Sunday, August 28, 2016

Treasure Chests, Trading Pets, Tags, and Nonmember...yet again

Good morning all you crazy people! (Seriously. "#cool" has more views than any post where I actually try. More on that later!) Do you think that will stick? No? Well let's try a new language!
Holy mother of Mira! That is a really long word! Well then, hei häirintälähettimet! Yeah, I really don't think that's gonna stick. Finnish, man. Anyway, I wanted to make an update about the pageviews! The craziness from Russia has died down, and things are getting back to normal.
That's good. I was kind of getting worried there. But also, we've reached a landmark!! August 2016 has the most views out of any other month in this blog's history, plus it's the only month with 6,000+ views!
WOOP WOOP! Yeah! Take that, February 2016! You only had 5,449 views! That's so cool. I never would have guessed this would be the month that would skyrocket the view count. Seriously. Exactly 1 month ago, on July 21st, we had 78,148 views. Now, only 1 month later, we're at 85,194! That is over seven thousand views. That's nuts! Crazy town! But now that things are back to normal, the views kinda look like a slide:
Yay! Look at little Neros, sliding down the pageviews of regret! Yaaay!! Anyway, before I get to Animal Jam-y stuff, I want to have a little check-in about the ads.
They weren't working properly there for a while, but I finally got them up the other day! Those ones above are the only ones I've noticed, but tell me if you see more. I think they're working pretty well! They're not too big or distracting, and they serve their purpose. Plus, I've already made 6 cents!
All right! I can't wait to buy a Lamborghini with that when they ship it to me. I'm going to be so rich. Tell me how you feel about the ads in the comments below. Oh wait! I just saw one!
It's trying to be a sneaky sneak and hide up there! Well, I found you, Mr. Ad. (But seriously, please don't click on ads like that. The "Start Download" ones. They are fake and are probably a scam, and I don't want any of you to get scammed. I will do what I can to fix that part, but in the meantime, please don't click on them.) Okay, finally onto some Animal Jam stuff!
So, last Monday, I went to Animal Jam, looking for the Rare Item Monday. And when I couldn't find it, I naturally went to the Daily Explorer to look for it, and I saw the above post. So I was searching and searching for the Rare Guitar, still couldn't find it, and I realized it must be in a Jam Session party. So I waited for that, and I went to the party, and found out that it wasn't there. Then, right as I was about to take the above screenshot, I realized the Rare Guitar was LAST week's RIM.
I am SO stupid. Wow. Anyway, I found out that THIS WEEK'S RIM is actually the Rare Arm Brace!
Nice item! Really didn't deserve the hour of ineffective searching, though. *sigh* This item is in the Medical Center, which is unusual. Oh man, remember when the Medical Center was all the rage? In like, 2013? The beginning of this blog? Yeah! That was a little trip down Memory Lane. Oh by the way, if you're wondering why the member lock is closed on the above image, I didn't steal it from someone else (like I often do with RIM pictures COUGH COUGH), I actually became nonmember. Again. For the fourth time in this blog's history. Oh boy.
And I chose my pig and my seal to be my nonmember animals, cause they're cool!
Those backgrounds looks so dark and menacing. Yikes-a-roni. Well, I will renew my membership, and then I will be back to my old member-y self! That sounded weird. I really need to think about what I say before I say it. So that means I can't respond to Jam-a-Grams properly! I'm sorry :( I completely forgot that typing your own Jam-a-Grams is still a members-only thing. Come on, Animal Jam. It's been like 4 years since you implemented the type-your-own-JAG program. Let nonmembers have access to that now! Anyway. There's a semi-new update in Jamaa!!
WOOHOO!!! What a great day for nonmembers! (I know I just said how injusticed they are, but shush.) We haven't had a member animal turn into a nonmember animal since the turtles, in November 2012! So if you're nonmember like I am at the moment, go buy a brand new giraffe, like this person did:
Yeah! Okay, next page.
Cool! Head Feathers! More Native American representation in Animal Jam, that's good. Here's what it looks like!
Nice! I like all the color choices. Unfortunately, it's for members only, like everything else in this frickin' game. Darn it all to heck, man! I wish Animal Jam would release more nonmember stuff. I mean, I know they make a living off of memberships, but sometimes it's a little extreme. And usually I don't notice these things because I've been a member for 4½ years, but losing my membership has given me new perspective. I feel sorry for all y'all nonmembers! Anyway, onto the next page.
Oh darn! I missed National Honeybee Day! Shoot! BEES!! Don't shoot the bees. BEES is just a reference to a post I made last August. It was called "I'll BEE Gone Again". See what I did there? Yeah! I think I talked about that post in my last post, with the weird/cool websites. Yeah, I did. Whoops! Well, bees need to be talked about. Why? BECAUSE BEES!!
Oh yeah! There's a new adventure! A WOOP WOOP!! Also, you can trade PETS now?! Doesn't that seem a little barbaric? It's like, "sure, I'll trade Billy, the cat I've had for 10 years, for a random dog I don't know, to a random stranger! That seems logical!" I don't know how I feel about that.
That's really quite strange. But in other news, there's a new Adventure!! A WOOP WOOP! There's actually a lot of new Adventures. I'm kinda confused about that part. There's Battle for the Beacon, The Hidden Falls, the Proving Grounds, plus the new Adventure Command Post.
 You can get to the Adventure Command Post through Sarepia Forest.
What's cool about the Proving Grounds and The Hidden Falls is that they're 2D, so you go back and forth in a horizontal line, like Mario! Or, if you've never played Mario, it's like any other 2D platformer out there. Here's some screenshots: (I played this before I became nonmember)
Greely doesn't believe in fun.
Aaand now he has turned into blue goo.
Ooo, secrets!!
Oh come on. I found a sneaky secret and it only gives me 100 gems?
I will find all the treasure chests!
Nice, a Graham's Sofa! That's new!
And that's just a smattering of what the new Adventures have to offer! Actually, I'm not sure what the Hidden Falls is like, because of the whole member thing. But all y'all members out there can experience it yourselves! And once I regain my membership, I shall show it to y'all. Oh, and Battle of the Beacon is just like all the other Adventures. You know, The Hive, The Search for Greely, Meet Cosmo, etc. Okay, onto the next page!
Ooh, a new animal! Wait, didn't we just have sloths?! And pigs?! And falcons?! And goats?! All in the last 6 months?! There are so many new animals!! 2016 is the year for new animals, apparently! Now, let's look at this wood carving. My first impression is that it looks like a silhouette of a bat, but they said that the wood carving is of a place, not an actual animal. Hmm. If we think back to the contest they had back in January...
We keep coming back to this! That issue of the Jamaa Journal was apparently very important! Anyway, the falcons were released in April, and the sloths were released in July. So that leaves ostriches.
Poor, lonely ostriches. Will they ever be released in Animal Jam? I'd personally like to be an ostrich. But it doesn't exactly fit in the wood carving...
Great photoshop skills, I know. Someone give this girl a medal! However, my brother thought to turn it around, and think of it in a different way...
See? It kind of looks like a polar bear, or a capybara, or some other kind of bear-creature. You see the mouth and the ear? And the kind of stumpy legs? Yeah! So I think that the new animal will either be a bear-creature or an ostrich. What do you think it will be? Tell me in the comments! Okay, onto the next 2 pages.
These pages aren't too exciting. There's the weekly leaving and returning animals, and then I already talked about the new Adventures. Seriously though, how come each update, an animal leaves and another one returns? It's so strange. They've been doing this for years. Just keep animals consistent, Animal Jam! Stop making them go away! You're messing with my brain! Anyway, usually the advertisement page in the back of the Jamaa Journal isn't very exciting, so I usually don't show it to you guys, but this time it's more exciting than those two pages I just showed combined!
Animal Jam toys are finally here!! In the real world! They're so adorable! Ahhhh, I want one so bad. Look at the adorable commercial Animal Jam made for them!
They're so cute!! I want to give them a hug. Anyway, they're for sale at Walmart and Target and stuff. I personally don't like Walmart, so I'm a gonna order mine from Target online. And Animal Jam really has a large line of them, too. There's 3 different kinds of animal toys, and 2 different kinds of house related toys!
Animal Jam's actually had toys for a while now, but this is the biggest endeavor. Remember the little Sidekix plushies back in 2013 that would roll up?
Those are adorable too. I wish I had gotten one. I think they may be gone now, which is too bad. But also, these new AJ toys come with a gift on Animal Jam! Each toy has a little tag with a code that you can type in on AJ and get a special item! That's cool, man. Linking your toys in real life with an online game. What a great idea. (No, this is not sponsored by Animal Jam toys. I'm just kind of gushing over these because I love them and they're adorable!!) But enough of that. I promised you a followup to the post "#cool", and you're gonna get one! So here it is:
So yeah. Um. Anyway, this was inspired by my family's discussion 2 weeks ago, when we learned that Hamilton was touring nationally. We said it would be completely different- it will be set in Yugoslavia, the stage is a literal dump, it's in Chinese, the music is by Kenny G, and everyone wears Kermit masks. Oh, and Frosty the Snowman makes an appearance. I have a weird family! So if you go to see the Hamilton national tour, be sure to tell me how it is. I'm pretty sure it will be exactly like that. Just you wait! (see what i did there) Anyway, let's move on from this atrocity! Now onto a more serious topic. So remember that livestream that happened a while ago? Yeah, that! Sorry if you couldn't make it to that. But anyway, I made a "best moments" video 2 weeks ago for people that didn't get to visit my livestream, and guess how many views it has?

THAT'S RIGHT- ABSOLUTELY NONE. Not a single view. And it's been 2 and a  half weeks! Jeez man, what does it take? So if you guys could go watch that, that would be nice. It's only 21 seconds, and it has kind of a twist at the end because YouNow only captured 15 seconds out of my 17 minute stream. *sigh* When will you learn, YouNow? Anyway, in that video you can get a glimpse of the very exciting (not) stream I did on August 9th if you missed it. And maybe you'll catch the next one! Here is the video:
And, because this post just isn't long enough, I want to start a new segment! It's called Shoutout Corner!
★ speech bubble emoji credit to AJGC ★
I wanted to introduce this segment to connect more with you guys. I already have Ask:Reply, where I reply to your comments, and I have the Jammer of the Year, but I wanted to introduce this to give some people a chance to be featured on here each post, and hopefully brighten their day! So, without further ado, our first shoutout!
This seems to be a popular thing that people are doing, so I'm gonna do it too. Shoutout to Cookycupcake for creating and tagging me in this! So. Let's do this!
  1.  Well, I went to a lot of kid's music concerts when I was young. And I've been to a lot of folk music concerts. So if you're talking about all time, then it would be Justin Roberts in 2004, but if you're talking about a rock-concert type thing, then it would be Lindsey Stirling in June 2015. 
  2. What exactly do you mean by music type? My favorite? Oh yeah, my favorite music type probably makes the most sense. Well, I have really too many to name. It ranges from electronica to punk-rock to folk.
  3. I really love the song Pop Goes The World by the band Men Without Hats! You've most likely never heard of it because it came out 20 years before I was born, in 1982. But it's a really good song! I also love The End. by My Chemical Romance.
  4. Ooh, that's a tough one. I'm going to have to say The Midsummer Station by Owl City.
  5. Owl City, Ingrid Michaelson, My Chemical Romance, The Lumineers, twenty one pilots... the list goes on. My top 3 (or I guess you could say TØP 3, ayyyy) are Owl City, MCR, and TØP.
  6. I've been playing violin since April 2007, and electric guitar since January 2014! Although I'm not very good at guitar.
So there's my answers for that tag! Oh boy, you're supposed to tag other people. That would require me to have friends! Um, I don't know if these people have already done this, but I tag 2fangwolf, Harmonypurr9, and AJKraft (although I'm not sure if AJKraft has a blog.) So onto the next shoutout!

Coincidentally, this is another tag! It was created by LostFairy from the Animal Jam Jumble, and Harmonypurr of the Animal Jam Fire Pack tagged me in it. So without further ado, here are my answers!
  1. I'd like a blue headdress again. I had that a few years ago, but I traded it for my New Year's Party Hat, as I explained in another post.
  2. I think the whole "famous jammer" thing is stupid. They're just people. Don't bow down to them and call them "famous" and all that crap, because they're really not.
  3. I have 121 buddies. See, I have friends!
  4. When I'm on the computer, normally just browse the internet and play silly flash games. IRL, I read a book or go outside. On Animal Jam, I redecorate my den and buy things. (I also take screenshots for future posts!)
  5. Normally, I have 26 animals. Currently I only have 2 though, because of the whole nonmember thing.
  6. My least favorite thing is people pretending to get "adopted" and have a "mother" or a "mate" or whatever. It's so dumb! Why do people do things like that? I think the word "mate" and "adopt" should be outlawed in AJ.
  7. Having friends online to talk to! That's always nice. I also like playing the minigames in Animal Jam, those are fun.
All right! Well, that does it for Shoutout Corner today. Time for some memealicious funky jams!
True. They thought I was gone, but here I am! Making a surprise appearance, only to disappear again. Although tomorrow I start highschool, so I guess I won't do that. Wish me luck in highschool guys! Are yous starting school tomorrow? If you are, what grade are you going into? Any freshmen like me? Anyway, thank you for reading this post!! I hope you enjoyed it. There will be a little something special for you guys on Wednesday. Until then,have a good day!! BYEEE


  1. I'm 99% sure the wood carving is of Madagascar, so I think it's a lemur.

    You made a good point in your tag answers with the fact people bow down to famous jammers. Even though I'm fans of a few, I don't worship them. They're just nice people. Mostly. It must be horrible to be crowded and to have "AUTO PLS" Screamed at you whenever you're on AJ. Give the guys some respect, obsessive fangirls!

    I did the music tag already on another blog, but wasn't actually tagged,so here are my answers, updated from the other time I did this because times change. Its mostly the same though lol
    1. Country2Country
    2.New Country. Sometimes pop, bur it depends.
    3.right now, I really like "Life is a honeymoon" and "may we all" by Florida Georgia Line.
    4. Hmm, my favourite album of all time is Wheelhouse by Brad Paisley, but I also love Montevello(Sam Hunt), Dig your roots (FGL) and Brave (The Shires)
    5. I have lots. Some of my favourites are Brad Paisley, Florida Georgia Line, Sam Hunt and The Shires. As for pop, I like Twenty Obe Pilots (not a fangirl though lol), The Script and Adele.
    6. I used to do clarinet, but I quit. Still give it the occasional toot though!

    I tag anybody who reads this lol


  2. Hi Neros!
    Thanks for jamagramming me my epic wonders item! I'm keeping your jamagram in my bundle of jags forever! Along with my trash famous jammer autos :T I don't want to recycle them, cause you know!

    Getting off track!
    On the second tag, in the Shoutout Corner, you skipped 4! It was "Do you love rares?" Or is it just me..?

    P.S: You should call it "Shoutout Section" as it has a certain ring to it, but any will do.


  3. i feel bad for your live with NO VIEWS :P


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