Monday, November 28, 2016

PET PHANTOMS, TOUCANS, THANKSGIVING AND 90,000 VIEWS!! (and a lot of catching up)

Hey Jammers!! You know what? I'm a little sick and tired of that. Let's try a new language. Let's see, we've tried Catalan, we've tried German, we've tried Bulgarian, and we've tried Finnish. What other languages are left? Well, there's gotta be more than 4 other languages out there. Hit it, Google Translate!
Ooh, nice! Hey steur zenders! That's in Afrikaans, which is an African language, isn't it? *googles it* Yeah, it's a language spoken in South Africa and other African countries. Well, let's see what it looks like when it's reversed in Google Translate, just to check it for accuracy!
Oh. When I typed it in, it automatically went to Dutch, and then it said the translation was "hey surgeon stations". SURE! Why not? Hey Sturgeon Stations! How've you been? That's going to be my new intro. Yo yo yo Sturgeon Stations! What the what, Google Translate?! Anyway, I think we;ll just have to keep trying on that intro part. Well, we have a lot to talk about! You can't see it because I hopefully will have deleted it by the time I publish this, but there is a huge long list of things to get to right under this text! Here's a picture.
POSTCEPTION!! Illuminati confirmed. Anyway, there's a newish Jamaa Journal! Well, it's not really new. It came out in October. But whatever, we'll call it new!
Cool cool! A message in a bottle! Yeah, I've forgotten to check that for like 12 years, so if there was anything there that was of importance, I probably didn't see it. Whoops. However, I did go online on October 27th, which was the day this Jamaa Journal was released, so let's look at that! ✨
Look at that! A message in a bottle. And there's not tons of people crowding around it! Here's a tip: if you want to take a screenshot of something in Animal Jam, but there's crowds of people there, just switch to an empty server. There's usually tons of 'em. I mean, Animal Jam has like a frickin' million servers now, so there's bound to be at least one empty one. And look, there's three in a row!
I chose Ramu, whatever that means. (Who was in charge of naming the servers?!) However, Ramu might be something else, like a river or a city or something. Hmm. Let me google that.
*googles it*
NOPE NOPE NOPE ABORT MISSION DON'T GOOGLE RAMU PLEASETHANKS! I mean, you can find out if you want to, but... I'm not gonna say what Ramu is. Anyway! This has gotten to be a very strange tangent and definitely not what I was talking about! As it always does. What else is on my agenda? Oh yes! The message in a bottle!
Oooh, interesting! Save the dolphins! #savethedolphins2k16 Plus, I got a prize from it!
A Haunted Peck Portrait, nice!! And it was Halloween time when I got it, so it's relevant. And Peck is my favorite shaman, so that's awesome! Yay! Also, as far as I know, the message in a bottle thing is still going, so check by Crustal Sands often. (Be sure to do my little server trick!) Arright, onto the next page!
Yes, I know. This is a cover of an old edition of the JJ, but it gets into what I'm talking about so shush.
Yes! This is what I wanted to get to!! Last time I wanted to look at the pet phantoms, but my broken Animal Jam wouldn't let me (more on that later). But now it did let me, and I got a pet phantom!
As you can see, I couldn't log into Animal Jam for 4 weeks, so it gave me 4 diamonds after I finally was able to. Perfect for buying a pet phantom! Although I didn't need the diamonds, I already have 122 that I've been saving ever since diamonds came out in June 2013. But this isn't about diamonds, it's about pet phantoms! So here's one in the stores.
Good, I'm not too late! If you'll remember, Animal Jam wouldn't let me log in because it was being dumb, so I thought I had missed the pet phantoms in stores. Because after all, they're for a VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY!
But I wasn't too late, I had three days left! Yeah! So here's what the pet phantom looks when you customize it.
You know what, I don't like that design. Imma change that.
There, that's better! And look, we have some options in the "Extra" category. Let's see what they are!
So we have electricity, glow, and freckles. Really? Those are the only options? Well, I guess I can't complain. Phantoms are kinda hard to customize. But I'll go with the glow option, just because it's really bright. (seriously, it's really bright.) Now to name my phantom!
Yep, Pookyrobot. Why not? I think he looks like a Pookyrobot, don't you? Yeah! What a great name. Anyway, he is now my child and we will have to see his adoption certificate.
There we go! There's ol' Pookyrobot's adoption certificate! Wait, his favorite toy is Stinky Goop? Gross! Pookyrobot, don't play with that! That's nasty!
No! I didn't raise you this way, Pookyrobot!
*sigh* Phantom children, am I right? Such a pain sometimes. Why won't he listen to his mother? But, he is my child so I love him anyway. If he wants to play with stinky goop, then I guess I'll let him. GO! BE FREE, POOKYROBOT!!
Oh dear. I think I may have launched him too far. He looks like he's trying to become a star. Like an actual star. Out in space. Well, kids, when you look in the night sky, maybe you'll see him sometime! He was always a star in my eyes. We will always remember you, Pookyrobot! You know what? I'm gonna make him AJP Mascot #5!
There, now he's immortalized on this blog forever. Well, I have spent far too long chatting about my phantom son, so it's time to talk about the better phantoms. I'm talking about the rare ones! Heh heh, sorry not sorry Pookyrobot!
NOICE! First we got some normal pet phantoms, now we can get EXTRA SPECIAL RARE ONES OH BOY!!
Look at that little phantom, all light blue and glowy! She's the best phantom ever. TOO BAD POOKYROBOT! No, I still love Pookyrobot. Both of them are my phantom children and I love them equally. Although Pookyrobot is currently entering the stratosphere, so that's subject to change. Anyway, look how much my Rare Phantom cost!
EXCUSE ME?! MY RARE PHANTOM IS NOT AN ITEM! SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL PHANTOM AND SHE HAS FEELINGS TOO! Ugh. I will not take this discrimination against my phantom children! But she did cost 3 diamonds, she must be super rare! (Although it doesn't affect me. Again, the whole 122 diamonds thing.) By the way, her name is Sandyphantom!
What a great adoption certificate. She is truly a rare phantom! Also, her favorite toy is a Haunted Tree House. Still a little weird, but at least it's not stinky goop. Okay, onto the next few pages of the ol' Jamaa Journal!
LOOK AT THEM PAGES! Now we have a Masterpiece Party all the time in our party lists, and even more names to choose from!! YEEHAW! I would look and check what all the new names are, but Animal Jam is currently being updated.
DARN! DIGGITY DAGGITY DARN IT! DARN IT ALL TO HECK! FRICKIN MICKEN! ARRGH! Okay, I'm done with my anger. But it did say that a new animal will be hinted at in the names. Well, again, I can't go on Animal Jam because it's being blaughariffic (that's a word™), but I have a sneaking suspicion that I don't need to.
Oh, Animal Jam. Ha ha ha, that's really funny. Two can? That's hilari-

*pant* *pant* Wow. That took up a lot of energy. BUT YEAH! TOUCANS ARE HERE!!
YEAH! Look at that sleek and shiny new Jamaa Journal! (And yes, I did just use pages from 3 different issues of the JJ. SHUT UP!) Despite being locked out of Animal Jam because it's being atrocious, I got a real life pic™ of a toucan. Here it is:
I can confirm to you that that is 102% accurate, I checked it with my sources, this is a 1000% real picture of a 200% real toucan in Animal Jam. My sources include, and that's all my sources. However, one second after I took this 420% accurate picture, this happened:
I'm not sure what happened, maybe it was a glitch in Animal Jam's servers. (That'll happen if you use Ramu.) Anyway, onto the next pages of the Jamaa Journal!!
Ooh nice! A new Sketch Jam! You know, we haven't had one of those for a while. I checked it, and the last 3 we've had are from May 2016, March 2016, and January 2015! That's quite a gap in between them... maybe they're trying to make it up by doing another Sketch Jam. I dunno. Wait a second. This one is drawing a pet phantom?
Those look pretty darn similar if you ask me, Taylor! Are you repeating video ideas?! How dare you! Because it's not like anyone else on YouTube has ever repeated a video idea a lot of times! No way!
Oh wait, everyone does it. Well, it's okay Taylor! I'm sure you'll come up with a new idea for a video someday. Like how about today!
Now would you look at that. Ol' Taylor boy made a brand spankin' new Sketch Jam of our newest animal, toucans!! Cool! Also, if we look back on the actual Jamaa Journal page, look what's on it!
Oh those phantoms. Did they take over the Jamaa Journal again? Good lord! They did that 2 years ago too, in 2014.
Oh come on you crazy phantoms! Stop getting your green and purple goo over everything! It makes the Jamaa Journal all messy. And you already did it 2 years ago, so it's time to stop!! Oh and also, Artcrtic Foxes (good spelling Neros) are apparently being sold for real moneys. Well I already have one so I'm not gonna do that! Anyway, Jamaa Township is all pretty-like because it's decorated for Thanksgiving!
Look at that! There's a ladybug over by Club Geoz and a sunflower and a pumpkin over by the Jamaa Derby! (Sandyphantom also makes an appearance in that picture.) Isn't it so pretty? Fall is my favorite time of year! And the Animal Jam artists do a good job of painting the fall colors and trees. Right now there's snow in our backyard (that's the Midwest for ya) but before it was really pretty colors. Anyway, I think that's about it for Volume 184! Now onto 185!
Well would you look at that! Little pet turkeys!! I wish I could get one, but again Animal Jam is being vexatious. (Like that word? I just learned it today! It basically means annoying.) But again, I will show you, through the power of magic, an actual Animal Jam pet turkey.
Again, this is a 100% legit screenshot that I took in actual Animal Jam. It may come as a surprise to some, but that's actually what pet turkeys look like in Animal Jam. I guess the artists wanted to go more realistic this time. But in all seriousness, look how cute that baby turkey is!! It's so adorable! I want to hug it. It looks so small and cute and fluffy and AGGHH! But no, I did not take this picture, as you can obviously tell. I found it on Google Images. Credit to the person with big hands and a field who took the picture. Next page!!
Ooh, Twists and Turns is returning! Cool! That's kinda like Bitter Sweets, it's a seasonal adventure that comes at Thanksgiving time. I went to it for the first time last year I think. It's an alright adventure, I'd give it a rating of about 7/10. And y'all already know about the Message in a Bottle, so let's move on!
Since I already talked about page 4 (toucans) then here's this page! Apparently goats are leaving. But they just got here in February! Although that was 9 months ago, I guess. Hey! You could have a baby in the amount of time from when goats arrived in Jamaa and when they traveled! I don't recommend it though. Please, if you are under 18, don't have a baby. Wow, this went from goats to a PSA, sorry about that! Anyway. The goats wrote a little message! They say "We're going to travel and we might take a boat. So see you later!" What a strange note. I didn't know goats could write. Also, are you taking a boat or are you not? Make up your mind, you silly goats! But if you are taking a boat, what would it be? The only boat I know of in Animal Jam is the Blue Heron.
This screenshot was taken by GeneralFluffy in February 2014. All credit goes to them.
Maybe the goats are taking a ride with Liza and Mira in that boat. Goat on a boat! That's fun to say. Anyway, that's it for Volume 185! Before I start on Volume 186, I wanted to do a little item showcase to show a lot of my favorite items from the past 2 months. So let'sa goa! (Terrible Mario impression. D-.)
So, first off is this Gnome Hat! It doesn't serve much purpose, but I just wanted to put it on here because it looks completely ridiculous on my eagle. I mean, look at this!
He looks like a leprechaun! Well, no. Leprechauns don't have gray hair. But he looks like a gnome, which is exactly what he's supposed to be! And just look at that hat smushing his face, and he's just peeking out like:
hey man what's going on
That's so adorable and yet creepy at the same time. Anyway, onto some more items!
Look at those festive clothes! We have the traditional Turkey Hat, which looks amazing on your head. You look just like a turkey! Also, we have some newbies- two leaf skirts that strangely look exactly alike...? What? Where is the creativity, AJHQ?! You need to take the advice of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared and...
Otherwise, don't take the advice of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. Generally not a good idea. Like cannibalizing your duck friend. Not cool. Anyway, to complete the turkey set, we also have some turkey feathers for your butt! Now you can finally live out your lifelong dream of becoming a turkey. And who knows! Maybe they'll make a turkey animal one day! They made toucans, after all.
Well that was an adventure! But it is time to say goodbye to the items and on to something else. Anyway, I promised you earlier that I would explain about my broken Animal Jam. So, it all started a few months ago. I talked about the Jam-a-Gram thing, but here's a refresher:
And also, I couldn't get my Spin or my weekly diamond when I logged in, and nothing was responding... it was kind of annoying. But then, things got even worse!! HOORAY! You know how I've been saying Animal Jam is still updating? Well I've been writing this post over the last week, and Animal Jam has been "updating" since WEDNESDAY NIGHT. It is now Friday afternoon. So I tried it in another browser, and it said this:
Um, excuse you! I already have Adobe Flash Player! How else would I have been playing Animal Jam for 6 years? Rude! Anyway. I'm done with my rant. My dad's a computer guy, and he will look into it and maybe fix it. I dunno. But I just wanted to let you guys know about that, in case I can't go on Animal Jam or whatever. Oh no, I hope I'm able to do the 31 days of Jamaalidays thing, where you get a gift every day! Well, it should be fixed by then. In other news, it's time for Shoutout Corner!
So, I wanted to congratulate all the new members of this blog! I used to do a thing where I would have a round of applause for each new member of my blog, but I haven't been doing that lately, and I wanted to keep that up.
So give a round of applause to catdog347 (who finally got a Google account, yay!), Fang2 of the Animal Jam Sunshine, Cookycupcake AJ (a loyal fan of this blog), TeddyBearsAndMinecraftRock, and Elizaboo1104!! These are all really nice people and thank you so much for joining this blog. Here's a gif of a bunch of old black-and-white people clapping for y'all!
Look at all those people. Also, look at the shiny new blue follow button!
Ooh, snazzy! Oh and I almost forgot to thank you for the comments. I was going to do it in a separate post, but I ran out of time. You guys, I got so many hopeful, inspiring, beautiful comments from y'all after the election, and it really warmed my heart. Thank you so much for that. Right after the election was a dark time for me as well as the rest of the world, and will be for the next four years. But all those comments from you guys gave me so much positivity and hope for the future, and it was nice to share a dark moment with you all. So I wanted to thank you for that. Plus, here's a shoutout to the newest member of our blog, SkyWatcher!
It's always nice to have a new commenter on here, a new person to hang out with and talk to in the comments. So give a round of applause to SkyWatcher too, old black-and-white people! And that about does it for today's edition of...
Well, now we have prolonged it long enough. IT'S TIME FOR THE FINAL JAMAA JOURNAL, VOLUME 186!!
This is the second page by the way, because I already talked about the first page. (That's the one with the toucans on the cover.) Also, THERE'S ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SIX VOLUMES OF THE JAMAA JOURNAL! That's almost 200! Only 14 more issues until 200. That is 28 weeks from now. And, by my careful calculations (aka putting the numbers into a website that calculates it for me™), exactly 28 weeks from when this Jamaa Journal came out is:
Thursday, June 1st, 2017! Nice! Right around the end of the schoolyear. Although my schoolyear ends on June 14th, which is dumb. Why make us go to school for another 2 weeks when everyone else gets out earlier?! ARRGHH! It's alright though. I've heard of people who don't get out of school until July, which is just crazy town. (Still my favorite expression!) Anyway, back to the actual Jamaa Journal. What was it talking about?
Oh, right! A new main series adventure! Coolio! Wait, hold the phones. A NEW MAIN SERIES ADVENTURE?! YOU MEAN IT'S NOT A SEASONAL ADVENTURE?! YOU REALLY MEAN IT?!!? YAHOO!!! If I'm not mistaken, this is the list of main series Adventures so far:
  1. Training Grounds (June 2013)*
  2. Return of the Phantoms (July 2013)
  3. The Phantom Portal (July 2013)
  4. Meet Cosmo (August 2013)
  5. The Hive (September 2013)
  6. The Great Escape (October 2013)
  7. Greely's Inferno (December 2013)
  8. The Search For Greely (March 2014)
  9. The Forgotten Desert (May 2014)
  10. Bubble Trouble (June 2014)
  11. In Too Deep (July 2014)
  12. Turning The Tides (August 2014)
  13. Battle for the Beacon (June 2015)
  14. Graham's Workshop (August 2015)
  15. Proving Grounds (August 2016)*
  16. The Hidden Falls (August 2016)
  17. The Front Lines (September 2016)
  18. The Phantom Badlands (November 2016)
*tutorial Adventure

See that? That huge year-long gap between August 2015 and August 2016? Yeah, I think Animal Jam has noticed that and is frantically trying to make that up. Also, I know there's other adventures, but they're all seasonal so they don't count. (There's 6 of them by the way.) Anyway, this is really exciting!! I wish I could play it, but again my Animal Jam is broken. So here's a screenshot that I stole from someone else!
This picture is from the Animal Jam Wikia
Wow, that looks like fun. Looks like a mushroom farm exploded. Well, you can find out why if you actually play the adventure! I can't, though. Sad :((((( Well anyway, it's time for a segment that I've used far too little lately. You know what time it is!
  1. ⚲_⚲   Guy who got spooked by a spoopy scary skeleton.
  2. ☐ᴗ☐   Evil ghost/mastermind who is planning to kill us all.
  3. စنစ   Cute lil face!
  4. ء_ء  Death himself
  5.  ♭υ♭  Kinda scary music note guy
And there you go! If you're new to this blog, that is a thing I do called Emoticon Friday, where every Friday (not really) I give you 5 brand-new emoticons to use in your day-to-day lives on the interwebs. I haven't done it since July, but I decided to do it today because (a) It's Friday! Or at least it was when I started this post. It's Sunday now. Darn. (b) This month is Emoticon Friday's second anniversary!! I started it on November 7th, 2014. Hard to believe it's been that long. Celebrate!! 🎈🎈🎈🎊🎊  (c) Blogger recently updated, and now it has a little "special characters" button on the main menu. It's pretty cool!
It gives you all the characters you would ever need, including emojis which is how I put those balloons and confetti up there.
Look at that! All the arrows a little boy would ever dream of. Plus, that's not all! There's like 25 categories with a ton of special characters in each. Plus, you can search for a specific one or even draw it. And that gives me so many more options for Emoticon Friday, instead of just the normal characters on a keyboard. So there were a lot of reasons to bring Emoticon Friday back again! And I did. Let me know if you like it, and I will try to remember to do it again fairly soon. (It's unlikely though.) And now, onto the next page of the JJ!
Well, howdy doody! A new den! Now you can have an art gallery of your very own. That's pretty swell! Let's check it out!
Here's what the little icon shows it as. Nice! It's like the actual official Art Gallery has. I'm not gonna spend 7 of my *ahem* 141 diamonds on this, because *cough* reasons. So I'm gonna preview it instead! Let's take a look inside.
This is the place where you enter the den. Pretty nice! It kinda looks like a recording studio. Nice wood floors, too.
Here's another place in the den. I like all the colorful walls! And the nice thing is that you can really pesonalize this den more than any other one. You can put drawings and scribbles made by you in there, filling up the walls! Or you can be a fancy art collector and trade the Masterpieces you like best, and put those on the walls to show off. Choose whatever you want! I think the best part is that in the first time in forever (*frozen song starts* AGHH NO HELp) you can draw your own wallpaper. You can make any design you want, and put it on the walls! That's what's so cool about these Masterpieces and Art Galleries, they really bring a new layer of creativity and personality to Animal Jam that it's never had before.
And look, I even get to hide in the bushes! My dream has come true!! I've always wanted to hide in the bushes in an art gallery. Why does an art gallery have bushes on the inside? I have no idea. Just ask the fish in the waterfall.
Yep, there's a frickin' WATERFALL and a koi pond in this art gallery! I think this would have to go down in history as the best art gallery ever. I mean, what architect builds a forest and a waterfall (with a fish pond) in an art gallery?!  Because I want to hug them! And the fishies are so cute, oh my goodness 🐠🐡🐟

Well, that was an adventure. I just realized I typed that expression twice in one post without even realizing it. Jeesh, I need to work on originality in my expressions! Anywho, PET LLAMAS ARE HERE!! They're so adorable!! I want to hug one. Baby llamas are the cutest little things. Baby pandas are also pretty adorable, too. Here's a 42069% accurate picture of one in Animal Jam:
Isn't it adorable? I will add this picture to my collection of 200% legit screenshots I have taken in Animal Jam of 300% legit animals. I have toucans, baby turkeys, and now baby llamas. Someone should just hire me already! I'm an amazing photographer! Anyway, on to the next page of the JJ!
If you can't read that, it says there was a spike sale in the Diamond Shop. (it's over now, it ended November 20th.) You know, I've never really got the point of spiked collars/wristbands on Animal Jam. I think I've already talked about this on here, but I think spike collars are dumb. Why did they become THE ITEM everyone wants? I mean, just look at how ridiculous they look on lions!
Fact: I took those screenshots in January 2013, and they still make me laugh.

You wouldn't want a spiked collar in real life, would you? Unless you're like part of a gang, spiked collars serve no purpose in real life, and I don't understand why they should on Animal Jam, either. Okay, I'm done with my spiked collar rant. Onto the next page of the JJ!
Nice, a new set of armor in the Diamond Shop. Now you can look just like King George! You'll be back to buy more after that. (heh heh sneaky hamilton reference) Also, there's Taylor's new Sketch Jam! See, I knew he would get around to making another one. Good ol' Taylor. In fact, why don't we all watch his Sketch Jam right now?
Wasn't that great? Taylor's such a good artist. Everyone give a round of applause to Taylor!
There ya go. That's it. Good clapping once again, old 1950s people! Anyway, onto the last FINAL PAGE of the Jamaa Journal. DUN DUN DUN!!!
Holy crap! It's like Lootcrate but for Animal Jam! If you didn't know, Lootcrate is a service that ships a box full of geeky, nerdy, comic booky stuff straight to your door every month. It's pretty ding-dang special. And now Animal Jam's doing that!! That is so awesome. I'm gonna sign up for it, to see what's in it. OOH! Maybe I can post about the contents of each Animal Jam box on here!! It'll be like the old monthly Member Gifts! Actually, one of the main reasons I started an Animal Jam blog is because I wanted to go over each Monthly Member Gift on the first of the month. But I never got to, because the last MMG came out on May 1st, 2013 and I started my blog on May 19th, 2013. So this will be the opportunity I never got to have! This is so exciting!! I'll sign up for that, and post about the first box ASAP. If you'd like to sign up for it, just go to On a random side note, here's a screenshot of the EXACT MOMENT AmazingPhil won a game of Mario Kart 8:
I think a lot can be learned from this image. Here's some background if you are completely confused- that's Dan and Phil, two British YouTubers who have a gaming channel called DanAndPhilGAMES (creative title, I know). They have a series called Dan vs. Phil, in which they play a video game and whoever wins gets a sticker on the Dan vs. Phil board that they have. Whoever has more stickers at the very end will win. Anyway, Phil is not very good at that and rarely wins Dan vs. Phil, so this was a big revelation! Just the look on their faces is priceless. But you can also see that Dan was SO CLOSE to winning, but Phil finished the race by a tiny bit. You can even see Phil's kart up ahead in Dan's side of the screen! Speaking of Dan and Phil...
AHHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED!! Do I have any Dan and Phil fans on here? No? (I know catdog347 likes them!) If not, you should definitely check them out. Anyway, they have this yearly Q and A video they do called Phil is not on fire, and EPISODE 8 IS COMING OUT TOMORROW!! It came out on November 29th last year, too. I remember, I was at my gramma's for Thanksgiving, and we were driving home that day, and I was busy in the car eating Tic Tacs and waiting for them to upload it. That was a good day. AND NOW THEY'RE DOING ANOTHER ONE!!! I can't wait. Okay, now onto one of the main focuses of this post, which is a little more serious. But not serious sad- seriously happy because WE HIT 90,000 VIEWS!!
I did not intend for that to be so creepy. Yikes. Sorry. Well, ignoring the Grinch-ish creature above, we did hit 90,000!! I know I'm super late to talk about this (we hit 90k on November 2nd), but I'd like to. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you guys for helping us get here! In August, when the whole crazy Russia pageviews thing happened (I still think it was Russian hackers), we reached 80,000. And only a few short months later, we're already at 90,000! And we couldn't have done it without all of y'all. What a great Thanksgiving gift, to reach a new milestone on one of the things I enjoy most in life! I love this blog and everyone who visits it, and I am truly thankful for the fact that I can post on here and y'all respond to it so positively. So THANK YOU!! YAY 90K!! HEY! That rhymes! YAY 90K HEY! JAY KAY LAY MAY NAY OAY PAY! Okay, I'll stop now. IT'S TIME FOR THE MEMEOFTHEDAY!! yeeaah. About that. I have this on my computer and I really don't know why. You know those weird stock photos? Yeah, this is one of them! I don't know if this qualifies a meme, but I thought it was too weird not to post about. So you're welcome for the nightmare fuel! It's like a strange angry-robot-fish-man on his computer? I'm not even going to try to explain it. Maybe he was searching on how to become a real boy, and we interrupted him. Who knows. It made me laugh/be terrified, so hopefully it does the same for you. Alright I'm gonna leave this post here, if you liked it please comment (I really appreciate it) and/or share it with your friends and family! There are links to do so down below. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate it (tell me your happy/horror stories in the comments) and I will see you in the next post! Things are gonna get festive real soon, so be prepared for THAT! 🎄 Byeee~


  1. That Peck picture is the cutest thing ever <3

  2. Hey it's K9, i'm sorry I haven't been commenting lately I have a lot going on atm.

  3. omg can u believe that dan and phil are posting every day on their gaming channel right now i am literaly dying...-catdog347
    (sorry at school dont want to log in)

    1. YES I KNOW! Gamingmas was awesome!! Sorry I didn't respond right away.


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