Monday, October 31, 2016

don't turn around.

You're sitting on your couch, watching some rerun of a TV show.

You should be out trick-or-treating, but you didn't want to this year.

And besides, you're 16 now- that's little kid stuff.

As the episode draws to a close, you start to drift off into a slumber.

Suddenly you are jolted awake by a terrible pounding on your front door.

You're alone in the house, and don't know if you should answer it.

You decide to stay on your couch until the pounding goes away.

Until a knife blade slices through the wall, nearly missing the painting that your parents put up there years ago.

Oh, your parents- where were they?

They were supposed to go to dinner and a movie for Halloween and come right home, but that was five hours ago now.

And the knife blade is still stuck in the door.

Suddenly, the window next to you breaks open and a shower of glass sprays on you.

You scream and jump off the couch.

A hooded figure has entered the room.

"BACK AWAY!" you scream.

"Come with us." the hooded figure chants in a dreamy-like monotone.

"Who's us?!" you say in a panic.

"Us." the hooded figure replies.

You run into the kitchen and grab a kitchen knife, the biggest one your mom owns.

You whip around, ready for a fight, but the hooded figure has disappeared.

You stand there, panting with the knife in your hands, sweating onto its sharp metal blade.

Then you put it back and search the house for the hooded figure, but it is nowhere in sight.

You start to relax again, still tense from the experience.

As you sweep up the broken glass, you think of what you will tell your parents.

You decide that it's time to go to bed and head upstairs.

As you crawl into your bed, exhausted, you start to relax a little.

You roll over and see the hooded figure in your bed with you.

Your scream is muffled when he grabs you and puts a piece of rough cloth over your mouth.

As more hooded figures pour out from the orifices of your room, you start to black out. The last thing you hear is "You are one of us. You always were."


  1. Good stuff right here. *claps*

    (The beginning reminded me of myself omg. I was watching a rerun of a TV show, didn't go trick-or-treating this year, I'm 16, and I'm tired- what a life (I mean coincidence!). But soon enough I realized this is a horror story and was like.. huh, interesting.)

    *cries* amazing neros

  2. *hides behind sofa*
    This was brilliant!



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