Friday, September 9, 2016

Ads, Ash Ketchum, Reading Your Comments, and the Return of Tux Walligan!

Just a little thing before the post starts: GO READ MY COMICS! I just finished a storyline where they go to Florida and everything goes wrong. I worked way too hard on those, so please appreciate my hard work! You can start the Florida storyline by CLICKING HERE and you can start at the very beginning by CLICKING HERE. Just click on a comic to go to the next one, it's very easy to control. Thanks!

Good morning all you chipper chums! How are you on this blisteringly fine afternoon? Tut tut! YEEHAW!!
The return of Tux Walligan! I knew he'd come back. Anyway, WELCOME BACK TO AJP EVERYBODY! Did you like that last post? It was very strange, but I thought you guys would get a kick out of it. Now time for a little...
I know, I've used that graphic too much. But it's good for situations like this! Anyway, I've made 30 ¢ already.
So, I think at this stage you peasants should just stop talking to me, because I'm so rich. I'm just messing with you, of course I wouldn't do that! You, the advertisers, and the AdSense program are the only reason I'm getting paid! But also, I've made over 1,000 impressions.
You may be asking yourself, "But Neros! What's an impression?" Well, my dear reader, an impression is a pageview that successfully loaded an ad. So as of September 9th:
I have had 1,389 pageviews with ads on them! Yay! But I put up a poll, so you can tell me how you feel about them. Alrighty! Onto something else! Blogger tells me what stats there are on my blog, including what people Google to find it. And the results are usually really dumb.
But I decided to be nice for a change, and go ahead and answer all of these for the people that are asking them! So, without further ado: here are my answers based on the search terms in the picture above.
1. There is no such thing as a "2nd glitched ring".
2. I just answered that.
3. Which ring are you talking about? There's like 20 different rings on Animal Jam. The first one, according to the Animal Jam Wiki, was the Diamond Ring which came out in January 2012.
4. Animal Jam trophy answers? That makes absolutely no sense. Go ask a trophy for answers, I guess?
5. A silver ring is worth 1,500 gems.
6. Well, in my post "An Abundance of Mechanical Items" in May 2015, they were available in Jam Mart Furniture. But that was over a year ago, so I doubt you can buy them anymore.
7. No. The Golden Wattle was released in September 2013, a full 3 years after beta ended. What is your obsession with things being "beta", people?! It was a short period of time in the end of July, August and September 2010! There aren't many items that are truly "beta"!
8. Yes, that is in fact an item on Animal Jam. Would you like me to show you a picture? Here you go.
9. Yes, that is indeed also an item. You know, maybe that's why my post "Pirate Hat" from 3 years ago has so many views. I've never understood that, it doesn't have anything special in it or anything, and yet it's my second most popular post. And now I understand- people on Google have some sort of pirate craze! They're all 7, I knew it.
10. That's another thing you're obsessed with. What an item is "worth". What do you mean by that? If you mean the amount of gems you can buy it for, it's 400. Want a picture? Here you go.
So anyway, I hope you are happy with all of those answers! You seem to Google those a lot. (You guys reeeally need to work on your grammar.) So now onto an Ask:Reply because I haven't had one for months! (I looked it up, and it's been longer than I thought. I haven't done one of these since MAY! Good lord! This is really overdue, sorry about that!) So here we go!
Okay, so there have been 66 comments on here since the last Ask:Reply. Whoops. So this will be an extra-long one, especially because I don't have anything else planned after this. (Sorry, these next few posts will be kind of short and sweet.) But anyway! Here's our first comment!
Thank you, Wolfie Gruman! I really appreciate the top comment, because I do put a lot of work into this blog and I'm always grateful when people notice that. Seriously, this blog is a full-time job. It's not just the posts, but checking the comments, updating the sidebars, updating all the different pages, making backgrounds for holidays, and making sure everything works right. But don't get me wrong, I love it! I wouldn't trade my blog for anything in the world. (Except maybe a Lambo. But when AdSense ships me that money, I can have both! A heh heh. i'm so poor D': )  And also, the bottom comment is really annoying. Sorry, but it is. I don't like comment trends. (Except maybe #dixout4harambe. That one's pure gold.) Anyway, onto the next comment!
Well thank you, CanineClaw/Harmonypurr9! That's very nice of you! Seriously guys, shoutout to CanineClaw. (or is it Harmonypurr? I'm not sure. Also, correct me if I use the wrong pronouns.) She is always commenting first on my posts and has been for about a year now! And she always comments such nice things that make me smile. So, go CanineClaw! Yeah! You know, Jammer of the Year is coming up in December, and you are definitely a candidate. (Y'all will learn about that in the near future!) Now onto the next comment!
This was on my Hate and Swearing part II post. I agree with you, AJKraft, swearing gets annoying and just really crass when people overuse it. Like I'm totally fine with people saying the f word every so often, but when it's every other word, it gets really annoying and rude. Another shoutout to AJKraft, I'm not sure of your pronouns (and if you don't want to share them that's totally fine.) But for now I'll just use they. Anyway, I've seen AJKraft's stories and comments on a variety of different blogs, and they're a really good story writer! I don't think they have a blog, but y'all should go check them out. They're pretty cool. Alright, onto the next comment!
Hey Annielovely! How are you doing on this lovely day? (see what i did there ayyyy) That's really sweet of you to keep my JAG! I wouldn't consider myself a famous jammer, but thanks for the compliment. Thanks for noticing that! I did skip a number on the second Shoutout! I completely forgot about that, thanks! Well, I'll just answer it now so it doesn't get lost forever.

4. Nah, they're alright, but I wouldn't say I love them.

There ya go! Thanks again for noticing that. You know, Shoutout Section does have a ring to it! I kinda like that! Thanks for the tip!

WOW! The real Ash Ketchum commented on my blog?! How lucky is that! Thanks Ash!
Wow, I feel special inside. (jk I know that that's most likely spam.) Here's some Pokemon factoids: Did you know that Pokemon has released 19 movies, one every July, since 1997? And did you know that the Pokemon anime is still going on, after 19 years?! And did you know that a total of 945 episodes have been made, but only 936 have been shown in Japan and only 918 have been shown in America? And did you also know that 37 specials have been made for it, for a total of 982 episodes? And if you include the 19 movies, that's 1,001 episodes of Pokemon!! POKEMON MATH FOR THE WIN!!

That got severely off-topic. Well anyway, onto the next comment!
Oh no! That's too bad. Yeah, Animal Jam is really sensitive to things like that. So something as innocent as "did you go to the beach" could turn into "you b****", according to Animal Jam. I'm sorry. Next comment!
Oh. You're still having this problem. Well, I don't know when you will automatically get off of bubble chat, but you can change it to free chat in the parent account. But it all depends on how Animal Jam took the offense, even if it was just an accident. Frankly, I'm surprised you're not suspended right now. Next comment!
Oh. You... you, uh... oh boy. Hello is not having a good time. I am sorry, man. Well, I hope you get that under control! In the meantime, it's time for our last comment of the day!

Oh hey Cutepups! Long time no see! How've you been? Thank you for the kind words about my blog. Yours is hilarious, too :D Yes, that post was quite random. And it's gotten 13 comments, whereas some posts don't get any! Cutepups, you are also a candidate for Jammer of the Year 2016. Hmm... Anyway, that's all for this Ask:Reply! it's time for the Meme of the Day!
I laughed for like a solid 5 minutes when I first saw this, and I have no idea why. I hope you found it as funny as I did! I actually found this while I was creating that Ash Ketchum meme. But if I ever become a  mom, I want to do this to my kid. I think what makes it so funny is that this is just a meme template, you could put anything in there, but it totally seems like they would say that- their faces, their expressions, everything. Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! There will be a special little thingy on Sunday to commemorate 6 years of being on Animal Jam, so look forward to that. Thanks for reading! See ya next time!


  1. I agree about the cursing. I say the F word about every 2 weeks. Not every day. It gets annoying.

    1. Me too, that's exactly how I feel! Oh, and I see you've found my secret blog :) Yeah, it's okay to swear in the comments of that. I don't swear too often on the actual blog, but it's alright if you do.

    2. Okay, Also you used the right pronouns.

  2. Hi Neros. My keyboard broke! It's so hard to type, since I need to use onscreen keyboard, which is like the ipad keyboard but for a computer. I don't care about rares, too. (but I have a black long spiked collar I named oops)

    No, I am not a robot, message thingy. But I do like those fun games you're giving me!


    Here lies the weird items known as 1st and 2nd rings. Why they are called that I don't know. But ye

    Pokemon maths=the only maths anybody should care about XDD


  4. Aw, thanks for featuring one of my comments. Whoa, candidate for Jammed of the Year?! Whoa, thanks!

    I should comment earlier..

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