Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Reflection

Hi guys. I know, at least in America, we are all facing tough times right now. But I've given it some time to process, and I now realize that we cannot give up hope. We will fight against Trump. Even though he will be our next president for the next four years, he will not be it in our hearts. And we have to keep believing and fighting and staying through with it, because we CAN get through it. I know we can. No matter what Donald Trump decides to do, we won't let that stop us from being who we are in this country. On the other hand, it is truly horrifying to have him as our leader- LEADER for four years. As I said in my last post, four years is a long time. Four years can do a lot of damage. And I think the nation is still reeling from that. I mean, for a guy who based his entire campaign off of the fear of others is just terrible. Just despicable. And America chose him. America's voice has been heard. 59 million people are just like him. And do you know why he won? He won because of the smaller communities, in rural and suburban areas. Places where it is just a secluded group of white people who all think and act the same way. They have never seen immigrants or people in the LGBT community, or even people of color on a regular basis. So when Trump comes along and says "these people are bad, but I will protect you from them!", they all believe him. Because they don't know otherwise. They don't know what those people are like in real life, and their only view of those people is from Fox News and Republicans and the things Trump says. It's a vicious cycle. I, for instance, am white, but I go to a highschool with thousands of culturally diverse students, so I know better. However, if you're off living in Bloom County, Wyoming or something, population 50, you're not gonna meet a lot of diverse people there. And then when you see Trump, who acts like the hero, you're gonna tend to believe him. Because how else would you have known about these people other than what Trump said? So that is your only view of those people. And when Trump plays the hero and says he's going to save you from those people, then you're naturally inclined to vote for him and support him. And that's what's so important about making an informed vote- you have to know who the politicians are and what they stand for, and who the other people really are. For example, Trump claims that all Mexicans are criminals and rapists. How would that make you feel? In fact, you might be Mexican and reading this right now! Or you could be a white person living in Iceland who doesn't know what's going on. But just, for a second, put yourself in that person's shoes. The people that Trump actively accused and blamed. Imagine if Trump called EVERY SINGLE PERSON in your ENTIRE COUNTRY a criminal and rapist. You would feel pretty bad, right? No one can make a blanket statement like that and just outwardly call an entire nation such horrible, untrue things. I mean sure, you can call every member of the KKK a horrible, awful, twisted, sick person, but that's not an entire NATION. And yet this is what the majority of America believes! 59.6 million Americans revealed that they agree with Trump. And this is made especially worse when it's proven that he is both a criminal and a rapist. Both before the election. AND HE STILL WON!! That boggles me. I cannot fathom that sheer amount of hate towards other people. It's utterly despicable, and if you voted for Trump, you should be ashamed of yourself and leave my blog immediately. And we were so close. SO CLOSE to having a woman president. But no, I guess 240 years wasn't enough for you, was it America? Nope. You had to go longer and longer with the notion that all the presidents have to be old white rich men. Just like they have been since 1776, with the exception of Obama. And there were a few young-ish ones in there, but every single one of them (except Obama) has been a white male. And now we're just continuing that. (Although Donald Trump isn't white, he's orange.)

I am sorry for America, but you know what? We are strong. We always have been. Let's hope we do better in 2020. I'll leave you with a quote from Gandhi I feel is very poignant and relevant to this situation:



  1. Moving from the first black president the the first orange president was an interesting choice.

    I'm not American, so I guess it doesn't effect me as much, HOWEVER.
    1. The poor queen has to talk with him
    2. He'll probably try and take over the rest of the world

    Also, WHY THE ECK WERE WOMEN HOLDING SIGNS SAYING WOMEN FOR TRUMP. Because Trump DEFINITELY is the best choice for women.

    Ok but honestly my dog would be a better presidential candidate.
    And sure Hilary had her own issues, but at least she isn't a racist jerk. It's like if they elected someone like Adele to be the Prime Minister. Trump was a flipping CELEBRITY. Not a POLITICIAN.

    Well imma hide under my bed in case trump decides to nuke the whole world


  2. This is heartbreaking, he tries to convince everyone to think that people with other skin colors are horrible creatures. In Mexico if you tried to get raped I bet that you wouldn't. He wants to even stop "Gay" Marrige even though he hates women. To be honest I was so happy that "Gay" Marrige was finally a thing in the US and he just wants to take it away. A racist president though, I can't believe that at all. My father isin't from America and you're just insulting half of my family. I'm Multi-Racial so that really hurts on my behalf. I'm probably going to sign a petition to stop him. This is really disappointing.

    1. That is a very good way to put it. Thank you for agreeing with me. Yes, it really is scary. Trump is totally not ready or welcome to be the leader of America. That's so cool that you're multi-racial! Where is your dad from?

    2. Didn't he say something about giving gay people therapy, or putting them in a mental asylum of some sort? Yeah, because that's DEFINITELY the kind of person who should be president. And don't get me started on how racist he is. He wants to build a wall because he thinks Mexicans are all kinds of awful things, and he thinks all Muslims are terrorists. I swear I hope Obama sparta-kicks him off the white house.



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