Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy Holidays from AJP! (big ol' ranty update post)

Hey guys! It's Neros, BACK FROM THE DEAD with literally 0 new posts on here for exactly a month. Sorry about that. I've kinda been doing stuff and things... you know, important things, like, you know... reading Calvin and Hobbes and playing with fire simulators... you know, strictly important stuff that took up my time. (whoopsadoodles) Anyway, happy holidays! I hope y'all had a great Christmas if you celebrate it, or are having a good Hanukkah if you celebrate it. Or, if you don't celebrate either of those, I hope you're having a good December. Also, I decided to look at my Google+ that I haven't touched since 2014! That was a bad idea. I spent about an hour deleting cringy posts. (Is "cringy" an acceptable word in 2016? Probably not.) Also, I got some cool stuff for Christmas! Including a sick-as-frick keyboard so I can make music and stuff! Fun! Also, I listened to Vessel by TØP about 200 times. Yeah I know this has nothing to do with Animal Jam, but who cares? I'm going to start straying away from Animal Jam on this blog starting in the new year, because I'm getting a little old for it. I'll still talk about Jamaa Journals and stuff occasionally, but just not as much. Goodness, this is getting so ranty it's turning into a Neros's Highschool Adventures post! Back on track. (Speaking of, I'm getting really good at Geometry Dash!) STOP NEROS! I am getting way too sidetracked. All right, this is what I was GOING to say:

So, an update about the posts on here and the comics over on Running With Scissors. I accidentally didn't post on here all month, even though it's December and I should have been posting about the Jamaalidays. Whoops. But now I'm going to try to get more of a regular posting schedule starting with this. There's a post I've been working on since December 9th, that talks about the Jamaalidays in Animal Jam and the questionable changes that Google, Blogger, and YouTube are making. Unfortunately. Well, now that post is officially outdated because Christmas/Jamaalidays is over, but I'm still gonna post it anyway because who cares. So look for that soonish! Also, ya know that Image Dump that I made last year? Yeah! I'm gonna do that again cause that was fun! This time I think I'll condense it and add less pictures so it can just be 1 post instead of two spread out over the course of 10 days. But that's about it until New Year's! Boy, 2016. What an amazing year. Actually, it kinda sucked. So many celebrities died (including David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, and Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia), and the whole thing with this election... whooph. That's a lot to live down for one year. Let's hope 2017 is better. Oh, and I almost forgot! We're so close to 100,000 views!!
Look at that shiz! Less than 6,000 views left until we hit six digits. What's that called? I know four digits is called quadruple, but what's six digits? I don't know, someone can google that for me. Okay, time for Shoutout Corner!
Today's shoutout is for this video:
because it's probably the best video on the internet. Okay I am leaving you now! Happy holidays and drive safe!

p.s. it's currently 12:16 am what am i doing with my life BUT HEY AT LEAST I MADE A POST


  1. I Love TOP! Also how is the Frick Keyboard? -K9

  2. Sup neros, how u doin?(wat is my life) Hopefully good. Anywho, I didn't know you liked TOP. We can be trash together for Dan and Phil and TOP. anything else you like maybe we got more in common. (Lol i was at school reading this and this kid saw and appearently they read your blog too. What a coincidence!) Anyway thanks for posting, bye. -catdog347


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