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Image Dump 2016! (AND THE JAMMER OF THE YEAR!!)

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Hiddley hey Jammers!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2016 is almost over, and I COULDN'T BE MORE HAPPY! HA HA HA HA HA!!! Sorry. I just have a lot of pent-up rage from this kinda crappy year. And don't just take my word for it- just look at all the top news stories as of late.
But, even though Prince, Doris Roberts, Harper Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Leonard Cohen, Carrie Fisher, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali and countless others that I just can't think of right now unfortunately died, (not to mention the election) this year had some good times too. For example, if you're interested in the statistic side of things, this blog got:
  • 38 posts (whoops)
in 2016, which is pretty ding-dang cool! Yeah I posted a lot less- I only did 1-6 posts each month for a total of 38 instead of 82 like last year, but you know what? That's okay! And maybe one of my goals for 2017 will be to post more. ANYWAY! Too much talking! Onto the actual post! So, this is kind of a reflection of the year in pictures- a post where I dump all the screenshots I didn't use throughout the year. I did that last year and in 2013 too, so I want to keep the tradition alive! I also got some very heartwarming comments last year that inspired me to do this.
However, last year I split it into 2 posts since I put a lot of screenshots in there, so this time I'll add less screenshots so it can all fit into 1 post. So without further ado, HERE WE GO!

January was an interesting month. Besides being the beginning of 2016, it was also the month goats came out and the tago was born! (Still gives me nightmares.)
Here is our first picture. This was the view count on a song on, and it was ALMOST 66666 which would have been very suspicious. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED! But it isn't, it's one view less, so I guess not.
Speaking of things being possessed by Satan, I think the music player was. Good lord, man! That's like 6 lines of text on top of each other! Weird.
And then there's this. I don't know why I was taking a picture of a Halloween scene in January, but I did. Maybe I was feeling especially spooky at that time, who knows. Any time of year is a good time for Halloween, don't you agree? Well, onto the next month!

February was awesome! So much new stuff happened on Animal Jam, we hit an ALL-TIME RECORD for views (usually AJP gets about 2-3 thousand views per month, but that month we got over 5,500!!), and it was Leap Day! That was a very exciting time.
Well, isn't this a terrifying and somewhat hilarious picture if you don't have any context! Look at those teeth. And why does the sun have eyes but no pupils?! Also, the strange teeth-creature with witch fingers appears to be standing on a cloud with an eye. This is either a piece of art or something designed to scare children. Either way, it gives me nightmares, so.... well done?
Now this is kinda cool. I was going to post it in my Leap Day post, but I never ended up doing that. So, I went to my friend Londonpie's blog, the Animal Jam Cruise Ship (totally cool blog btw) and she had a gadget on there to tell the time, and that's what it said on Leap Day. Because of the odd day, which only comes once every four years, that gadget probably didn't recognize it and called it March 0 instead of February 29. Interesting! Kinda like Y2K, except it wasn't a national emergency.

March was pretty ding-dang cool also! (That's my new favorite phrase!) I updated this blog a lot, I performed in my school's trainwreck musical, and I FINALLY finished the Impossible Quiz! Yay :D
And here is an example of that! The Impossible Quiz has 110 questions, and I got to 109 here. Very proud of that.
Here is snake lady! She's very snakey. This happened when I was watching an ad before a video or something and scrolled down, and some glitch made this happen. She looks very surprised that she has suddenly gotten stretched out! #savesnakelady2k17

April was another really good month for this blog. I posted the most out of any month (6 times), and I also did a sneaky little April Fool's joke where I changed all the links to go to a picture of a goat. Fun! Also, all the posts I made got a lot of views and I was happy about that :)
I took this screenshot because WHAT?! Since when can Odie talk?! This is literally the ONLY PANEL in all the 38+ years of Garfield strips where he talks, so it's pretty exciting. This panel also shows Lyman, Jon's former roommate and a character that Jim Davis dropped after 1983. (In case you haven't guessed, I'm a huge comic nerd.)
The less said about this one, the better.
Here's three countries in a row who viewed this blog- ABC!I thought that was kinda funny, so I decided to screenshot it. OKAY ONTOTHE NEXTMONTH!!

May was a fun month! It was the month I went to French camp (oh boy there's a story there) and also the month of AJP's birthday. I can't believe it's been over 3 years already, time just flies by.
Here is a lovely vortex I made by putting all 26 of my pets in the exact same spot! That owl does not look happy. It's like "Why are you like this. Neros?" However, I bet my snake was happy not to be part of that mess. Probs.

Again, the less said about this one, the better.
Here is a funny/creepy little message I found in a Happy Wheels level. I think it belongs in a Your Grammar Sucks episode. (PSS- I AM RUSSIA.) I am the actual country of Russia. Here is a picture of me:

June was super awesome. It was the month I graduated 8th grade, and me and my family went on a big road trip to Kansas, Texas and Iowa. It was a good way to start off the summer!
Ah, here we go. Just look at that! I did that in an Animal Jam Masterpiece! Pretty fricken' zazzed about that painting. Just try to do a better one. I bet this is gonna get all the likes, uh huh.
Speaking of likes, just look at this madness! 47 likes and only 3 views? How is that possible? Apparently 44 people liked the video so much they didn't even watch it. YouTube is broken, man.
Ah yes, I remember this, I found a website that was like "Create your own professional graphic/video!" so I chose "blog" and it auto-generated a video. This was a screencap from that video. Which one am I? If AJP is "a team of professionals" apparently, then which one am I? Nerdy McNerderson, Beard with a Life Jacket, or Farmer Girl? That doesn't look like a team of professionals to me. I mean, they don't even have FACES! How can they be professionals?! I sure as heck wouldn't trust a man with a beard and no eyes. Or a nose. Or a mouth. OKAY ONTOTHENEXTMONTH!!

The middle of the summer was pretty cool. I liked this summer. The Democratic Convention happened, and a lot of stuff happened on Animal Jam. I made "Hate and Swearing, Part II" which I had to COMPLETELY REDO when Blogger freaked out and didn't save the original draft I was working on. That was not fun.
Here I was being MrTheorist4362™ and zooming in and brightening a FNAF teaser image. I don't even play FNAF, I just wanted to be part of the hype that everyone seemed to be part of. "BUT LOOK, YOU CAN SEE BALERRINAS IN THE BAKCGROUND!!1!11"
Here is a rare behind-the-scenes look at the post I mentioned before, "Hate and Swearing Part II". As you can see, I am very focused and diligent when I draw the illustrations for this blog, and I NEVER get distracted. I ALWAYS stay focused on my work. (I am pretty spectactualactulcalur though.)
Wow, what a title for an article! I want to click on that! Why are the grandparents more chill than mine? Actually, they probably are because my grandparents look like this:
They're kind of just lumps that crawled out of a trash can from 1970. But I love 'em anyway! ONTOTHENEXTMONTH!!

August was...busy. Very busy. I had a lot of family craziness that I won't get into here, I started high school, and I tried out some ads on here, which didn't do especially well. Overall, a good month.
As I just mentioned, that is how well the ads did. I made a total of 32 cents. YEAH! I'll be able to buy a Ferrari in no time!
Well would you look at that. Leonardo DiCaprio is a tuba, apparently. I knew that Oscar was too good to be true for him. IT WAS ALL A CONSPIRACY!! HE'S ACTUALLY A TUBA! Do they give out Oscars to tubas? That's something to investigate. Next on Sideways Science with Neros!™
Now that's a show I want to see! Freakazoid! I bet that was the hit show™ of the '90s. (saaaaaarcasm.) I have never heard of or seen that show, but it kind of sounds like me. I'm not a superhero, but I'm full of useless information. I could tell you when the character Rerun was introduced to the comic strip Peanuts (March 26th, 1973), but not when the Battle of Waterloo happened. (Is that even a thing?) Well, ONTOTHENEXTMONTH!!!

Let's see, what happened in September? Well, Animal Jam had its 6th birthday and I made a post about that, and I didn't post after that for almost the whole month (kind of like December WHOOPS) so there should be plenty of screenshots from there to show you.
This is a very beautiful and funny comic. I found it somewhere on Tumblr, I'm not sure which blog. The two credit thingies on there are and @politicalabyss, so go visit those? Or don't, I don't really care. Either way, it's a good comic that relates to Hamilton in a way I never realized, so yay! SNIFFFFF
Here's another screenshot from Andrew Huang (really cool music dude by the way, you should totally check him out). I thought it was interesting that YouTube was recommending a video from 3 years ago next to a video from 3 HOURS ago. Again, YouTube is broken.
Ah, another fine panel of search results from people who can't spell. These are always fun to read, and I can just feel my brain cells dropping as I read each one. What's your favorite? I like "is golden wattle a beta jn aj", but I'm also partial to "what are chalk board worth in anim". Good lord... no wonder Google Feud's answers are so weird. OAYONNOTNEXTMONTH!!

October was great!! SPOOPYGHOSTSKELLINGTONFUNTIMES!! October is always a fun month because of Halloween. My gecko on Animal Jam also sneezed a lot.
Here is the first picture of October!
Oh god, I was hoping I wasn't going to see his face until at least November. But here it stands. I put this screenshot from the first debate into the Age Guesser ( As you can see, Donald Trump is a 79 year old male, and Hillary Clinton is a 52 year old female.
Well, you tried, Age Guesser.
Here's another fine example of YouTube videos- the best of the best and finest quality content on the site. This is what people talk about when they mention quality content on the internet. I think this even might win the Nobel Prize, it's just so powerful. OAKJAGONTOBDTHENEXTMONMTH!!!!

Ahh... November. Kind of a crappy month. Don't get me wrong- it was great up until November 9th. That was a terrible day. But don't get me wrong- Thanksgiving was lovely, and I had lots of good moments too. Life goes on. The thought of the next four years is still terrifying though.
I think YouTube Captions has something awkward to tell us. "Yeah... about that..." What did you do, Youtube Captions? Other than not make any sense at all, I mean.
Anyway, onto the next screenshot!
HA HA HA HA I am so immature, oh my god. I am so sorry.
Here is a rare photograph of the wild Phillip Michael Lester in his natural habitat. As you can see, he is looking at his mate, Daniel James Howell and making a beautiful face as well as a mating call that sounds a lot like human laughter. You see, you can learn a lot when you study animals in their natural habitat. This is Neros, your host on Phantasia: In the Wild™ on the Animal Planet channel. ONDBSVDSHDHVDSHVSJVSVSBJBTH!!!! (that got more and more wrong as the months went on, and it has turned into not even remotely resembling English.)

HO HO HO ME CRACKIES! IT'S DEEEECEMBER AND TIME FOR CHHHHHHRRRISTMAS TIME! Okay, I'm scaring everyone so I will do you a service and stop. BUT WE DID IT! We made it all the way through the year and now it's finally the holiday season! Let's take a look at 3 of the last screenshots I took in 2016.

I don't know what it is about Kermit moving, but it just describes me so perfectly. You know? For some reason he has become a meme, and I am made of memes, so that's probably why.
So remember in my last post show I talked about how I was doing *ahem* important stuff like playing with fire simulators? Well this is a screenshot from that! I drew a monkey man and then set him on fire. Poor monkey man. #RIPMonkeyMan #savemonkeyman2k17
And, as we finally descend into the end of the year, this is our final picture, our final screenshot, of 2016. Here we see the rare Daniel James Howell in his natural habitat. As you can see, he has returned the gesture that Phillip gave him and is now making one of his own. This has been another fascinating episode of Phantasia: In the Wild™ with your host, Neros on the Animal Planet Channel. And so ends Image Dump 2016.

Well that was an adventure of crappy memes and really weird photos! I gave you a little glimpse into my strange, strange life. And now that we've taken a stroll through 2016 month by month, it's time for the THE MOMENT EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR!! But first, I wanted to make an update about the AJP calendar. It was originally supposed to be a 2016 calendar, but I ran out of time in 2015 to make that a thing. So then I changed it to a 2017 calendar. I then thought about that calendar in July and was like "Oh yeah! Maybe I should do that thing!" and then of course, never did. And now it's the last day of the year and obviously way too late to get that started, so I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE that I will make this calendar in time for 2018. That will be one of my New Year's resolutions for 2017. BUT NOW IT IS TIME FOR THE MOMENT EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR!! It's...
Guys, it was SO HARD to pick a winner. There have been so many amazingly dedicated, loyal, nice, and all-around great people on this blog this year, it was hard to pick just one. But the Jammer of the Year this year is...


>She is such a nice person and comments every time I post. She's also a fellow phangirl! She's been a loyal fan for 2 years now, and I wanted to give her the respect and recognition she deserves. So congratulations and thank you to Catdog / That One Kid Who Exists, and thank you for all the other people who made this blog what it was this year. CanineClaw was also a big help and a runner-up, so congrats and thank you to K9 too! This was another fun year, and even though a lot of bad things happened in the world, we had a lot of fun times on here. Thanks for making 2016 another wonderful year, guys. I really appreciate you. AJP is such a great community of people and I love that, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm going to kick off 2017 with a music update that will come sometime this week! I think the music on here is getting a little old, don't you agree? So look for some funky new tunes to rock out to in the new year while you scroll through posts! 🎡🎢🎡🎢  Oh, and I finally got rid of that "How do you feel about the ads?" survey that's been up there for months even though there haven't been ads on here since early September. Whoops. Anyway, happy new year everyone!! I hope you had a great 2016, and will have an even better 2017!! I know I will. And hopefully the news will start to look a little more positive. That's it from me for this year, see you in 2017! πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰

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    1. omg, thank you for making me the jammer of the year. Wait i have been reading your blog for 2 years? Wowza! (i will never say that word again sorry) Anyway i really apersheate (sorry i cant spell to save my life) it. -catdog347(to lazy to sign in sorry)
      PS. Nice Dan and Phil pics. gotta love winky-wonk Dan and cat whisker Phil.


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