Monday, August 15, 2016

Neros's Favorite Weird Websites

Okay, so before I begin, I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the views.
UM. WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING?! We just hit 80,000 literally less than a week ago and we're already halfway to 90,000. Holy hell! (Sorry. If that offends you, go read this post.) And the strange thing is, they're all coming from Russia.
The above image is the location (by country) of the views on AJP for the last week. As you can see, all the numbers are pretty normal except for the United States. It jumps from 25 to 371! but then if you go one rung higher...
THREE AND A HALF THOUSAND VIEWS?!! FROM ONE COUNTRY?!! IN ONE WEEK?!! HOW DOES THAT EVEN?!! HOW?!! I think it's a little bit suspicious, though. I mean, why the sudden influx of people from Russia?
I mean, take this graph for example. As you can see, the views stay at a pretty constant pace up until August 5th. Then on August 6th it jumps from 59 to EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO! It's crazy, man. Maybe they're all bots. I hope not, that would be disappointing. Do any of my Russian viewers know? Please tell me if you do! Okay, onto the regular post.

Hey Jammers! Happy Monday! Did you all have a nice weekend? Oh and sorry I was obsessing over the views there. I am genuinely astounded because that's never happened before, and I am absolutely not trying to brag. ANYWAY! I am rambling too much! This post is going to be about weird-but-also-really-cool websites that I like! And I will show them all to you on a guided tour. So come along with me!
Yes, I know. That's just the absolute best graphics you have ever seen. I am so good at photo editing! (the sarcasm is just dripping off that.) Anyway! I'm getting sidetracked again! Here is the first website.
IT'S KOALASTOTHEMAX.COM! Yeah! This is a really unique website where it starts out as just that one big circle. But then hover over it...
Yup, that's right, it splits into pieces! And if you keep hovering over it and touching each dot...
It gets smaller and smaller! After this you pretty much enter a wormhole of clicking and moving around and making each dot smaller and smaller, and eventually come out with this:
A MOSAIC OF A KOALA!! Isn't that adorable? Anyway, this website is a great timewaster and really messes with your OCD to get every single tiny dot. But if you do, you are greeted with this message:
"But why is it a different koala, Neros??" you ask. Because it randomly generates a different picture of a koala every time you load the page. I'd say that's pretty koalariffic if I do say so myself! Does anyone agree with me? No one? Okay.
And this brings me to the best part of Koalas To The Max- you can create your own picture!! It doesn't just have to be a koala! Here's an example:
Ain't that cool? It sure is! So I've taken the liberty of creating a few of my own that you can try out. But I'm not going to show them to you on here. However, if you click one of the links, go through the dots (you don't have to do them all), take a screenshot of that, and send it to, I will give you a prize on Animal Jam. So here are the links:

Link 1!
Link 2!
Link 3!

And if you're not into my secret images, then you can create your own with the help of this helpful tutorial: click here! or just go to the regular website: click here! Alright, onto the next website.
This is a really neat idea! It's called "Jack The Fabric Ripper" and it's basically a large sheet of holey fabric. You have a cheeky lil' bloody knife that you can use to absolutely DESTROY it.
And after creating huge holes in your fabric, you can rip the whole thing apart until it is all on the ground.
But it's not over! You can create a crazy snowstorm of fabric pieces by rubbing your bloody knife (that sounded weird) on the bottom!
Yaay! Anyway, it's so satisfying to rip the fabric apart, and it's a very realistic simulation so it feels like you're actually destroying a sheet of fabric! I wonder who owns this sheet of fabric. Maybe Jack, hence the name? I don't think Jack will be too pleased that people are ripping up his fabric. I'm sorry, Jack! Anyway, if you want to rip up Jack's fabric like the horrible monsters you are, click here to go to that! Okay, onto the next website.
This is a really amazing website because it takes literally anything you type and turns it into a drum beat! You can create a whole drum solo with your keyboard! Here's one I recommend:
Because it's quick and catchy, and it puts you in a good mood. But the best part about this website is that you can experiment around with it, and if you find something you like, you can create your own unique link to it, and when people click on that, they can immediately hear the beat you have created.
So , like the koala website, I'm going to make some secret texts that you can go and find, and listen to because they make a beat. How cool is that? Here they are:

Plus, if you get tired of drum beats, you can switch to a funky '80s beat that sounds really cool.
It's from the song "Fool" by Moon Bounce, which I've never heard, but based on this it sounds AWESOME! It was created by a guy named Kyle Stetz, who has created other cool things in the past. The link to this website is Okay, onto the next website!
This website is really cool because anywhere you put your mouse, they have a picture of a person pointing at it, like the picture above. Here are some more examples:

You see? It's a really cool software. And it really has a picture for anywhere you put your cursor! The database has over 900 pictures of people pointing to places, which is just ridiculous. Unfortunately, I can't show too many of the pictures because a lot of them promote alcoholism. Like seriously, you can't find a picture without a beer can or some other kind of alcohol in it. Yikes, internet. So I apologize in advance if you come across some inapro-pro images. But here's the link anyway!!

Click here!

It's kind of creepy how it points to anywhere you put your cursor. GO AWAY, STRANGE PEOPLE!! But anyway, we have two websites left. Here's one of them:
It's a browser game called Drench! I'm sure you've played a variant of it before, it's a very popular game. You start out with a board that looks like the above image, and then you have 30 moves to drench the board in color. You start out in the top left corner. For example, since a yellow space is in the very top left corner, I wouldn't have to click the yellow circle because yellow was already there. However, since it's surrounded by two pinks, I would click the pink circle and capture those sqaures. My description of it is so bad, wow. Here's some screenshots of the game that might help explain it better:

And here's what the finished board looks like, after you've drenched it in color:
You see now? You see how the game works? Yeah! I'm really bad at explaining things! And after you've completed the board in 30 moves, you move down to 29.
Sorry for the bad quality
And then you keep getting less and less moves, so it gets harder and harder to win the game. I think the lowest it goes down to is 10. However, if you don't drench the board in a single color in the amount of moves you're given, it's game over, and you have to start all over again at 30 moves.
blank, this is a really awesome browser game, and it's super addictive, too. I had a variant of this on my tablet in 2012, and I couldn't stop playing it. In that game, it went up by levels, not down by moves, and I got to like level 80. I probs should have spent more time outside. Whoops! Anyway, here's our final website!
Who could forget I think this would have to be my favorite of the 6 I've showed you. In fact, I've used this gif before!
I knew I was getting some deja vu from that gif! That post is actually 1 year old this month, so happy birthday to that post! Anyway, this is a very hilarious website that literally only has this gif on it:
It's the best thing ever. I don't know who made it or how, but I love them. You can go to this glorious website here:

So that does it for today's post! But wait. It's not over yet. Something's missing.
This is so me. Lots of you are probably all sorts of different skin colors and cultures, but I'm just white. I'm like 25% Scandinavian, and the rest is white mystery. I couldn't agree more. *sigh* Anyway, I hope you liked this post!! It was a bit of a different post, unlike the ones I usually do. I am planning on making more posts like these, more Sideways Science, update/Animal Jam posts, and some surprises, so stay tuned! If I don't post again this week, have a great week!!


  1. Whoa, those websites seem awesome! I gotta check them put some time.

    Oh yeah. The Russia pageviews. Some weeks my blog gets 200-900 pageviews from there. Other weeks I get zero pageviews from there. Now I have 900+ pageviews from the United States. lol

  2. The bees bees bees bit always kills me XD


  3. u took the fabulose graphic from dan didnt u? i is proud. also with the russia thang idk but i bet there not bots! oh ya i was gone for two weeks, i was on vacaion i went to yellowstone. whoop! whoop! so thats why i was gone for, well, for two weeks. so i am back. guess whoes back back back back again again again tell a friend friend frie- so-ory dont know what got into me anyway what did u think of dan and phils new video


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