhatetheAJcommunityia is where I live. Mainly because it is full of LOVING haters! That sounds weird, but it's true!!
    9. I am really a potato, but I can transform into a human. Like now! Or else I wouldn't have fingers. I think.
    10. In our planet, numbers go: "10 9 1 8 5 7 2 3 4 6" but I have translated it for you!
    11. In our planet, these lists go to 20.
    12. I am Irrapa's biggest fan! She's like Aparri, just the opposite!
    13. My favourite band is "Potatoes and Peppa Pig"!
    14. My favourite movie is "LET IT RAIN TOFU!!!" or "POTATOES AND APPLES OOOOHHHH!!"
    15. As I am typing this, my mom, the orange, is dying.
    16. My dad (Num. 4) is eating my mom. Dad (Num. 8) is trying to stop dad (Num. 4)
    17. 1= 1000000000000 in IhatetheAJcommunityia. 2= infinity.
    17. <--- The missing number means "!@$@ !#@$%%#" in my land.. So, 18!
    19. Sorry for the swearing up there. If you understood it. Neros stands for love and happiness, also goddess in our land.
    20. There is no THE END in our land. The, THE END, your land loves, is called "A POTATO" in our land. A POTATO!

    (It is all true. People assume I am lying but I promise I am not. Ask my pet Bepper! Yes, I have famous jammer pets. Did I not mention that? My bad. Well, I'm not lying because lying is lying. Lying is horrible! In our land LYING is very bad. Is it so for you too? Well, this is getting very long. A POTATO! [ if you don't recall, that means the end.] A POTATO!)


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