Sunday, September 11, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday, Animal Jam!

This is a very special weekend. I did not realize this before, but September 10th and 11th are very important days. First off, September 10th is Animal Jam's birthday! Or at least its anniversary of being released. You see, the kind folks at Smart Bomb Interactive (which is now called WildWorks) and the kind folks at National Geographic Kids teamed up to create Animal Jam, and the beta (early) version of that game was released on July 27th, 2010. Little did they know that years later, people would become obsessed with that beta period and start claiming that everything was "beta".
I still don't understand that. But as I was doing some more research on it, I realized that September 10th is not just a day for Animal Jam. For example, the Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 was released on the same day as Animal Jam.
And September 10th is Mikey Way's birthday.
But the 10th of September isn't all we can celebrate.  Notice how at the beginning of the post, I said this was a very special weekend, not just a day. September 11th also has its significance. For example, the horrible 9/11 tragedy that happened 15 years ago today.
It was a horrible, despicable event, caused by horrible, despicable people. You should take some time in your day today to honor those who were lost in that tragic event. But, on a lighter note, September 11th, 2010 is when I joined Animal Jam for the first time!
I remember that day clearly. I was sitting on my bed, reading the September 2010 edition of National Geographic Kids, when I saw some cards that you could rip out. (I still have them! Wanna see a picture?)
I don't know what happened to Graham. Maybe he got lost over the years.
Back then, I was really into Pokemon cards, and so naturally I was interested in these cards too. The game seemed really cool, so I asked my mom if I could go down in the basement and use the computer. (Now we have a computer upstairs, but back then we didn't.) I Googled "animal jam", clicked on the first thing I saw, and created an account. Unfortunately, I can't tell you the username because I thought it was like a school account, and you had to use your first and last name. So I called myself... let's just say... "GeraldineS", but with my real first name instead of Geraldine. (My last name actually does start with S, though!) Anyway, I joined this game, and I had a blast on it for the first time. Back then, Coral Canyons looked a bit different (still the same general layout, except things were moved around a bit) and in the Animal Jam tutorial, it told me about my den. Well, I wasn't aware that everyone had their own den, and I thought you had to stake out a spot to have your den. So I found a room I could call my own, and was very confused when people started coming in it.
Yes, those all are my account.
After I had found my real den, I found the shop and looked for things that I liked to do. I found a stack of books and bought those because I like to read, and a painting easel because I like art and painting. You can no longer buy either of those!
Yes, I had fun during the first month that I played Animal Jam 6 years ago. But then I forgot about it for like a year! After I played on this account for about a month, I forgot the password and soon forgot about the game. And then, a year later, in December 2011, my entire class got into Animal Jam. They had discovered it, and the Animal Jam fever spread like wildfire. So of course, being the trendy little 4th grader that I was, I created an account on it too, without realizing that I had already created one a year before! Instead of creating it in my Graphic Arts class, like everyone else did, I waited to go to my friend's house before creating my account. So I decided on the username ssoorreep.
And I soon forgot the password to that. So then I created ssoorreeep the next time I went to my friend's house. (notice the extra 'e'.)
I apparently was really into pandas! Anyway, next I created neros12345 and forgot the password to that, too. I was also really bad at remembering passwords back then. Eventually, I had had enough and decided to just make my own account and write down the password. And that worked! That account is my current one- neros1234. And then I got my first membership (after begging and pleading my parents for months) on March 30th, 2012! So anyway, that is my long and winded story of how I joined Animal Jam. YEE-HAW!! So now, let's get to Animal Jam's birthday!!
Here is the Jamaa Journal page about it, in all its full glory. So let's get to that party!
Here it is!
...Oh. It's exactly the same as the previous 5 parties. Well, that's alright! Let's explore around!
Mmm... this makes me hungry! I want an ice cream mountain. Why can't I have an ice cream mountain?
Here's the middle of the giant cake. I think I took that exact same picture last year...
And here is the glorious top of the cake, with the giant 6! This, I think, is the most beautiful part of this party. Look at the morning sun! It's so pretty!

These are the 3 shops that are scattered throughout the party. The music shop only sells one item, "Birthday Bash", which is the music for the party. Over in the den shop, here's what's they're selling!
Aww, little shaman balloons! How adorable! I bought all of them. Look at the little Sir Gilbert one on the Precipice of Doom!
Aww. That's such a nice picture. You know, I like this picture so much I'm going to make it my profile picture!
History is being made, people. I'm changing my profile picture again! Because that image is very nice. And I spent a lot of time stitching it together from different screenshots. Anyway! Back to the birthday cake!
They sold these in years past! Although I think they had different animal Alpha ones that you could buy. What happened to these guys?
Animal Jam forgot about them. Well, that's okay. They don't really count as shamans anyway. They're Alphas, not shamans. Plus, I really like the balloons in place of the other statues! They're so cute :3
One thing people might not know about the AJ Birthday Party is that you can get little sweet treats there, like at a Dinner Party! The first one is a chocolate-covered donut, that you can get by clicking the flame on the candles in the middle of the cake...
A soft-serve ice cream cone from the candle close to the top of the cake...
And a slice of cake from the 6 candle at the very top of the cake! Also, by the looks of it, the cake that you get has little rainbow flakes in it. Does that mean that if you go to the very middle of the giant cake, you'll find giant rainbow flakes?! I WANT ONE!!
Now, every year, as well as the AJ Birthday Party, Animal Jam also gives out an Animal Jam Birthday Cake, which you can click and do stuff with, and each cake has a special animation that makes it unique! So let's check out this year's cake.
In case anyone didn't get it, the code is AJBDAY6 to get the 6th Birthday Cake.
Here it is, in gift form! You bet I'm going to keep it.
Okay. So this is the starting form of it, in my den. Let's click around and see what it can do first off.
Ah, clicking one of the swirls makes a big shiny gold layer pop up!
Clicking one of the leafy flower things makes it grow legs...
I clicked one of the legs, and another big shiny golden popped up!
Clicking something else makes a whole different layer pop up...
And ta da! It finishes with Mira on top, just like last year's cake. This is quite a tall cake, it goes by layers instead of changing colors and pattern and whatnot, like previous cakes. It also doesn't explode like the first 2 cakes. (That was kind of strange.) So now I have 5 different cakes! Here they all are!
I don't have the 1st birthday cake because that was in September 2011 and, as I said before, that was a period when I wasn't playing Animal Jam. But I have all the other ones! How many of the birthday cakes do you have? Alright, it's time for our old Memeoftheday!!
Oh. Oh my. What on earth happened to Pikachu?! He looks like he's going to eat me in my sleep! And Spongebob looks like he just got into a cute cat calendar. Except he's a sponge, not a cat. Ever mistook a sponge for a cat? I do all the time. Well, that's all the time I have for today! Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed!! Happy birthday to Animal Jam, and as always, I'll see you in the next post!


  1. That Pikachu is going to haunt me forever o.O

    And oh my gosh I joined AJ in the same way, in a Nat Geo Ad. Here's a fun fact. When I created my account, I was obsessed with bearville, and so wanted to use my bearville name. However because it said to not use your real name, I used Megan since its the name of one of my buidabears. So here's a few problems with my user, meganfurryfun37
    1. People think my name is Megan
    2. People think I'm a furry
    3. People think I like the number 37.

    I should have named my account something cool. I have storage accounts with better names like xxmagicalpineapplexx, boiledfish and usefully.



  2. hey um neros, catdog347 here. i posted a comment here yesterday and it not here any longer... did i do something wrong? i mean idk plz tell me if i did... ps. i finially have a non cringe account on google yayayayay...

    1. Hey, catdog! Yeah, I'm not sure what happened to your comment. I definitely didn't delete it, so I don't know what's going on with that. Also, welcome back! We missed you!!


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